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Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor.


Breaking News: A World Historic Publishing Event

"Pasque di Sangue" ("Bloody Passover"), the suppressed Israeli-Italian history book on Judaic ritual murder has been translated into English!

"I therefore admit as true the fact of the sainted Simon, the boy of three years of age killed by Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ in Trent in the year 1475 [...] I accept as true another crime, committed in the village of Rinn, diocese of Bressanone, in 1462, against the sainted Andrea, a boy barbarously killed by the Jews in hatred of the faith of Jesus Christ [...] --Pope Clement XIV, Jan. 19, 1760. (From p. 70 of "Bloody Passover" by Israeli history Prof. Ariel Toaff).

Pope Clement was tellling the truth! And an Israeli Professor agrees!

Thanks to Michael Santomauro for distributing the text and the intrepid Italian translators, Gian Marco Lucchese and Pietro Gianetti, who rendered it into English, Israeli Prof. Ariel Toaff's shattering history book CONFIRMING JUDAIC RITUAL MURDER, titled Pasque di Sangue ("Bloody
Passover") is circulating in a pdf. file online.

I have only just skimmed the text, wanting to share it with you, our loyal friends and supporters, immediately. The parts I have read are absolutely beyond my expectations, even with what I already know about historic rabbinic Judaism. The appearance of this book in English online
is a publishing event of world historic importance. Thanks to the Internet, this text cannot now be banned. I must leap with joy to think of the consternation of the master deceivers in the face of this David/Goliath reality.

Now I know why God did not allow me to send my book "Judaism Discovered" to the printer and why He sent us sufficient donations to keep me working on it through next week. Toaff's revelations will be included and commented upon in my book.

Toaff is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome. His credentials are impeccable.

I've been waiting for a revelation like this FROM A JUDAIC LIKE TOAFF all of my life!

Ariel Toaff is Professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at the Israeli Bar-Ilan University.

Talk about the Revelation of the Method, here's the grand-daddy of them all, from an academic the Lobby can only term "anti-semitic" with the utmost cynicism and discredit to themselves.

Originally Toaff was defiant when his book was about to be published in Italian. Within a week of the announcement, however, he was a blubbering wreck, after having received the usual threats to his life and teaching job from the eternally persecuted ones.

Soon after, Prof. Toaff ordered his book banned, but not before it had hit the streets of Italy and Italian scholars had it in hand and translated it into English for our benefit.

I have to smile when I think of what the Vatican, the Judeo-Protestants, Taki/Paul Gottfried/Chronicles magazine and The American Conservative magazine types will do with this. Almost all of them treat the subject of rabbinic criminology with kid gloves, subordinate to lengthy homilies
against "Islamic anti-semitism."

If they suppress a review of Toaff's English text, they render
themselves obsolete. If they review it, they are handling pure dynamite that contradicts most of their dainty premises and mendacity about the religion of Orthodox Judaism, and the non-existent oxymoronic "Judeo-Christian" tradition which they love to cite and invoke.

Toaff's book confirms a shocking and terrifying datum, Orthodox Judaism's hypnotic and nauseating fascination with blood. And not just any blood --the blood of innocent Christians, including children.

Break out the champagne! With the translation of Prof. Toaff's book into English, God has given His children something to celebrate.

Toaff's book will make my forthcoming 700 page book on the criminality and putridity of the sacred rabbinic religion of Judaism and its Talmud much more prone to be studied and considered seriously .

All I can say is, Hallelujah!

Michael A. Hoffman II

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