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Graphic of Document BW/30/42


This "document" is often referred to by Hoaxoco$t hate propagandists as "evidence" of a massive daily cremation rate of 4,756 "persons", at Auschwitz.

This document, a letter said to be dated June 28 1943, although 26 June would appear to be the correct date, is an obvious forgery reproduced on page 247 of TECHNIQUE AND OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS by Jean-Claude Pressac.

The letter, is a "photocopy" of a "certified true copy" of a "copy" [Abschrift], with a typewritten heading, a typewritten signature by Jährling with the umlaut apparently missing, without any handwritten markings or stamps of any kind, and transmitted by the Committee of Anti-Fascist Resistants of the German Democratic Republic.

The German wording of the document is rather strange: instead of "corpses" it refers to "persons". Instead of "Im Auftrag", i.e., "On Behalf Of", or "In Vetretung", i.e., "In Representation Of", the form usually employed in German correspondence, it states "Für die Richtigkeit der Abschrift", i.e., "Certified True Copy". This is the form ordinarily used when a copy has been re-typed for use in court, i.e., there is no pretence that this is an original document. This is followed by the handwritten signature of a more or less unknown person, and should probably be accompanied by a stamp. There are no stamps anywhere on the document. Since the document is supposed to constitute proof of mass murder, it seems remarkable that the letter is not marked "Secret", i.e. "Geheim", "Geheime Kommandosache", "Geheime Reichsache", etc.


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