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If the Jews can build their Hoaxoco$t monuments and museums in every village, usually at taxpayer expense; if they can saturate our school systems, news media, and educational systems with their Hoaxoco$t horror stories, "docudramas", and propaganda; if they can criminalize a love of your own people as "genocide" and "hatred"; if they can put tens of millions of people on the street to protest anti-Communist wars (Viet Nam), but paralyze all dissent, worldwide, when it comes to wars favoured by Israel (Irak, Serbia); if they could disrupt the entire war effort in Viet Nam with a few simple photographs (for example, a little girl running naked along a road); if they can create a system of intellectual terrorism ranging from Poland to Japan (the Marco Polo incident, in which a successful Japanese magazine with a circulation of 200,000 was destroyed because of a single revisionist article) -- a system in which there is more freedom in Russia than there is in Switzerland -- then they are guilty of the murder of 50 million children by abortion since 1973. Power is responsibility.

By some pathological process of psychological projection, our Jewish "democracies" have now become the exact mirror image of the (largely imaginary) "Nazi" society which they pretend to hate so much. If a "Nazi" society is a society obsessed by race; in which every conceivable decision of public, national, and cultural life is dictated by some crackpot racial theory; in which genocide is routinely practised, with millions of innocent victims, in an atmosphere of general public indifference; in which grotesquely cruel and unethical medical experiments are routinely practised by quack doctors in the service of some commercial interest; in which the bodies of murdered persons are salvaged, re-sold and utilized for commercial purposes; in which might is right, and human life has no value; in which brutal and cruel wars of aggression are launched on the apparent whim of the moment, without declaration of war; in which government routinely spies upon its citizens; in which dissent is routinely crushed, books burnt, and ordinary people persecuted and imprisoned for the expression of personal opinions; in which the news media are tightly controlled and routinely censured, becoming a mere vehicle of ideological propaganda; in which the school system is perverted into a mere instrument of propaganda; in which the cultural achievements and religious traditions of thousands of years are routinely perverted, destroyed, and ridiculed; in which the infliction of suffering is a form of entertainment; in which government is by a self-appointed minority of psychotics, perverts, and criminals; then our Jewish-dominated "democracies" are the most "Nazi" societies in the history of the world.


I have said elsewhere that "whatever Hitler did to the Jews, he was a saint compared to the people that are doing this". The "people that are doing this", are mostly Jewish: Jewish defenders of "capitalism" and "individual rights" in the United States have murdered more people than Stalin, while complaining of a Hoaxoco$t that never even happened. They have done this for money -- for cold, cold, cash. The following admissions were made by a pro-Jewish, Christian organization that is a fervent believer in the Hoaxoco$t:

"…virtually all of the major persecutions of the Jews were based upon unfounded allegations of ritual child murder [!]. [Source of information: Kenneth M. Mitzner, Ph.D. 'The Abortion Culture.' Triumph, March 1973, pages 20 to 24.] …Jews enjoy freedom from genocide -- but have led the drive for legalizing the slaughter of preborn children, a uniquely Modernistic form of ritual child murder on a massive scale…" [!]

"…Neoliberal Jewish sects are a superb source of anti-life propaganda, and they enthusiastically push abortion, sodomy, pornography, and euthanasia [!]. Organizations representing totally pro- abortion Jewish sects include:

* American Jewish Committee;
* American Jewish Congress;
* B'nai B'rith Women;
* Central Conference of American Rabbis [Reform];
* Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations;
* Hadassah Women;
* Jewish Labor Committee;
* Na'amat USA;
* National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods [Reform];
* National Council of Jewish Women;
* New Jewish Agenda;
* North American Temple Youth;
* Rabbinical Assembly;
* Union of American Hebrew Congregations [Reform];
* United Synagogues of America [Conservative];

* Women's League for Conservative Judaism…"

"…people who identify themselves as 'Jews' have led and do lead the abortion movement, not only in the United States, but all over the world… In the late 1960s, pro-life activists observed that the abortion 'rights' movement was primarily motivated and led by people who called themselves Jews [!]. About half of all abortionists and abortion clinic owners [!] identified themselves as Jewish, which was far out of proportion with the Jewish population, which made up less than five percent of the United States population."

"Dr. Kenneth Mitzner, a California aerospace engineer who founded the pro-life League Against Neo-Hitlerism, wrote in 1973 that 'It is tragic but demonstrably true that most of the leaders of the pro-abortion movement are of Jewish extraction.'…"[!]

"Many self-described 'Jews' continue to lead the abortion movement and, most pitiable of all, 'rabbis,' properly cloaked in all of the correct trappings, proclaim that abortion is not only a necessity, it is a Good Thing for America… The American pro-abortion movement has always [!] been led by those who claim to be Jewish…" [!]

* All four original organizers of the most influential group of abortion pushers in the United States -- the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) -- were of Jewish birth [!], including now pro-life Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

* Dr. Christopher Tietze worked for the Population Institute and International Planned Parenthood Federation, and did more to promote the worldwide slaughter of innocent unborn children than any other person.

* Dr. Alan Guttmacher was president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for more than a decade, founded Planned Parenthood Physicians, and did more than any other doctor to promote abortion in this country. He also advocated mandatory abortion and sterilization for certain groups in the United States.

* Dr. Etienne-Emile Baulieu, inventor of the RU-486 abortion pill, was born in 1926 to a physician named Leon Blum. He changed his name in 1942…

* Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich is the 'father' of the overpopulation myth. His 'work,' The Population Bomb, was the 'spark' that ignited the anti-natalist movement…

* Lawrence Lader, king of the abortion propagandists, has written several books crammed with fabrications and outright lies that have helped advance abortion all around the world… Lader was quoted 11 times in Roe v. Wade, because he had a message that the Justices wanted to hear. (In the same decision, testimony from the world's leading fetologist, Dr. A. W. Liley, was totally ignored because it decisively undercut the Court's decision)… Lader also founded Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM), which sued the Internal Revenue Service in court in a failed attempt to get the tax-exempt status of the Catholic Church revoked for opposing abortion too effectively. He also was one of the leading proponents of the abortion pill RU-486.

* California and New York state legislators led the drive for legalized abortion in the United States. Legislators who constantly emphasized their Jewishness led the pro-abortion movement in both states; those leaders included state senators Anthony Bielenson in California and Albert Blumenthal in New York [!].

* Pro-abortion 'Jews' dominate such anti-life groups as the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way [!].

* Of the 41 Jewish-born members of the U.S. Senate over the last 20 years, 32 (or 80 percent) have been stridently pro-abortion [!].

* Numerous liberal Jewish groups openly support and advocate abortion, including the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, the National Council of Jewish Women, Hadassah Women, the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, B'nai B'rith Women, Na'amat USA, the National Council of Jewish Women, the National Federation of Temple Sisterhood, the New Jewish Agenda, North American Temple Youth, the United Synagogues of America, and the Women's League for Conservative Judaism. Many of these groups were founded for the express purpose of pushing abortion.

* Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were both born Jewish. So was France's health minister Simone Weil, who established abortion on demand in that country despite surviving Auschwitz. At a Paris news conference, she said 'We are out to destroy the family [!]. The best way to do that is to begin by attacking its weakest member, the unborn child.' [!!!]

* The officially suppressed Lichter-Rothman studies revealed the following fascinating information about the 'movers and shakers' of the media (both researchers, by the way, are Jewish): Leaders of the motion picture industry: 95% pro-abortion, 62% Jewish: Leaders of the television industry: 97% pro-abortion, 59% Jewish: Leaders of the news media industry: 90% pro-abortion, 23% Jewish.

* Jewish groups are in the forefront as desperate pro-abortion groups spend tens of millions of dollars in a nationwide advertising campaign to keep abortion legal. For example, the American Jewish Congress ran a ridiculous $30,000 full-page ad in the February 28, 1989 New York Times entitled 'Abortion and the Sacredness of Life.' This statement, renamed 'An open letter to those who would ban abortion,' and run in the March 13- 19 issue of Roll Call, includes the amazing lead-in question, 'Did you know that abortion can be a religious requirement? Not just permitted, but required?'…"

"…the press gives pro-abortion 'Jews' great play, and excuses them from actions that it would vigorously condemn pro-lifers for. Imagine what the press would do to a pro-life activist who attacked and seriously injured a Jewish abortionist with a baseball bat! Yet, when Jewish abortionist Barnett Slepian beat a pro-life activist in the head with a baseball bat and seriously injured him, the press and abortophiles whined that pro-lifers were anti-Semitic for picketing his home!"

"Abortuary owner Marilynn Buckham told the Buffalo News 'I think it's [picketing] religious persecution. These 'good Christians' don't respect anyone else's religion.' At Slepian's trial, Amherst Town Justice Sherwood Bestry said to him 'The Court feels you have suffered a great deal on account of this.' Following this 'trial,' the Amherst Town Board immediately banned the picketing of homes by pro-lifers. Violators of this ordinance face a $500 fine and six months in jail. [Source of information: Paul Likoudis. 'Buffalo Abortionist Attacks Pro-Lifers with Baseball Bat.' The Wanderer, December 15, 1988, page 1.]"

"…pro-abortion bigotry against Catholics originated with two prominent Jews, Larry Lader and Bernard Nathanson. In his book Aborting America, Dr. Nathanson describes part of a 1969 conversation he had with fellow abortophile Larry Lader, in which Lader theorized that; 'Historically, every revolution has to have its villain ...Now, in our case, it makes little sense to lead a campaign only against unjust laws, even though that's what we really are doing. We have to narrow the focus, identify those unjust laws with a person or a group of people ...There's always been one group of people in this country associated with reactionary politics, behind-the-scenes manipulations, socially backward ideas. You know who I mean, Bernie ...the Catholic hierarchy. That's a small enough group to come down on, and anonymous enough so that no names ever have to be mentioned ...'[Source of information: Bernard M. Nathanson, M.D. The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality. Idea Books, Post Office Box 4010, Madison, Wisconsin 53711. 1985, 192 pages, $9.95] …Other even more extreme anti-Catholic statements [were] made by Lader and other early members of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)…"

"…At no time do 'Jewish' abortophiles become more indignant than when pro-lifers explain and publicize the many parallels between the original Nazi Holocaust and the one occurring in the United States right now. The intensity of their reaction to such analogies is almost comically vitriolic. Abortophile Regina Barshak squawked loudly when pro-lifers drew the Old/New Holocaust analogy, in an article entitled 'A Jewish Cry of Protest' (not a 'woman's cry of protest' or an 'American Cry of Protest' but a 'Jewish Cry of Protest')…[Source of information: Regina Barshak. 'A Jewish Cry of Protest.' Letter in The Boston Globe, March 18, 1972. Also distributed by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) for propaganda purposes on page 44 of their looseleaf booklet entitled 'Organizing for Action.' Prepared by Vicki Z. Kaplan for the National Abortion Rights Action League, 250 West 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019. 51 pages, no date]…"

"…Masturbation guru Sol Gordon has angrily denounced the Old/New Holocaust analogy in even more direct terms; 'In our view, individuals who exhibit the least human dignity are those who compare the Holocaust, the mass murder of 6 million Jews, to abortion. There exists no comparison more immoral or depraved. It is both illogical and outrageous to suggest that the calculated murder of millions of children and adults can be equated with an individual woman's decision to terminate her pregnancy ... '… [Source of information: 'Masturbation guru' Sol Gordon. Personal Issues in Human Sexuality. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, Inc, 1986. Page 65.]…"

"…Why are the victims of one Holocaust perpetrating another? [!!!] … Some Jewish pro-life activists, including Rabbi Mordechai Blank, speculate that pro-abortion 'Jews' are simply hardened to the horrors of persecution and feel justified in persecuting others…" [!!!]

"…the chief proponent of abortion in the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) was feminist Chaike Crossman, who suffered in Auschwitz during World War II. [Source of information: Father Paul Marx. Confessions of a Pro-Life Missionary. 1988, 353 pages, $10.00 hardback, $8.00 softback. Published by Human Life International, 7845-E Airpark Road, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879.] Another outstanding example is Henry Morgentaler of Canada, who was also interned at Auschwitz [!]. [Source of information: Life and Family News, June 1987, page 2. Published by the Life and Family Center, Box 7244, Collegeville, Minnesota 56321.] This prolific abortionist was the driving force behind the legalization of abortion in Canada [!!!]. He ignored any abortion law that did not suit him, and set up illegal clinics that were actually protected by local police. Morgentaler gave us a revealing glimpse into his murderous personality when he said that 'It took me years to get rid of this image [of myself helpless in the concentration camps]. And to do that, it was absolutely necessary to oppose authority -- whatever the authority may be.'[Source of information: Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler, quoted in Louis DiRocco. 'Morgentaler l'obstiné (the stubborn), according to Sylvie Halpern.' Vitality, August 1992, page 7.] Perhaps Morgentaler is 'taking out' his frustrations and his pain on preborn babies…" [!!!]


"…Bernard M. Nathanson, M.D. The Abortion Papers: Inside the Abortion Mentality. Idea Books, Post Office Box 4010, Madison, Wisconsin 53711. 1985, 192 pages, $9.95. Reviewed by Nancy Koster on page 6 of the November 24, 1983 issue of National Right to Life News. A former prolific abortionist exposes the anti-Catholic bigotry of the pro-abortion movement, discusses the role of the blatantly biased media in obtaining abortion on demand, and explores what the science of fetology has revealed about the unborn child. This enjoyable book is written in George Will's wry and acerbic style. Dr. Nathanson is one of the co-founders of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Chapter 3, 'Catholics,' pages 177 to 209, describes in detail how NARAL used blatant anti-Catholic bigotry to push liberalized abortion laws and undermine the teachings of the Church. Other examples of NARAL skulduggery abound in this book. For example, NARAL asserted to the state of Massachusetts that pro-life groups have no right to endorse pro-life candidates, even if the groups are not tax- exempt. In the ensuing lawsuit, Federal Election Commission v. Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Inc., the right to distribute such literature was upheld. This is typical of the harassment lawsuits brought by NARAL and others when any pro-life efforts are in progress. Pro-aborts almost never spend money themselves, but get a government entity to go after pro-life activists. Also see Chapter 1, 'Abortion and the Media,' pages 7 to 109, and Chapter 2, 'Fetology for Pro-Life,' pages 111 to 175. Chapter 2 consists of a detailed and interesting history of fetology in the United States…"

"Gershom Scholem. 'The Holiness of Sin.' Commentary, January 1971, pages 41 to 70… accompanied by Commentary editor Norman Podhoretz' article drawing an analogy to modern political movements and how they are led and influenced by apostate or cultural Jews

"'Holocaust: New and Old.'" A 14-page booklet containing the complete interview by National Catholic Register editor Patrick Riley with Elasah Drogin of the group Remnant of Israel. The subject of the interview was the parallel between the Nazi Holocaust and the one now happening in the United States, and the willing complicity of cultural Jews in the slaughter. This booklet is available from Catholics United for Life, New Hope, Kentucky 40052."

[source of all quotations:] [defunct]

To view an abortion filmed live, by ultra-scan, on-line, just click or You can download the programme to view it with. The film is called THE SILENT SCREAM and is narrated by Dr. Bernard Nathanson, referred to above, a Jew who performed 3,000 abortions and then changed his mind. The film has never been shown on network television, ordinarily a sewer of filth for every other kind of violence.

Jews are forbidden by the Talmud from saving the life of a Gentile unless harm will arise to Jews as a result. They are permitted to do so for pay. That these attitudes continue to play a major role in modern Jewry, especially in Israel, has been revealed by Israel Shahak (see JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION: THE WEIGHT OF THREE THOUSAND YEARS, by Israel Shahak, available from Historical Review Press, PO BOX 62, Uckfield, Sussex, TN22 IZY, UK, or Castle Hill Publishers, PO BOX 118, Hastings, TN22 1ZY, UK). Some of Shahak's material is available on-line). The Soncino translation of the Talmud, with Hebrew original, is available on CD ROM from

(All Shahak books also available on

Jewish attitudes towards Gentiles are perhaps best summarized in the Biblical quote (hushed up by Christians but well-known to "anti-Semites" as an example of Jewish psychology): "Happy is he who takes their little ones and dashes them against the stones" (137th  Psalm).

QUESTION: What would happen to the Jews if all the sympathy which they have succeeded in drumming up for themselves over the past 55 years through their Hoaxoco$t con-artistry were to disappear overnight with the certain knowledge that the Hoaxoco$t is a LIE -- all LIES -- and nothing but LIES?


30 AUGUST 2000

Tombstone of abortionist Barnett Slepian, killed Oct. 23, 1998.

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