The Illustrated Auschwitz Lie


Although the event commonly known as the “Holocaust” occurred ago, a heated debate has arisen over the years as to what actually happened. Since it is possible to reconstruct events, even from the very distant past, based on a few available documents, one might expect that it would not be very difficult, with modern technology, to determine the truth about events said to have taken place relatively recently. With the “Holocaust”, some of the witnesses are still alive: the physical evidence is still available, and can be examined, the archives are for the most part intact.


The official version of history is that the German National Socialists hated the Jews so much that they took advantage of the circumstances, first, to proscribe them, then, to isolate them in city districts and ghettos reserved solely for Jews, and, finally, to deport them (4) (5) to camps in Eastern Europe (1).

Those who were considered fit to work are alleged to have been decimated through slave labor, while those considered unfit to work, such as children and the elderly, are alleged to have been murdered in gas chambers (3) (6) (9) (11) (12) (13) immediately after arrival, and burnt in crematoria (8).

Certain camps are consistently referred to by court historians and media as “concentration camp” or “prisoner of war camp”. This is the term used in all German documents (65, 114, 129, 214, 230, 231).

The gas chambers are, for the most part (6) (9) (11), alleged to have been disguised as shower baths.


The NSDAP came to power in 1993. One point in the Party programme stated that Germany was to be reserved for the Germans. Jews were therefore to be excluded from positions in the economy, liberal professions, government agencies, the arts, etc. The Jewish reaction was not long in coming.


The front page of the London Daily News of 24 March 1933 states 29 bis:

“Judas declares war on Germany. Jews of all the world unite. Boycott all German goods. The whole of Israel is uniting to declare an economic and financial war on Germany.”

“All Israel is rising in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews…. Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business world to sever trade relations with Germany…. Germany is a heavy borrower in foreign money markets, where Jewish influence is considerable….”

Note that anti-German propaganda already spoke of a “Nazi onslaught on the Jews” and a “Jewish declaration of war against Germany” as early as 1933. Before the passage of even one single anti-Jewish measure in Germany!

This economic boycott was extremely effective. It was no way comparable tot the symbolic one-day anti-Jewish boycott of 1 April 1933, which did German Jews almost no harm whatsoever. Yet it is constantly harped on by the same media which keeps eloquently silent about the highly effective Jewish boycott of Germany; which latest for years! Germany, still prostrate and poverty-stricken as a result of the world depression and the First World War, attempted to encourage as many Jews as possible to emigrate, since this offered employment opportunities for many German unemployed. Paradoxically, this policy was supported by the Zionist movement itself. Zionist representatives made astonishingly frequent appearances at SS meetings and offices in those early years. Yet nothing is heard of this today. Jewish emigration, encouraged to some extent by moderate pressure, was nevertheless a perceptible intervention in the private lives of the largely assimilated German, Jewish population. Many emigrated.

The results, outside Germany, was an unceasing campaign of anti-German hatred.

- 11.02.1922 Isaak Salbey, Der Türmer ["The Watchtower"]: “The German race must be destroyed, there is no doubt about that”.

- 20.07.1932 Bermat Lacache, The Jewish World League: “Germany is our National Enemy N° 1, its our duty to declare pitiless war upon her”.

- 24.03.1933 Daily Express: “Judea Declares War on Germany, the whole of Israel throughout the world unites to declare an economic and financial war on Germany.”

- 07.08.1933, Samuel Untermeyer, New York Times (World Jewish Union, in the name of the international Federation to Combat the Hitlerite Oppression of Jewry) : “The war hereby declared upon Germany is a holy war. It must be waged against Germany to the end, to its destruction.”

- 22.01.1934, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Irgun Zwai Leumi: “We will unleash a spiritual and material war on the part of the entire world. Our Jewish interests demand the most complete destruction of Germany. The German people is a collective and individual danger to the Jews.”

- 27.07.1935, Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Jewish Daily Bulletin, “There is only one power that counts, and that is the power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful nation in the world. We have the power, and we know how to use is.”

- 05.09.1939, Chaim Waizmann to Chamberlain, Jewish World Chronicle, as reprinted from the Times: “I expressly wish to confirm the statement that we Jews will fight side by side with Great Britain and democracy.”

- [Date unknown], The Jewish delegation is prepared to conclude an immediate agreement to make all human power, assistance, and abilities of the Jews available usefully against Germany.”

-13.09.1939, Centraal Blad voor Isrealieten inNederland; Millions of Jews in America, England, France, Africa and Palestine are determined to begin a war of extermination against Germany!

- 26.02.1940, Jewish World Congress, Evening Telegram, Toronto: “The Jewish World Congress has been at war with Germany for 7 years!”

- 26.02.1940, Maurice Perzweig, the Jewish World Congress, British Section: “The Jewish World Congress has been uninterruptedly at war with Germany for the past 7 years!”

- 08.06.1940, Rabbi Stephen Wise: “This war is our cause.”

- 08.05.1942, Jewish Chronicle: “We declare that we have been at war with Hitler since the first days of his seizure of power in 1933.”

In February 1936, the German NS leader in Switzerland was murdered by the Jew David Frankfurter. On 7 November, the Polish Jew Herschel Grynszpan shot the German diplomat Ernst von Rath in Paris, von Rath died of his wounds two days later. The murderer was motivated by a desire for revenge, the Germans had forced his parents to emigrate to Poland! The results was the “Night of Broken Glass”, generally assumed to have been a put-up job by Goebbels (although there is a great divergence of opinion on this point). There were acts of violence against Jews, between 36 and 100 Jews were killed, synagogues and Jewish businesses were set alight.

The attributes of the National socialists towards the Jews hardly differed from present-day Jewish attributes towards Palestinians, but with one difference: the Palestinians were the original, ancient inhabitants of Palestine.

When the Second World War broke out in 1939, the Jews rallied decisively to the Allies. Perhaps they should have paused to consider that a large part of European Jewry might have to live and survive under German occupation only one year later.


The President of the World Jewish Congress and later President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann, declared:

“I would like to make it perfectly clear that we Jews stand on the side of Great Britain and will fight for the democracies. For this reason, we place ourselves under the united leadership of the British government in the smallest and greatest and greatest matters. The Jewish delegation is prepared to place the entire working powers of the Jews, their technology, their assistance and abilities to great effects.”


From the speech of the President of the Jewish Congress, Chaim Weizmann, of 8 December 1942 in New York:

“We do not deny it, and we are not afraid to acknowledge the truth, that this war is our war, and will be waged to free the Jewish people.”

“We say that, without us, the success of the Allies would have been inconceivable. Stronger than all fronts is the front of Jewry. We lend this war not only our complete financial support. Victory rests upon the weakening of the enemy, his destruction in his own fortress.”

“And we are the Trojan Horse in the enemy bulwark. Thousands of Jaws living in Europe represents the chief factor in the destruction of the enemy.”

It was only logical for the German to intern the Jews of Europe in one way or another. The Americans did the same thing to Japanese-American citizens of the United States (25-29).

Japanese-American citizens, like European Jews, were simply interned “for the duration”. The difference was, of course, that the United States was never invaded, bombed, blockaded or starved. It was never the target of one single bomb or artillery shell, at any time throughout the war: its infrastructure remained intact.

(26) Crude notices by private individuals, inciting others to “racial hatred” of the Japanese, such as the one reproduced here, appeared in early 1942, in the windows of shops and homes anywhere near Japanese owned property. Americans considered this sort of thing to be perfectly normal.

(27) (28) Deportation of American of Japanese ancestry.

(29) Lodgings for American citizens of Japanese ancestry in the concentration camp at TULE LAKE.


Theodore N. Kaufman, President of the American Federation for Peace, published a not-very peaceful book in 1941, in which he set forth a plan to sterilize the entire German people. Time Magazine called Kaufman’s plan a “magnificent idea” in its issue of 24 March 1941.

In is difficult to understand why Jewish groups in the United States should have expressed such rabid hatred of Germany at a time when a large part of Europe had been occupied by Germany and the majority of European Jews were under the hegemony of the Germans.

“Judea Declares War on Germany – Jews of the World Unite – Boycott of German Goods”, Daily Express 24.03.1933, one day after issuance of the Empowerment Decree “assumption of extraordinary powers by Adolf Hitler”. The German reaction it this declaration of war is generally known: On Saturday 01.04.1933, the Reichs government called for a one-half day boycott of Jewish businesses. This was soon followed by a similar declaration of war by Samuel Untermeyer, President of the World Jewish Economic Federation, on 07.08.1933 in the New York Times. After the beginning of hostilities in Poland, another Jewish declaration of war was issued by CHAIM WEIZMANN, PRESIDENT OF THE JEWISH AGENCY, Jewish Chronicle, on the basis of generally recognized international law, was mentioned by Prof. E. Nolte in 1985 in an English-language publication, this mention was certainly one of the factors leading to the so-called Historikerstreit, the “dispute among historians”: see E. Nolte, Das Vergehen der Vergangenheit, Ullstein, Berlin, 1987, pp20ff. 170ff.

Dr. Josef Goebbels showed the book (2) to Hitler in August 1941. Goebbels expressed the view to Hitler that the Jews deserved a lesson. They thereupon decided upon the introduction of the famous Jewish star.

Many of the anti-Jewish measures adopted by the Third Reich did not fall down out of a blue sky: rather, they were the result of deliberate provocation and the escalation of the war.

Since the official policy (encouragement of emigration) could not be continued under the circumstances of the war, the Germans decided to intern a large proportion of the European Jews in camps in the recently conquered territories to the East, and put them to work in a variety of different jobs in industry, particularly, in the armaments industry (32-44).

Later, after the war, they were to receive a state of their own. This plan was occasionally referred to as the “Final Solution” in German documents. Postwar propaganda attributed to this word a quite different meaning, one which is both macabre and false. It should not be forgotten that the Jews, in actual fact, represented a considerable security risk to the Germans, they were not persecuted merely as innocent onlookers to the war. Quite the contrary. On the other hand, not everyone in the German leadership applauded the drastic and fateful measures taken against the Jews, either. The majority of Jaws were commercially and economically active and indispensable. Generally, there was no doubt in the minds of the German authorities that these deportations could not be permitted to proceed in an abusive way. But few people in Germany had time to worry about the fate of the Jews. German civilians, women and children, died horribly, every night, night after night, in the firestorms created by Allied bombers or in the collapsing rubble of their homes. In the eyes of the German authorities, the Jews were quite simply suffering their share of the misery of war (23-24).

The theory that there was a wartime “Holocaust” of Jews is “proven” on the basis of a few quite indisputable facts: the Jews were deported en masse, there were showers in the concentration camps (6) (9) (11) (53) (56) (62) (63), tins of Zyklon B were found in the camps (12) (13) (46-50).

There were also many crematoria (8) (178) (180), thousands of emaciated corpses were found by Allied soldiers upon the liberation of the camps (14) (17-22).

And, of course, German soldiers and guards later “confessed” to accusations made later (15) (16) (17), under the pressure of physical mistreatment and physical and psychological torture.

  1. The location of the most important camps. Some of these are referred in the standard literature to as “extermination camps”. This term is not found in any German document.

(5) This document refers to the deportation of Hungarian Jews (4). It should be noted that the prefix “sonder” is not proof of any criminal purpose. Criminal meanings were interpreted into the term “Sonder” only after the war, all words bearing the prefix “special” are said to have been in reference to extermination! This is purely hypothetical: there is no proof it whatsoever.


Budapest, 30 June 1944
Received, 3 July 1944at 11:05

  1. Deportation of Jews from zone III. Concluded with 50.805 Jews, according to plan. Total number from zone I – III is 340.162.
  2. Concentration in zone IV and deportation finished with 41.499 Jews according to plan. Total figure 381.661. progress of action report separately in telex number 279 of 27 June and number 289 of 30 June to Füschl. Concentration in zone V (previously unaffected zone west of the Danube, not including Budapest) on 29 June. Simultaneous smaller special actions initiated in suburbs of Budapest as a preparatory measure. A few small actions still continue, with special transports with political, intellectual, large families and technically-skilled Jews.

    “illegible signatures, distribution list, ….

(7) (251) The little Jewish boy in this photo is supposed to have been sent to Treblinka and gassed there. According to the Jewish Chronicle of 11 August 1978, this little “gassing victim” is supposed to have grown up into a wealthy businessman who now lives in London.


Little Ghetto Boy Reports He is Alive After 37 Years

(9) The alleged gas chamber at Dachau. The Keystone press agency reported: “Dachau prisoners were gassed in this chambers disguised as a 'shower bath'"
--- .

(10) Eight years later, it was officially admitted that was NOT an execution chamber. Dachau city hall officials admitted in a letter dated 8 February 1983 that no prisoners were ever gassed in Dachau concentration camp.


City of Dachau

With regards to your inquiry, I hereby inform you that no gassings of prisoners took place in former Dachau concentration camp.

(11) U.S. Congressmen visiting the showers at Dachau camp. They are inside the "gas chamber".

(12) A can containing 500 grams of Zyklon B. The can contains liquid hydrocyanic acid absorbed in a granular carrier. The liquid evaporates as a poison gas at a rate determined by the ambient temperature and humidity, more or less slowly. This product (under other trade names) was also used by the Allied armies for the extermination of vermin.

(13) A Soviet commission examining empty cans of Zyklon B at Birkenau.

(14) Drastic action was taken at Bergen-Belsen, 80% of the barracks were burnt down, the camp remained under British quarantine.

(15) The desperate-looking Rudolf Hoess with British Major Draper. Hoess was tortured by the British for weeks and confessed “made to order”.

(16) Two young German soldiers (guards, probably at Buchenwald) being mistreated.

(17) SS Doctor Fritz Klein was assigned to Bergen-Belsen for only a few weeks. Tortured and forced to “confess”, he was sentenced to death and hanged. In really, it was the British conduct of the war and the subsequent quarantine which were responsible for the death of thousands of inmates in Bergen-Belsen.

(17) and (18) One of the mass graves of Belsen. Typhus victims of all nationalities in this camp are exploited as “proof” of the “mass grassing of Jews” at Auschwitz.

(18) German guards throwing corpses into mass grave. The fact that neither the camp commandant nor the German staff of guards fled, can only mean that they did not regard themselves ad responsible for the frightful circumstances in the camp.

(19) Emaciated corpses were found in the camps. The caption under this photograph reads “. An American commission views the horror at Buchenwald that Eichmann could not conceal.” In fact and in truth, Eichmann had nothing to do with Buchenwald. He was only responsible for the transport of Jews to the East.

(18-19-21-22) These emaciated corpses are the bodies of typhus victims, since typhus causes extreme emaciation.
(19) Emaciated prisoners possessed no immunity against disease. The quarantine introduced by the British was to prove fateful for them. The British committed the same error in Bergen-Belsen as camp commandant Rudolf Hoess at Auschwitz during the typhus outbreak of July 1942. Hoess also isolated the camp, with the result that the weakened inmates were exposed to the spreading epidemic and became infected en masse with typhus.

(20) Entry to the Bergen-Belsen camp after surrender to the British. It is generally known that typhus and other epidemics broke out in all the camps and these epidemics could no longer be brought under control. The prisoners were severely affected, lived under unhygienic conditions, and no longer possessed any resistance against otherwise harmless infections.

General remarks on 14, 17, 18, 19, 21 and 22.

This type of photograph is usually presented as “proof” of an alleged extermination of the Jews. The bodies are those of concentration camp inmates who died of disease; they were not murdered. They came from all Europe, and were not exclusively Jewish.

(23)(24)(23bis)(24bis) This is what German cities looked like at that time. Might one be entitled to ask whether the Germans were in any position to worry about the fate of concentration camp inmates? This was at a time when millions of indigent German refugees were roaming aimlessly all over the country.

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