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By J.Bellinger

According to Michael Bar-Zohar, p. 202-204, The Avengers:

"Karl Egon Neumann was well liked in the village of Dassendorf, on the edge of Sachsenwald Forest. He had arrived there with many other refugees fleeing before the advancing Red Army. Neumann, a good-looking, quiet man, had stayed on and was soon accepted by the villagers. He got a job as a wood-cutter on Prince Otto von Bismarcks estate..It was true that he was an animal lover. The villagers would speak feelingly of the evening they saw Neumann carry an injured deer back to his cabin. He tended the animal until it was well again, as he did several birds that he picked up and took to his cabin. After a time, Neumann moved to a charming bungalow that he had built himself. A young blonde often came from Hamburg to stay with him. They spent peaceful, uneventful days together at the neat, clean, bungalow in its small but well- kept garden. This bucolic existence came to an end on December 20, 1960.

Soon after daybreak, while the forest was still thick with mist, Neumann was at work cutting down trees with a mechanical saw when 3 men suddenly appeared at his side. "Put your hands up!" one of them cried. And handcuffs were snapped onto this animal lover. "Your name is Richard Baer, isnt it?" said one of the police officers.

"No, its Karl Egon Neumann," replied the woodcutter indignantly. He was taken back to the bungalow.

"What happened, Pappi?" the blonde exclaimed anxiously on seeing him return unexpectedly and in such company. He raised his hands in a hopeless gesture. Then he drew himself up stiffly and said loftily to the police officers: "All right, I admit Im Richard Baer. But I'm an ex-officer and I expect to be treated with the respect due to my rank." And he held out his hands for the handcuffs to be taken off. But the police, now certain they had the right man, were little inclined to do so.

COMMENT: In fact, they had indeed located Richard Baer, last commandant of Auschwitz. Now, inquiring people may ask themselves: "Well, if he had nothing to hide, why did he change his name and live in hiding?" To which the answer may be given: How many people are familiar with the term "witch-hunt?" Most people, when they hear this term, immediately think of three historical events:

1. The infamous witch-hunts which took place throughout Europe during the middle and later ages, where people were burned by the thousands at the stake for practicing "witch-craft, casting spells, and cavorting with the Devil."

2. The Salem Witch-Trials. Those trials presided over by the infamous Cotton Mather, and based upon the denunciations of an ignorant and superstitious native woman name Tituba. Later, her baseless smears and accusations were picked up by hysterical girls and women. As a result of their lies and smears, many innocent senior citizens were murdered by legal means.

3. And the final category would be the so-called "Witch-hunts" of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was criticized simply because so many Jewish names kept appearing on lists of subversive agents and communist sympathizers during his investigation of Communists and their activities in the United States. Inevitably leftist sympathizers will wail and holler that McCarthy was unjustly singling out the Jews for criticism, a charge which is completely unjustified.

Few people, however, would be able to identify the greatest witch-hunt of the twentieth century, one which continues unabated to this very day and that is the persecution and witch-hunt surrounding German and other nationals accused of committing horrendous crimes during world war two. Tens of thousands of human beings were collectively branded as guilty for crimes which were rarely, if ever, proven in courts of law.

In fact, many were simply given the appearance of a fair trial, but fairness was not part of the process in these trials. The point of the trial was not to punish the guilty, but the innocent, on the basis of manipulated and forged documents and false testimony or confessions obtained by violence, threat, and intimidation. Details surrounding these gross injustices and criminal violations of human rights have been so successfully suppressed by mainstream historians and those with an ax to grind, that few people are aware of the true nature of these perverted legal proceedings.

In post war occupied Germany, the only thing required to effect an innocent persons arrest was a simple anonymous denunciation. Often informers were encouraged to denounce people by a promise of rations or cigarettes. Once a person was arrested, they could forget about any notions they may have had concerning civil rights, for they were accorded no rights. Professional witnesses were hired and employed by Prosecutors to level the same charges against non- related accused in different localities and so on. Prosecutors immediately rejected any witnesses who came forward to testify on behalf of the accused, and usually such individuals would soon find themselves accused a short while later by the same witnesses who accused the individuals they sought to testify on behalf of!

Of the methods used by the interrogators, we are left with only snippets and pieces from thousands of mistreated individuals. Physical and mental torture was all part of the process whereby the accused would be broken. If the accused proved to be of exceptional mettle and nerve, then the authorities used the mans family in an attempt to secure compliance. This tactic almost invariably worked. Practically every accepted legal code of ethics was violated in this perverse and relentless desire to secure convictions by any means necessary. Judges drank toasts to the deaths of the accused at soirees with prosecutors and other judges.

Forged and unverified documents were obtained from the Soviet Union and the Soviet Jewish Anti-Fascist League as well as from the various Soviet extraordinary committees established to "investigate" and "expose" alleged German war crimes. Witnesses were coached by both prosecutors ,interrogators, and other, professional witnesses.. Thousands of unconfirmed affidavits were accepted by these hanging courts in lieu of actual testimony and cross-examinationand witnesses were allowed to confer with each other just prior to testifying. Imagine courts today accepting such affidavits as evidence in a murder trial. Imagine people being convicted on the basis of affidavits or testimonies where the accused are not afforded the right to confront their accusers and subject them to rigorous cross-examination. To further seal the hopeless fates of the maliciously accused, appeals were invariably denied. Furthermore, even worse shenanigans were conducted behind the scenes by politicians, law officials, military governors and jurists.

Perhaps the most glaring example of this type of offense may be found in the case of Ilse Koch, who was unjustifiably accused and convicted, and later pardoned by US Military Governor Lucius Clay. Miss Koch was re-arrested and charged all over again by German authorities after being pressured to do so by an emissary for the Jews. Miss Koch hanged herself in her cell in the 1960s, after years of solitary confinement for crimes which she never committed. Her eldest son was so distraught over his mothers disgraceful treatment that he committed suicide later in life. And who, it may be asked, will ever be called to account for these offenses against human decency and justice? Thus, the greatest Witch-hunt in human history is barely afforded a syllable by establishment historians, who have been either misinformed, uninformed or else simply do not give a damn.

Returning to the capture of Richard Baer, we can include the synopsis of his career offered by Zohar:

"Richard Baer had been apprenticed to a baker when he joined the Nazi Party in 1930. Three years later he had joined the SS and began his career as a guard at Dachau concentration camp. In May 1944 he had been appointed camp commandant at AuschwitzIn January, 1945, Baer evacuated the camp. The 64,000 prisoners he had not had time to exterminate were marched in one long straggling column to the camp at Gross Rosen."

COMMENT: What Zohar does not tell the reader is that most of these 64,000 were given the choice of either remaining in the camp to wait for the Russians, or else moving along with the German staff to camps in Germany. Most of them chose the latter! There had never been any intention of "exterminating" these people, any more than there had been any attempt to"exterminate" the seriously ill who had been left behind at Auschwitz to await liberation by the Soviets.

Moving along: "Richard Baer disappeared at the end of the war."

COMMENT: Is it any wonder, seeing that Germans were being unjustly accused , tortured, beaten, and legally lynched by Allied "Courts?"

Zohar continues - "The Allied authorities believed him dead. The 2 previous commandants, Rudolf Hess (SIC!) and Liebehenschel, were captured and handed over to the Polish authorities. They were both hanged on the site of the camp....."

COMMENT: One wonders WHY Liebehenschel was hanged, seeing that the inmates all seemed to love him for his kindness and fairness. The reason WHY is that these successors to Hoess would have spoiled the whole game plan of the creators of the hoax, so they had to be put out of the way as rapidly and SILENTLY as possible. Thus, Baer went into hiding rather than walk into the hands of a lynch mob.

"After the capture of Eichmann, the German authorities decided to reopen the Baer file."

COMMENT: WHY, one wonders? Certainly, at the time of the Eichmann trial, the heat was on but to what purpose, and who were the real wire pullers behind this attempt to once again resurrect the Nazi bogeyman? Zohar claims that detectives were led to Baer through Baers girl-friend, which may or may not be true. In any event, Baer WAS arrested and interrogated numerous times. During the course of these numerous interrogations, Baer, like those accused at the Frankfurt trial, refused to admit that people had been gassed in the camp. In fact, he vehemently denied it. The Germans, perhaps perplexed by his consistent denials, were determined to stage a show trial of their own in Frankfurt. Baer, obviously, could make or break the case. So, what became of Baer?

In Zohars words: ""..21 of Baers former underlings at Auschwitz were arrested. When their trial opened at Frankfurt, the ex-camp commandant was not with them. He had "died in his cell in 1960."

COMMENT: Now here was a man in tip top physical shape. He worked outdoors for most of his life, was still young, or at least YOUNGER, than many of his co-accused, and also, was more knowledgeable about camp policies than most of them all put together. Yet, Baer mysteriously "died" in his cell just weeks before the trial was scheduled to commence. He also adamantly refused to concede that homical gas chambers existed in his or any other camp. And it should be made known that Baer's mysterious death under these circumstances has been repeated over and over again in similar cases, such as that of Jaeger and many, many, others accused of trumped up charges. It cannot be ruled out that the long, corroded fingers of the Avengers may have had a role in silencing the former commandant forever, just as they had silenced so many other key players in the so-called "Final Solution."

The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Auschwitz's last commandant have not gone unnoticed by independent researchers. For instance, in his book, "The Auschwitz Myth," former German Judge Wilhelm Staeglich writes:

Particularly noteworthy is the fate of the most prominent of the defendants, Richard Baer, the last commandant of Auschwitz. He did not live to see the beginning of the trial. In December of 1960, Baer was arrested in the vicinity of Hamburg, where he was employed as a lumberjack. He died in June of 1963 under mysterious circumstance while being held in pre-trial custody, According to various sources, which, in turn, rely on reports that appeared in the French press, Baer adamantly refused to confirm the existence of "gas chambers" at the camp he once administered. Although it has been alleged that he was eliminated by poisoning on account of this refusal, the cause of his death has never been established. His wife claimed that he was in excellent health. While Langbein merely states that an autopsy revealed that he died of "natural causes," Naumann specifies a "circulatory ailment" as the cause of death. Of course a circulatory ailment is only a symptom of pre-existing disease that has causes of its own. It is quite possible, however, that the physical condition of this strong and healthy outdoor laborer deteriorated as a result of his treatment in prison. That would be damning enough to those suspicious of the whole affair when one reads the report on the autopsy performed at the Frankfurt-Main University School of Medicine: "The ingestion of an odorless, non-corrosive poison...cannot be ruled out." Nevertheless, there was no further probe into the cause of Baer's death, and chief Public Prosecutor Bauer (Jewish - JB) ordered his body cremated.

COMMENT: Could this be the same prosecutor Bauer who faithfully supplied the Israelis with information which led to the capture of Adolf Eichmann? Yes, it is one and the same, and one wonders why this Jewish prosecutor was supplying information to the Israelis rather than to the German Government.

Was Bauer part of a conspiracy to eliminate the last major potential witness to the events which transpired in Auschwitz? Note with what ease the major players were eliminated in this regard, one by one: 1. Himmler 2. Globocnik 3. Wirth 4. Preutzmann 5. Aumeir 6. Hoess 7.

Liebehenschel, Hoess, and Liebehenschel werre rather foregone conclusions, after all, but even the minor players in the Auschwitz camp were systematically hunted down and silently eliminated, whenever and wherever possible. In fact, after the capture of Eichmann, it appears that someone noticed that Baer was still at large and instituted steps which led to his capture. Apparently the intent had been that a German trial would nicely compliment the Eichmann trial, but those responsible for the creation of this judicial facade did not count on Baer's intractable position in relation to the gas chamber claims. Thus, the need for his fast and silent elimination, after which Baer's body is ordered cremated by none other than Bauer himself!

Returning to Staeglich's account

"One may dismiss the possibility that Baer committed suicide, since, according to his wife, he was counting on an acquittal. Moreover, shortly before his death Baer complained to the guards that he was feeling ill and asked for a physician. That is hardly the action of someone who intends to take his own life. This myterious event hardly attracted public attention, and presumably the affair was systematically hushed up. When one considers the reaction the death of an inmate in a German prison usually calls forth among officials, legislators, and the mass media, it seems astounding that this case was kept so quiet, all the more so because Baer was no ordinary prisoner, but a man whose testimony could have had the greatest impact in the upcoming trial. The suspicion that interested parties had Baer removed by means of poison-as has often been claimed-cannot be dismissed. The motives for such an action are obvious. If anyone at all knew the truth about the "gas chamber" allegation, it was Baer, the last commandant of Auschwitz. That he refused to give his authoritative confirmation to the "gas chamber" story is shown by the fact that the statements he made during his interrogation were not read into the trial record. They must have been of no value to the prosecution. What the main defendant had to say about the central accusation regarding Auschwitz was anything but a matter of indifference to the initiators of the trial. Had Baer resolutely contested this allegation and been able to show its absurdity, he would not only have made it difficult for them to attain their primary objective--to reinforce the "gas chamber" myth and establish it as an unassailable "historical fact"--but he might also have caused the proceedings to take an entirely different course. By his steadfastness, Baer would have set an example for the co-defendants to follow, and perhaps even influenced some of the other participants in the trial. Hence, one should give some credence to the charge that Baer's refusal to play the role assigned him in the script is the reason the trial could not begin until after his death....The fact is that the Auschwitz Trial did begin almost immediately after Baer's death. Laternser is of the opinion that there was too much haste involved. However, the preliminary investigations were completed on October 19, 1962, as Langbein informs us, so nothing much really could have stood in the way of the start of the trial--except, of course, Baer's "stubbornness."

Was Baer murdered in jail? Ever since the brutal abduction of Adolf Eichmann in Argentina--as a matter of fact, even before--it has been common knowledge that the Israeli Secret Service is capable of just about anything.

COMMENT: Even capable of kidnappping one of their own by force as well, as may be seen in the case of Modecai Vannunu, who was spirited illegally out of Italy by the Israeli Secret Service.

Returning to Staeglich: Given such circumstances as the fact that Chief Public Prosecutor Bauer was a Zionist--for which reason he should not have been permitted to head the combined investigation--it is quite possible that the mighty arm of international Jewry was able to reach into Baer's cell, though for lack of conclusive proof, this question must remain open. At any rate, one may assume that Baer's sudden death came as a great shock to the other defendants. Since his position on the "gas chambers" allegation must have been known to them, some of the defendants may have taken his unexpected and mysterious demise as a warning, and altered their stance accordingly. For the promoters of the trial, Baer's death could only have been a welcome development.

COMMENT: Once again it may be seen that there is indeed "No business like Shoah business."

As a curiosity, and another example of how bad karma eventually falls back on those who hurt others by devious means, Zohar relates what happened to the so- called German prosecutor who was the cause of Baers arrest and persecution unto death:

"Schule was on a visit to Poland (in 1965) MOSCOW accused the head of the Zentralstelle, who had been relentlessly tracking down accused Nazi criminals for years, of having been a Nazi criminal himself!!!! The Russians claimed that he was one of those responsible for the massacre of a thousand men, women, and children at Jitomir. The accusation made a great stir in Germany. A check was made and proof found that Schule had indeed been a member of the Nazi Party. But the story of his taking part in the massacre at Jitomir appeared to be a complete fabrication."

COMMENT: What?!? The Soviets FABRICATING false charges?!?

"As a result, Erwin Schule had to leave his post at the Zentralstelle and give up the activities which he had pursued so vigorously and effectively."

COMMENT: And good riddance to this collaborator and persecutor of his own people. Instant Karma is gonna get you... even if the law doesn't.