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Dear Editor:

My name is Joseph Bellingerer and I am the author of the book, "Himmlers Death - The Final Days of the Reichsfuehrer-SS."
In 1999 I was invited by David Irving to deliver a lecture on this subject at his first 'Real History Conference' in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Immediately thereafter, Mr. Irving contracted with me to prepare a manuscript detailing the results of my sensational discovery.  The preliminary manuscript was completed within a year's time, [October, 2000] but was constantly updated as additional relevant evidence was released from the various archives in Great Britain and the United States.  As it turns out, Mr. Irving never honoured his promise to publish and so I sought another publisher.
Perhaps you are unaware that it was not Mr. Martin Allen who initially struck upon evidence proving that Heinrich Himmler was murdered at the hands of his captors in May 1945.    While Mr. Allen now has the rather dubious distinction of having discovered documents in the PRO which were subsequently declared to be forgeries, I had already completed my research into the bizarre and contradictory circumstances of Heinrich Himmler's death and thereafter signed a contract with Arndt Publishers in Kiel, Germany to publish that story.
Unfortunately the editing of the manuscript was delayed by seven months, during which Martin's book was published before mine.  Nevertheless, I must insist upon receiving the credit for having initially discovered the trail of evidence which led to a conclusion of foul play in the death of Heinrich Himmler, as well as other high-ranking officers of the SS.  Furthermore, I did not rely on Mr. Allen's documents to prove my case, since those documents were only said to have been released in 2003.   Mr. Allen's 'find' proved to be merely icing on the cake.
That being said, I find it very peculiar that Scotland Yard has yet to identify the culprit[s]? responsible for planting the alleged forgeries, even though they have been fully apprised of the internal investigation launched by officials at the PRO for four months now.   As editors, do you not find this lack of response puzzling, in view of the seriousness of the charges?  Certainly you are aware of the security precautions prevailing at the PRO, where visitors must present legal identification along with their request to view specific files and documents, and that their every movement is recorded by surveillance cameras?
Hopefully you will take the time to order my book and read it, and thereafter consider the evidence for yourselves.

J. P. Bellingerer