Introductory Remarks to Vincent Reynouard "Gestapo" Articles
by C.W. Porter

As I understand Vincent's articles, a number of points should be kept in mind:

a) Resistance activity in France during the war was not only a violation of the Fourth Hague Convention on Land Warfare (which might be considered a bit academic): it was also a violation of the peace treaty according to which France and Germany ended the war.
b) A number of recent books published in Germany stress that the Gestapo never had more than 9,000 agents for all of Germany in 1939.
c) They certainly never had tens of thousands of agents to spare towards the end of the war.
d) Like all police forces in an emergency, suffering from a shortage of manpower, the German authorities in France recruited a great many substandard individuals, many of them foreigners (including 300 Arabs and at least 2 Jews), some of them with criminal convictions, relatively few of whom had any police experience.
e) Many of these persons were more inclined to commit extortion or theft than to "torture" anyone. The German officials at the top, who were responsible people, seem to have noticed something which our great wonderful "democracies" have forgotten: that real "torture" produces relatively little reliable information while creating tens of thousands of enemies, and is thus counterproductive.
f) For example. If you catch someone with explosive devices or weapons, you must find out where this material comes from, and you must find out immediately. This is a life and death necessity. But he will always give you the name of a dead person. How do you know when he's telling you the truth? Thus, for every item of correct information obtained by torture, you will probably get 100 lies, and make 10,000 enemies, prepared to kill you at the first opportunity, many of whom would otherwise probably have refrained from hostilities.
g) A certain amount of mistreatment is probably inevitable, given the life and death nature of the situation, but taken to an extreme, and used to the exclusion of more effective methods, it probably produces nothing. What it does produce, whether true or not, is very effective propaganda for the enemy.
h) All nations have political police, but they give them innocent-sounding names. The word "Gestapo" strikes fear into the heart, but the name "Security Services" produces nothing.
i) When the Germans, or their foreign auxiliaries, did mistreat people to obtain information, they did so immediately, when the information could still be obtained.
What is the point of torturing people years later, when they no longer possess any useful information and the people torturing them were not even present at the arrest and have no idea what questions to ask?
Answer: none. Pure sadism. But it was not the Germans who did this. It is the Americans, today -- now.

One wouldn't imagine that our hypocritical "democracies" would now, in 2010, be involved in the 9th year of 2 or 3 or 4 different "aggressive wars", all at the same time, including concentration camps, imprisonment without trial, illegal wiretapping, etc etc., not to mention the enthusiastic and officially approved use of sexually perverted methods of torture which the Germans and Japanese were never even accused of in 10,000 trials; one wouldn't image that the Americans themselves had exterminated 35 million of their own children through abortion in the last 35 years, in the name of "freedom"; one wouldn't imagine that we all face a probable future of billions of years of increased cancer rates and birth defects because the "idealistic" Americans tossed depleted uranium all over the Middle East, which is now blowing all over the world, while they manufacture one artificial panic after another about "passive smoking", "bird flu" and "swine flu", just to make money. One wouldn't imagine their own country was falling apart while they continue to preach and pontificate about the "immorality" of the Germans 65 years ago. This is Phariseeism.
Of the 500,000 American soldiers who participated in the First Gulf War, 329 were killed in combat, 200,000 are now on permanent disability, and over 11,000 have already died. There is order in the universe.

I pledge alliance to the Flag
Of the United States of Torture
And to the gulags and secret prisons for which it stands,
One Nation, under Fear,
With Zionist subjugation and slavery for all.

" that government of the Zionists, for the Zionists, and by the Zionists,
shall not perish from the earth."


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