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Translation of Document 3803-PS

By Carlos Porter

The Kaltenbrunner document (3803-PS) with cover letter by Körner.

I am still certain they were written on the same typewriter, but it is hard to prove it without the original.

The first thing to notice is the letterhead: the letterhead on the cover letter is apparently a photocopy of an original, but the letter by “Kaltenbrunner” is a photocopy of a photocopy, ad infinitum, you can’t even read the letterhead! It’s bold black professionally printed lettering, and you can’t even read it!

The trick is to find some letter which is consistently defective throughout, in both documents. There are many defective letters, but exactly the same letter in the next word or the next line may be perfect. It depends on how hard the person hit the key, and the quality of the ribbon and paper. The only letter which comes close to being defective all the way through is the capital W, which has a sort of diagonal slash like an acute accent about ¾ of the way up (look for the word "Wien" - Vienna).

I think they were written on the same typewriter, but probably on different paper and different ribbons. Kaltenbrunner’s letter looks like it was written on cheap wartime paper with an old ribbon, but sometimes the letters are crystal clear. Why should the letters be crystal clear when the printed letterhead is illegible? This only makes sense if the "original document" was in fact a defective "copy" produced from microfilm. As always, there are no original documents.

Compare the words “Herr” or “wichtig”, they may not prove anything, but they look identical.

The whole accusation is based on the supposed meaning of the word “Sonderaktion”. But according to the Nuremberg trial transcript, 22 January 1946 morning session, about 5 pages into the text, volume VI, p. 14 in German, “Sonderaktion” means buying up scrap metal. 3 or 4 pages later, “Sonderkommando”, volume VI, p. 18 in German, means a team of economists whose job it was to buy up shares in Belgian industries on the stock market!

It is obvious that “Sonderaktion” can mean just about anything ("Sonderbehandlung" can mean "execution", but not in the sense of “mass gassing in gas chambers").


Mayor of the City of Vienna, Vienna 11 March 1946
To the USFA [?]
Legal division,
Vienna 9, Otto Wagnerplatz.

I take the liberty of forwarding a letter to the former mayor of the city of Vienna Blaschke from the former head of the Security Police and SD, Dr. Kaltenbrunner, with the request that the same be forwarded to the Tribunal in Nuremberg. This letter was found in the files in the Vienna City Hall and in my opinion is an important piece of evidence for the war crimes trial in Nuremberg. I am forwarding this letter to you since Nuremberg is in the American zone of occupation.
At the same time, I am sending a copy of this letter to the Minister of Justice, Dr. Gerö.
The Mayor of the City of Vienna,
[signature] Körner

[illegible letterhead]
To the Mayor of the City of Vienna,
SS-Brigadenfürhrer Blaschke
Regarding: Allocation of manpower for work of military importance in the city of Vienna.
Reference: Your letter of 7.6.1944.

Dear Blaschke!
For the special reasons mentioned by yourself – SS Brigadenfürhrer Dr. Dellbruegge wrote to me in the same matter, by the way – I have in the meantime ordered an evacuation transport to Vienna/Strasshof [Note: Strasshof was in a different district].
This will involve, first of all, 4 transports with about 12,000 Jews, who will arrive in Vienna in the next few days. According to past experience, these transports will consist approximately 30% of able-bodied Jews (in the present case, about 3,600), who can be drawn upon for the work in question, with the reservation of withdrawing them at any time [underlined, apparently in typewritten original].
That a only well-guarded, closed labour service and secure housing in accordance with the situation can come into qustion is obvious, and is the the indispensable precondition for the preparation of these Jews.
The non-able bodied wives and children of these Jews, who must all be kept ready for a special action and may therefore be again withdrawn one day, must also remain in the guarded camp during the day [underlined by hand].
I request that further details be discussed with the State Police office in Vienna, SS Obergruppenfürhrer Dr. Ebner and SS Obersturmbannfürhrer Krumey of the Special Service Command in Hungary, who is in Vienna at the present time.
I hope that these transports will be of assistance to you in your urgent labour plans, and I remain, Heil Hitler!
Your Kaltenbrunner
[using intimate form “du”]

Körner never appeared in court, Kaltenbrunner denied signing the letter, the "original" document apparently cannot be found, and the “crime” seems to consist of a sinister meaning being read into the underlining of the first underlined sentence. Apparently the word “withdrawal” (“Abzug”) means gassing them to death. In other words, it is assumed that they were gassed, and use of the word “withdrawal” is used to “prove” it.