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DIN - The Hunting Season Part I

By Joe Bellinger

In the words of MALACHI WALD: "There is a Hebrew phrase, a fighting slogan going back to Biblical times: DAHM YISRAEL NOKEAM- "The blood of Israel will take vengeance."

Thus, in the first months of 1945, Five Jews named WALD, BECKER, JUDAH KLEIN, BENNO the MESSENGER, and HANNAH BAUM, formed the nucleus of a sinister conspiracy which dwarfed accusations in years gone by when Jews were once accused of poisoning the wells of European communities.

These five ex-partisan fighters, along with fifty other active accomplices, formed a highly secret organization of conspirators and assassins, whose group came to be known by the first letter of each word: DAHLED, YOD, NUN. The letters of which spell out another Hebrew word: DIN, or "judgment."

These assassins are referred to by Jewish author URI DAN in his book, "To the Promised Land." He writes:

"The fury against the Germans took the form of Haganah squads who hunted Nazis across Europe and killed them without trial." Pg. 59.

The murderous scope of their efforts and intentions , however, were directed not so much at NAZIS, as Mr. Dan wrote, but at MILLIONS of human beings innocent of any wrong doing.

Curiously, and correctly, Mr. Dan refers to these assassins as "Haganah squads." Aside from such bloodthirsty cults as the THUGS of India or the ASSASSINS of Arabia, or the Biblical Book of Esther, or the mass slaughter of the first-born of Egypt, history fortunately offers few parallels for what is to follow.

In the latter half of 1945, hundreds of thousands of Jews from every nook and cranny in Eastern Europe were streaming into Germany along with a massive flux of non-Jewish refugees fleeing from Stalin's hordes.

There were incidents which cropped up between the Gentile refugees and the Jewish refugees.

The allies were accused, with justification, of showing favouritism to the Jews, whom the non-Jews maintained received better and larger rations and preferential treatment. Indeed, a good number of Jews were encouraged and allowed to dispossess ethnic Germans of their homes, victuals and property, much as the ancient Egyptians were once despoiled of theirs. Indeed, Hitler as Pharaoh seems to be an appropriate analogy to make in this regard. These Jewish refugees mixed with the recently released masses from the concentration camps unleashing a reign of terror in many German towns and cities.

As a direct consequence of these and similar offenses, the Allies were required to round up the liberated camp inmates and re-inter them in camps.

There, these hate-filled survivors were able to mix with ex-Jewish partisan fighters, and from this unholy union, a conspiracy was soon hatched which promoted vengeance as its creed and mass murder of the innocent as its goal. In fact, murder was on the agenda throughout Eastern Europe, where Jews with a vendetta were appointed to administer the slave and death camps of Stalin in Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia, where hundreds of thousands of German civilians perished due to mass murder, neglect, torture, and epidemics.

The identities of many of these camp commanders have since become known. Today many of them are still alive and living a protected life in Eretz Israel, where the government refuses to hand them over to authorities in Europe to answer for their heinous crimes.

While these atrocities were being committed against ethnic Germans in diverse places such as Poland and Siberia, Jewish refugees continued to pour into camps in Germany, nourished and protected by such agencies as the UNRRA.

While Jewish refugees were accorded preferential treatment, authorities within the UNRRA were working feverishly to repatriate Gentile East Europeans back to the rapacious and blood-stained hands of the Soviets, in order to make more room for the continuing flow of Jewish refugees pouring over the German border. Two allied Generals, who were foolish enough to make public statements concerning these illegals and black-marketeers, were unceremoniously dismissed from their posts and replaced with Generals who towed the appropriate UNRRA line. It was in one of these camps where the conspiracy soon took root.

From the camp of Feldafing, three Jews, Dr. Zalman Grinberg, Wladislaw Friedheim, and Isaac Ratner despatched runners to all the camps holding Jewish refugees. Forty one Jewish delegates answered the summons.

When they arrived, they were greeted by Major Zvi Caspi, a member of the Jewish Brigade, the Palestinian Jews who fought for the British army during the war. It was Jewish members of the British field police who captured not only Hoess, but also Himmler, whose captor happened to be none other than a future President of Israel, Chaim Herzog.

Major Caspi brought a message with him from the VAAD LEUMI the national council of the Palestine Jewish Community. That message was simple and terse: "You are bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh. We in Palestine wait to welcome you with open arms, and it will be done. Be strong, united, organized and disciplined."

On that day the Jewish resistance added the British to their list of enemies. They called their clandestine organization Sheerit Hapleetah, the "Surviving Remnant." Yet, this group was merely a front which drew attention to itself publicly while a far more sinister organization was being primped for secret illegal action throughout Europe.

From the Hagana, the secret Jewish resistance movement in Palestine, a hundred agents were clandestinely smuggled into Europe.

Yehuda Arazi went to Milan, Ehud Avriel to Belgrade, Shaul Avigur to Paris, Elkhanan Gafni to Bucharest ,Moshe Bar-Gilad to Vienna, Hoter Yishai, Ephraim Deckel, Ruth Klieger, and many others to Germany. This group was dubbed "BRICHA," or escape, and worked under cover to smuggle hundreds of thousands of Jews illegally into Palestine.

To facilitate this sometimes dangerous and massive project, the underground called upon those who had already tasted blood as partisan fighters during the war. They were to serve as armed escorts for the illegals. The commanders of these armed squads, ruthless and determined men and women, were names known to the German Security Police during the war: Avraham Blumovicz of Byelorussia, Zvi Horowitz from Kovno, Abba Kovner, Abram Hornick, Anton Zuckerman, Mordechai Rosman from Warsaw, and many others. However, the most ruthless among this band of future assassins were those who led the first columns of Jewish refugees out of the Lublin stockade-MALACHI WALD, AVRAHAM BECKER, MIRA LAN, "BENNO" the Messenger, JUDAH KLEIN, and "Little sister," HANNAH BAUM.

While most of those who were smuggled out simply wanted to escape the cauldron of suffering and painful memories in Europe, hoping to start a new life in the Promised Land where they could resume their lives in peace, there were others, such as the WALD group, who had no desire for peace at any price.

Filled with hate and driven by a rancorous vendetta worse than any ever devised by the most blood-thirsty Mafia chieftain, they decided to remain behind and implement their criminal conspiracy. Thus, they set out for Frankfurt, with the blessings and assistance of their brothers. In this manner DIN was born.

They set about planning and plotting to fulfill their murderous plans. Their confederates were carefully screened and chosen; only those whose furious hatred matched their own were selected and entrusted with key assignments. Their devious, highly sophisticated spy network, was composed exclusively of Jews who held key positions throughout occupied Europe.

Most important among them were those who worked within the Soviet or Allied war crimes Commissions and could open the files to DIN. There were two sergeants working in the transport pool attached to U.S. Army Headquarters at the I.G. Farben building in Frankfurt, along with their equivalents in the British and French zones of occupation, whose assignment was to provide military transport vehicles for the assassins. Among them was a young American rabbi, a chaplain with the U.S. First Army.

Within a few weeks, the DIN had a net spread across Germany and Austria. At this time approximately 300 individuals were actively involved in the organization. All had different tasks as either forgers, thieves or, like the Mafia, scouted out places where the killers could "take to the mattresses" after one of their hits. Plants, accomplices, and informers were placed inside camps where German prisoners of war were detained. Informants were, in fact, everywhere, and sent their information on to the assassins of DIN. No one was allowed to know more than he or she SHOULD know, and of course, all of those involved were Jews.

An informant named "Israel" soon brought them information which would result in their first special action. This man had happened to stumble upon information from Jewish informants regarding a group of some 140 German youths who were allegedly meeting clandestinely by a river near Ulm, Bavaria.

It was alleged that these youths had secretly stored automatic weapons in crates hidden below the surface of the water.

Groups of Jewish spies from a neighbouring internment camp were dispatched to observe the actions of the group and record their coming and going. Two weeks later the assassins of DIN were ready. The concealed assassins opened fire with automatic weapons on the assembled youths, and finished them off with hand grenades, leaving 140 corpses behind them.

This massacre brought unwanted heat on the killers, for the anguished parents of the murdered youngsters clamored for the apprehension and punishment of the assassins. Of course the assassins were neither identified nor apprehended, but by a curious quirk of fate, an inquest into the mass murder led to yet another gruesome action by the cut-throats of DIN. Immediately after the hearing, this same ISRAEL followed the attorney for the plaintiffs, who soon led him to yet another man. ISRAEL abandoned his tail of the attorney and surreptitiously pursued his prey. To the surprise of the DIN agent, HE also was being followed! The clever ISRAEL led his quarry directly into the lions den-DIN headquarters, where the unfortunate man was overpowered by the assassins. There the man was deliberately and fiendishly tortured until he revealed his identity.

It was claimed that he was former SS Obersturmfuehrer Hubert Schwart, once stationed at Auschwitz. The torture became so unbearable that the unfortunate man blurted out that he was the bodyguard for Dr. Ernst Wetzel, who was on the allied list of accused war criminals. This was the man who had allegedly written Reichskommissar Heinrich Lohse in 1941, instructing him to gas Jews unsuitable for work.

The assassins, having obtained what they wanted, dragged the mutilated man into an alley and slit his throat. Proceeding to Wetzels home, they dragged him out under cover of night and tortured him for two days before finally snuffing out his life. The murder was done in fine Mafia style, and the horribly disfigured corpse of Wetzel was wrapped in wire, and dumped into the Chiemsee, where the slain man could sleep with the fishes for eternity. The name of Wetzel still appears on lists of accused Nazi war criminals.

Soon after this slaying, the DIN assassins were approached by a French Jew-Victor Berger, a major in the French Army. The meeting would prove to be a particularly fateful and DEADLY alliance. Becker explained that he had come to offer his services to the conspirators. To his initial surprise,the group did not respond to his suggestion with much gusto.

As a matter of fact, after their bloody mass murder and the torture slaying of 2 ex- National Socialist officials, Bergers "Aryan" appearance was a cause for concern and suspicion among the apprehensive assassins. Berger, realizing this, offered to expose his circumcised penis as evidence of his reliability. Berger, undaunted by the suspicions expressed by the DIN group, proceeded to present his case to the assembled Jews. His reason for being there was simple: He was out for vengeance. He admitted that he had already murdered Heinz Braune, assistant to Theodore Dannecker, Eichmanns representative in France, who was in charge of deportations of French Jews in 1942. Now Berger was after SS Obersturmfuehrer Konrad Schumann, also a member of Eichmann's Bureau.

His proposal was this: If the DIN assassins would assist him in locating and killing Schumann, he was prepared to "give them" the lives of 200 Waffen SS prisoners of war-theirs for the killing in one fell sweep-along with a promise to be forever in their service for greater and bloodier deeds in the future. Thus Faust sold his soul and signed his covenant in the blood of his innocent victims. He was IN with DIN.




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