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The reason why liberals are called "liberals" is because they want to liberalize everything (when it suits the liberals). Everybody should be free to do anything; everything should be free to everybody (when it suits the liberals; when it doesn't, that is quite a different story). For example:

a) Women die during illegal abortions; abortion should be legalized to ensure proper surgical techniques;

b) Junkies poison themselves with drugs; drugs should be legalized to ensure a clean supply;

c) Prostitutes spread disease and are exploited by pimps; prostitution should be legalized and regulated;

d) Illegal gambling is dishonest because the casinos have to bribe the police; gambling should be legalized to collect tax revenues and to ensure fair play.

Personally, I have a great fondness for this sort of reasoning. For example:

a) Revisionist, racist, and "hate literature" should be legalized in all countries to ensure scrupulous accuracy of content;

b) Racial separation should be legalized and regulated to avoid violent reprisals by dispossessed whites;

c) Burning refugee centres should be legalized and regulated to ensure proper ignition of the various flammable liquids involved and to avoid endangering adjacent properties housing innocent people;

d) The sale of white children for adoption should be legalized and regulated to prevent white people who love children, but can’t have any, from importing coloured scum from the Indian sub-continent. Most people who have abortions are egotistical and materialistic. If they could sell their offspring for $25,000 each -- probably the average market value for a healthy white child -- they would produce one a year. Poo on morals, let's get the white birth rate up! (Of course, this means that the killing of sex perverts who might want to adopt them must also be legalized and regulated.)

e) The lynching of race-mixers, and pervert "rights" activists should be regulated to avoid accidental infection of innocent bystanders with AIDS;

f) The assassination of Federal agents, abortionists, "Fair Housing" spies, etc. should be legalized to avoid shooting next door neighbours by mistake, etc. etc.

Do I advocate murder? Of course not. Murder is illegal. Look at  Waco, Texas . If you did that, it would be murder, but the Feds did it, so it’s not.

The same reasoning can be applied to slavery and the slave trade. It can easily be shown that the worst features of the trade were caused precisely by its abolition and subsequent illegality. Where it was legal and regulated (such as in the southern states of North America), it was practised with great humanity. Where it has been abolished, it was (and is, since it has now been revived) practised with great cruelty.

The white Christian slave holders of North America were the most humane slave holders the world has ever seen. But their profits were almost nil (about 4% per year on average and 15% per year in exceptional cases; most slave plantations were lucky to break even). All the money made in slavery was made in the Northern shipping trade, and reinvested in Northern industry, in the factory system (yielding about 25% per year on average).

In Liverpool harbour in 1807, there were 740 ships, 25% of total Liverpool-registered shipping, engaged in the transport of 200,000 slaves per year. All these ships were owned either by Jews or by Puritanical Northern Protestants – the same people who later turned their energies to abolitionism, socialism, women's rights, and Prohibition. As soon as they were in a position to help the Negro (after the so-called Civil War or War Between the States), the Negro was forgotten, and other problems were discovered (or invented). That is the psychology of the Northern liberal.

Slaving was always the most dangerous of all shipping trades, because of the danger of fever and epidemics. That's why it had to be the most profitable. It's the logic of the free market. But as long as the trade was legal, slavers could be certain of reaching their destination. They had no incentive to overcrowd. In fact, they were likely to do the opposite, to keep the death rate down.

With the abolition of the slave trade under international law, ship owners had to expect that perhaps only one ship in four would get through.

The slave trade was abolished through international treaties giving the British navy the right to "stop and visit" (search) the ships of other maritime nations on the open sea. All ships of a signatory nationality found to be in violation of the treaty were confiscated as "fair prize" by the British warships, and sold at auction at an "Admiralty Prize Court" in London. The proceeds were split half to the British Crown, and half to the officers of the vessel responsible for the capture.

This meant that British Navy officers were given a powerful financial incentive to permit the loading of illegal slaves, and then seize the ship. Standard practice was to lie in wait off the coast of West Africa and begin pursuit on the open sea.

A slave ship, once sighted by the British, might be under pursuit for as much as entire day or more, sometimes escaping in fog and coming under pursuit again days later. Captained and crewed by criminals, carrying an illegal cargo, and in desperate need to lighten the ship, an inferior vessel had a powerful incentive to "do the right thing" by throwing the slaves overboard.

This saved the British the trouble of repatriating the blacks to Africa, or even transporting them to the nearest land. How very convenient.

For this very reason, many prestigious American diplomats (for example, Secretary of State Henry Clay and Ambassador to France Lewis Cass) opposed ratification of these treaties. They foresaw that interference with the American shipping trade would not stop the trade, but would simply aggravate the problem (i.e., the cargo would be fed to the sharks, the ships confiscated, and the crews imprisoned).

An anti-slavery treaty with Brazil, signed in 1827, had no effect whatsoever on the importation of slaves, who continued to be imported at the rate of 50,000 per year).

Historically, slavery arises as an alternative to the killing of prisoners of war, and, as such, is a positive good. The Romans are thought to have owned 16 million slaves. In primitive societies, slavery is even an essential stage in the progress of civilization. It enables a tribe of predatory hunter-gatherers to settle down to a life of agriculture. Of course, where the enslavement of one's own race (for example, Africans by Africans) may be beneficial, the enslavement of Africans by whites or Arabs leads to race mixing and race suicide. It follows that the enslavement of blacks by whites must be condemned.

All religions invented by, or copied from, Jews (including Christianity, but particularly Islam) preach the legality of slavery (for example Exodus 21:20 or Leviticus 25:44), but advocate equality with freed slaves. The Arabs, who 2,000 years ago were a Semitic race of whites, are today a Semitic race of mongrels, incapable of attaining their former levels of civilization, at one time among the highest in the world.

Most American blacks are thought to have been Yorubas enslaved by the Dahomeys, who would otherwise have killed or eaten them. Since the enslavement of blacks by blacks can be beneficial, but since the enslavement of blacks by whites is a crime (not against the blacks, but against future generations of whites), it follows that we must make amends.

In fact, we have already made amends: we destroyed slavery in the only way in which it could be destroyed: through the occupation of the entire coastline of Africa and all the principal slaving centres (such as Bagirmi in the Sudan, a thriving centre for the Arab trade in eunuchs) by Europeans. This was called "Colonialism".

Since colonialism is a now a thing of the past, and since the conditions which create slavery persist, slavery has now returned, in a variety of forms. There is an Anti-Slavery Society in London; there is an Anti-Slavery Commission in the U.N.

Since it has returned, according to the logic of the liberals, it should be legalized and regulated. The only problem is that the hundreds of millions of Africans who could otherwise be used for this purpose are too exhausted by cholera, typhoid, AIDS, and tribal massacres to do any useful work for their racial brethren. At the same time, we have tens of millions of American blacks who are deprived by our welfare system of the satisfaction of productive labour.

To sum up, slavery should be re-legalized and regulated to ensure the collection of tax revenues and proper conditions (with, of course, the trade flowing in the opposite direction, since slavery is no longer required in North America).

Anything can be done in politics, provided that suitable euphemisms be invented. What is "Democracy" but an ideology to be imposed by force, like "Fascism"? What is the "New World Order" but a plot to enslave everyone? What are Fair Housing, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action but plots of enslavement?

There is therefore no reason why American blacks cannot be re-enslaved and re-sold to their former black masters in Africa, provided that suitable euphemisms consisting of Federal-style gobbledegook be devised.


With a bit of imagination, and some luck, this could easily become "Underwater Unit Transfer" i.e., we ensure the ships for large sums with Jewish-owned banks and insurance companies, then sink them (the Jews go along as financial advisors.)

Insurance companies being what they are, however, probably 75% of all our claims will never be paid, whether justified or not. We'll have to sink the lot just to collect on any of them. Oh well.

All we have to do now is borrow the money to pay the premiums.



Slavery Note

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The Cotton Kingdom
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Best source for books on Slavery in America :

Confederate Reprint Company

(google search and ye shall find)

Reprinted titles include:

A Southside View of Slavery by Nehemiah Adams (1854)

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The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica
is available on DVD with 1922 and supplement, graphically scanned at 300 dpi, all volumes now for 10 (ten) jewbuckniks on 1 DVD, from:
ADV Plans, LLC
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Very good value for money.

The OCR-scanned HTML version available free on-line at
is not reliable (innumerable typographical errors rendering the text incomprehensible in places; texts incomplete; many articles missing (for example, "Infanticide"; the article on "Cannibalism" is not only incomplete, but is mixed up with another article halfway through); a thoroughly sloppy job.

See also:

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Gallant Southernern gentleman and courageous general; subject of new biography with access to private documents.
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In my view, only a person with a proper understanding of Southern history can understand the hypocrisy, brutality and greed of the Northern capitalist mentality which now has now taken over and destroyed the entire country, including the South, with its emphasis on expediency, "fun", selfishness, short-term profit and practicality over principle.
The Confederates were the last honest Americans. We will not see their like again.

With respect.

The grey riders are gone, and yet they remain,
Asleep in our soil and alive in our veins.
Untouched by fire, untouched by frost,
They whisper within us: our cause is not lost
-- Unknown

And I don't want no pardon
For what I was and am
I won't be reconstructed
And I do not give a damn.

-- (traditional)

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