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“The more I study religions the more I am convinced that Man never worshipped anything but himself.” - Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890)
Note on Columbus added 16 December 2018.

I have decided to renounce National Socialism and become a Bible-believing Christian. The story of this extraordinary conversion is as follows.

War is a universal constant of human history. Since people fight even when there is no need to do so, and since races and nationalities are being mixed on an unprecedented scale, and since natural resources are running out, it follows that the 21st century will be an epoch of unprecedented racial and national conflict.

Thus, if we wish to survive, instead of allowing other people to kill us, we must be guided by a philosophy which makes a virtue of mass killing.

Now, if the revisionists are correct, and there is no doubt that they are, the National Socialists did not advocate or practice mass killing (except as reprisals in guerrilla warfare) and apparently have very little experience in the matter.

Further, it is obvious that National Socialism offers no justification for mass killing, but that Christianity does.

For instance:

- 3 Turks (the children of a convicted pimp and indicted drug pusher) burnt to death in a suburb of Lübeck, Germany, allegedly by Nazis.

RESULT: indignation from Christians.

- 926 adult Germans and 28 children killed by foreigners the year before, including a family of five Germans killed by a Turk in another suburb of the same city that same year.

RESULT: no reaction from Christians.

- 300,000 white Christian children burnt to death at Dresden by white Christian bomber pilots on a Christian holiday --Shrove Tuesday-Ash Wednesday, 1945, when it was coldly calculated that the maximum number of children would be on the streets in their Carnival costumes trying to forget the war.

RESULT: no need to apologise. No need for the Queen of England to lay a wreath, not even a single rose, on the monument: an inscription referring to the British role in this tragedy was chiselled away.

- 300,000 Iraqis burnt to death in a carnival of killing by white Christian bomber pilots.

RESULT: overwhelming endorsement by Christian churches as a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

- 200,000 British soldiers cornered at Dunkirk and allowed to escape because Hitler was an admirer of the British.

RESULT: no appreciation from Christians.

Christian tourists visit cities they have destroyed, burning hundreds of thousands of civilians to death, in Germany, Japan, Europe, and feel no guilt. Germans feel guilty for things they never attempted, or even thought of. Germans are fools.

Since National Socialism offers no justification for mass killing, and since Christians have the best philosophy of mass killing, it is not surprising that Christians are the world's best mass murderers, rivalled only by Jewish Communists.

A principal reason for the failure of National Socialism to attract adherents is its lack of hypocrisy. National Socialists state openly that conflict is a law of nature, and adopt a sporting attitude: may the better man win, may the best country win, may the better race win. Christianity suffers from no such defect.

Hitler said ‘The prerequisite for successful action is the courage and the will to be truthful.’ Christians know that truth is of no importance: what counts is doing the will of God (as interpreted by Christians).

God walks with me and talks with me and tells me I am his own. I was talking to Him just yesterday (incidentally He gave me a very nice autographed picture of Himself which is visible to those with great faith; make sure your check is good) and He tells me I have come into a considerable parcel of highly desirable real estate: the world. We are having trouble getting a clear title; there are squatters on the property (everybody else in the world); proceedings have been protracted (3,000 years); but there can be no doubt that I will come into my inheritance any day now.

In the meantime of course, legal technicalities aside, it is clear that the squatters have no moral right to occupy my property.

In the 16th century Spanish Christians exterminated the native population of Haiti through slave labour, and then discovered a tribe on a nearby island whom Columbus described as ‘loving each other as themselves’. A peculiarity of this tribe of ignorant savages was their extraordinary devotion to the memory of their departed kinsfolk. The Spanish embarked 40,000 of them on board ship promising to transport them to ‘heavenly shores’ where they would be reunited with their departed friends and relatives, and then took them to Haiti and slaved them to death, as a result of which the entire tribe became extinct.

[Source of information]

"¿Adónde apunta Colón? A la Calle de Pan y Carbón."

As a National Socialist, I would consider this an example of the manner in which the idiocy of religious belief is exploited by criminals for material gain. But as a Bible-believing Christian, I can raise no objection. For is it not written, "Whomsoever the Lord our God shall drive out from before us, them will we possess" (Judges 11:24)?

Why should anyone feel guilty about a successful crime? For is it not written, "Remember the Lord thy God; for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth" (Deut. 8:18)?

Let Hitler capture his enemies and let them go because he admires them; Christians know that their enemies are to be destroyed. For is it not written, "Spare ye not her young men; destroy ye utterly all her host" (Jeremiah 51:3)?

Christianity is a religion of race suicide (the New Testament) grafted on to a religion of racial and religious mass murder (the Old Testament). In the past, I attacked this as immoral, and was rebuked by Christians on the grounds that God is the source of all morality, His actions cannot be immoral.

I now accept this as correct, or, putting it another way, one can just as easily take the murder bits for oneself, and preach the suicide bits to others; that’s the Christian way: why not?

Let’s now take Christ’s famous injunction to castrate ourselves for the "Kingdom of Heaven’s sake" (Matthew 19:12). It is sometimes alleged that the passage is a deliberate mistranslation by Jews working on the king James Bible, but that is not true. No-one needs a Jew to translate New Testament Greek. St Origen castrated himself on the basis of the Greek text, but also had a knowledge of Hebrew. The Russian Orthodox sect of ‘Skoptsy’ castrated themselves on the basis of the Russian and Roumanian texts. The Latin text, translated by St. Augustine, is even more explicit than the English: "Et sunt eunuchi qui se ipsos castraverunt propter regnum caelorum."

The Catholic Church has consistently condemned the practice of self-castration while engaging in the castration of choirboys for centuries to sing soprano in the Sistine Chapel. The 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica calls eunuchs "the artistic glory and moral shame of the Papal choir".

Since the Pope was declared infallible in 1870 and since the trade in castrated choirboys continued until 1878 [footnote*] , we may assume that the practice was stopped not on moral grounds, but as a financial measure: it was illegal in the rest of Italy, so there were hefty bribes to be paid to middlemen and poor parents; in addition to which many boys died after surgery, giving rise to an unacceptable percentage of spoilt goods.

Thus it is the opinion of the highest authorities in Christendom - indeed an infallible authority - that while we may not castrate ourselves "for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake" we may castrate OTHERS "for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake".

Blessed are the meek, for they shall be enslaved, castrated and burnt alive by Christians.

Now if the practice was abolished on financial grounds it may presumably be re-instated (financial resources permitting). Perhaps it could be applied, in a spirit of Christian love and forgiveness, to the abortionists, mostly Jewish, who have killed 50 million children, mostly white, since 1973; to the homosexual rapists (virtually 100% negro) who infest our integrated prison system; to the government officials who integrated our prison system; to the millions of child molesters who infest our cities; to the lawyers, psychiatrists and judges who release them again to prowl our streets; to the pimps and promoters who peddle freaks like Prince and Michael Jackson as role models for our children, and to all those who got us into two World Wars and advocated the sterilisation of the German people.

There is another reason for my decision to come to Jesus. My mother died nine years ago and left two trusts for "the Christian education and maintenance" of my four children, attending Catholic schools.

Since the will calls for ‘joyful Bible study' (something impossible to define in a court of law), and since the trustee is a Bible-believing Christian (which is to say, a thief and a liar) we have never gotten a penny from either trust in nine years. Nobody’s Bible study is ever joyful enough! Lawyers are useless; maybe Jesus can get me a buck or two.


* The practice was prohibited in the Papal States in 1870 and the castrati were eliminated from the Papal choir by Pope Leo XIII in 1878. The last actual castration was reportedly performed on Alessandro Moreschi in 1865.

According to some sources, Moreschi continued to sing in the Sistine Chapel until 1913.
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