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Henrik Holappa on John de Nugent NEW (with introduction by C. Porter)
Documentary proof that John de Nugent is a lunatic and a con artist by C. Porter
Documentary proof that John de Nugent is a lunatic and con artist by C. Porter WITHOUT ALL CAPS
(Since many people are annoyed by the extensive use of capital letters, I have also posted this almost entirely in lower case. - C.P.)
All Hail, Sheriff of Nothingham!

More on the Great John de Nugent "Sheriff's Race" Scam -- Nugent the Dog Killer -- John de Nugent Admits He is a Police Informant by C. Porter



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Update 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923 
E-mail: [email protected]


Sheriff of Nothingham meets Mayor of Nothington
Defer! Defer! To the Lord High Mayor of Nothington!

Update 1 December 2014:
After 2 1/2 months of yet another fraudulent "electoral race" (for mayor of the local Kuhdorf, this time) in which, again, he was never even a registered candidate, Nugent then claimed, in the first week of November 2014, that he had been "misinformed" about the date of the next election (which merely proves that he never even tried to register), after which he skedaddled out of the state with suspicious haste to the frozen wastes of the "Michigan Peninsula", one of the remotest areas in the country, right up there with the Eskimos, penguins and polar bears (well, almost), an area of declining populations where the only people with any money are the local Indian tribes with their gambling casinos! Maybe they'll be interested in "Eternal Solutreanism"!
Nugent claims that this area "has the potential to become independent of the rest of Michigan and go it alone".
Thus will the White Race "survive and prosper" in the "White Safety Zones" prospected by our fearless leader, the immortal John Henry "de" Nugent!
QUESTION: What about your "black-white alliance", John? There are no niggers in your Michigan Peninsula!
Come on, John, you're the big liberal, the JFK imitator, the Negro-worshipper, why not move to Flint or Detroit, where you can be with your beloved niggers?
Why not put your money where your mouth is?
Why are liberals always such hypocrites?