Skunkie, known affectionately as "the Skunk" for short, was a dyslexic half-Jew whose game was to make up loads of lies to be believed by idiotic "right-wingers", thus making "anti-Semites" look like fools.
He fooled a lot of people.
Never underestimate the deviousness of a Jew.


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The Website of Carlos Whitlock Porter


By C.W. Porter

Introduction: I can't count the number of times people have sent me files by e-mail from a site called Many of the files look great; but one needn't read far to see that nothing on the site can be believed, unless you already happen to know that what you are reading is the truth in the first place. But at that rate, what do you need the site for?

The following is only one example:


(NOTE: See link to original Skunkie file (top of page). The 5 pics of girls at bottom include 2 different pics of Laetitia Delhez, far left and far right, who survived; she was not found buried on any Dutroux “estate”. One of the other girls, second to the right, is Sabine Dardenne, who also survived.)

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One of these files contains an error: the correct name of the town mentioned is Marchienne-au-Pont, not “Marchan au Pont”. The house at Marchienne-au-Pont cost Dutroux 350,000 BF, the house at Sars-la-Buissière cost only 300,000 BF (between 10 and 15,000 dollars). The only thing of any value was the land; the houses were worthless, or nearly so.

Dutroux was an expert car thief and burglar; he also dealt drugs. He could probably buy properties like with this with the proceeds from the theft of one single really good car.


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(At this point it becomes obvious that uses anything at hand, regardless of whether it is what he says it is, or not).


(the writer was a resident of Belgium throughout the entire period of the disappearances and arrests. A French revisionist friend, Vincent Reynouard, attended the trial to compare the legal procedures with those followed where the "Hoaxoco$t" is concerned. The Hoaxoco$t comes off second best.)


Dutroux's house in Marcinelle, facing the railway tracks in South Charleroi. I've seen it. This was almost certainly Dutroux's best house. Note the condition of the roof, window sills and cornices.
This was the house with the "secret dungeon" in which two girls (Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo) were starved to death and another two (Laetitia Delhez and Sabine Dardenne) were rescued. It is not an "estate" or "villa".

Victims: Julie Lejeune and Mélissa Russo

Derelict building, left, owned by Dutroux in Jumet, a post-industrial slum -- like most of the rest of the region -- where Eefje and An were killed. The bodies were found buried in the garden, to the left of the house on the left.

Victims: Eefje Lambrecks and An Marchal


Another view of the same house, located in Rue Daubresse, Jumet, 25 km from Charleroi, in winter.
In this pic, only the right-hand house is visible. The house on the left, owned by Dutroux, has burnt down.
The house at Jumet was occupied by Bernard Weinstein, later killed by Dutroux, probably at Marcinelle, and buried with Julie and Mélissa at Sars-la-Buissière.
A close-up of the Jumet "garden" appears second from the very top.

Dutroux's house at Sars-la-Buissière.

This is the lot in which Julie, Mélissa, and Bernard Weinstein were found buried in one mass grave, dug by Dutroux with a mechanical digger. Dutroux claimed to be "looking for work as a digger operator", and told his neighbours that he "needed to practice with his equipment" or he would be unable to find work.

Dutroux's house at Marchienne-au-Pont

Another view of the same property

Another pic of the house at Sars-la-Buissière

Another view of Dutroux's back yard at Sars-la-Buissière, filled with Dutroux's junk cars and mechanical digging equipment. Since the region is full of slag heaps and abandoned mine shafts, more bodies may be awaiting discovery.


Pic of Laetitia Delhez issued after she disappeared.

Laetitia Delhez at Dutroux's trial, April 2004

Sabine Dardenne immediately after her rescue

Sabine Dardenne today
Translation: I was 12 years old. I took my bike and left for school...
80 days a victim of the monster

In summary, Dutroux was not Jewish, and his net worth was not sufficient to prove the existence of any international "network". Virtually nothing JUDICIAL-INC.BIZ says on this subject, like so many others, can be believed.

Dutroux's associate, Bernard Weinstein, is incorrectly referred to by as "Benjamin Stein", although the name is given correctly in judicial's own source material. "JUDICIAL-INC.BIZ" cannot even copy correctly from his own sources, even when his sources (when he gives any) say what he says they say (which is unusual).

Weinstein was a petty criminal and drug addict who failed to feed two of Dutroux's captives for several weeks while Dutroux was in jail for car theft. In revenge, Dutroux drugged Weinstein and buried him alive. At this rate, I am surprised that nobody accuses Dutroux of being a "Nazi" (assuming that Weinstein was actually Jewish).

I contacted the site master (which was not easy to do) and offered to help him with the site. He wasn't interested. He never corrects the slightest mistake, not even spelling errors (for example, he cannot even spell "Charleroi", one of the most important cities in Belgium; it is spelled two different ways, both incorrectly -- "Charlerio" and "Charelio" -- on practically the same line)! His source material is a hopeless jumble. He obviously doesn't care.

One wonders what his motivation is in compiling all this stuff, which represents, after all, a considerable amount of work.

I note that the last source given on his "Coeur d'Alene Idaho" file (which again he has misspelled in the file name and file itself) is Nizkor. His other sources include the ADL (David Lane and Louis Beam), the Southern Poverty Law Center, and a few assorted Marxists sites, such as, described by as "a good website on Rev. Butler and Hayden lake" (I quote).

Perhaps this explains something.

Perhaps this explains his attitude towards factual mistakes; his arrogance and indifference to the truth; and his desire to smear all white racists and nationalists, whatever you wish to call them. How can anybody with his alleged attitude towards Jews use Nizkor, the ADL and Morris Seligman Dees's notorious rip-off outfit, as a source?

If true, this would also explain "Skunkie"'s notorious secretiveness.

My own attitude, personally, for what it is worth, is that truth is stranger than fiction.

Why lie, when the truth is damaging enough?


I wish to stress that my intent is not to destroy his credibility, but to get him to clean up his act so I can believe what he says. I don't think this will happen.

The worst file is undoubtedly the "Lindbergh kidnapping" file, and the "Leo Frank" file is not much better.

On the whole, JUDICIAL-INC.BIZ reminds me of Walter Mueller, Austrian-American editor of "Community News" in Sacramento, California, who spends half his time praising Hitler and Nationalism and promoting revisionism (but without any real original research), and the other half of his time runing down "right-wingers", "racists" and "Nazis" (including Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel) [!], with all kinds of gratuitous insults, innuendo and lies (such as saying that Germar Rudolf had associated with the "hate community", whatever that is, and more or less deserved to get deported), written in a completely different style of English.

This is what I call, for lack of a better name, "John Chapman musicology": proclaiming one's great "love of music" with a loud voice, while shooting all the musicians! Obviously, if there are no more musicians, there will be no more music.

Back to the drawing board for the John Chapman musicologists.

24 December 2005 [!]

(Incidentally, the chateau alleged to have served as the scene of "weekend sex orgies for politicians and police officials" is the "Kasteel van Arenberg", part of the Catholic University of Louvain).

Chinese mathematics student from whom Skunkie stole his pic of the chateau, standing in front of the university dorms of that same chateau. The home page of Mr. Xiobin Yang's personal website showed the chateau, with Mr. Xiobin Yang studying in his dorm, inside the chateau, along with many other pics of Mr. Xiobin Yang, engaged in a variety of university activities. What this proves is that Skunkie knew what the pic was when he stole it, and that Skunkie is a liar.
Mr. Xiobin Yang's personal website was last updated in November 2004 and disappeared from the web in early January 2006.
sample pic full size

15 JANUARY 2006
It is my regrettable duty to draw attention to another Skunkie lie.
The following statements in reply are also deliberately misleading:

 “Marc Dutroux
Judicial shows Dutroux to be Jewish[!], and it appears the University of Tel Aviv confirms it [actually Skunkie is referring to Joël Kotek, an ultra-paranoid Zionist from the ultra-left wing "Free University of Belgium", and the file doesn't say that; read it!].
There is a question as to a chateau where Dutroux entertained politicians [!]. The problem lies in not whether it happened [!!!], but rather if the chateau's picture was the correct one [!], and Carlos appears correct, but a chateau is a chateau [!!!].
The general substance [!] of the Judicial article appears correct[!], but certain pictures could be [!] incorrect.”


I mention this because Skunkie seems to imply that I agree with him that Dutroux "entertained politicians in a chateau".
There is no proof that Dutroux is Jewish and as far as I know there is no proof that he ever set foot in a chateau in his life.
If Skunkie really believes this sort of thing, let him prove it and let him name the chateau.

Almost equally significant is Skunkie's admission that "Judicial is strictly a website that theorizes with 'What-If' scenerios [sic]." He can't even make up his mind whether what he writes is supposed to be the truth or not! Elsewhere he claims it is, even in the same file.

I do not intend to waste any more time on this person.

Dutroux "estate" at Sars-la-Buissière

Researching a Skunkie file is like digging in a garbage heap: the deeper you go, the worse it smells.
See also:

Letter 30

"Judicial is a tabloid... No serious researcher will hit my site.... I searched the net for [Dutroux’s] houses, found nothing, so I put some houses from Belguim [sic] in the article."
-- Skunkie, by e-mail, to a third party, 6 January 2006.

It is interesting to note that this functionally illiterate person, who gives the impression of being about 17 years old but who lies like a 3-year old with one hand in the cookie jar and who doesn't even care when he gets caught in a lie, claims to be a veteran of "Army intelligence" with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a knowledge of Japanese!
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He also claims to have been in charge of the "Phoenix Program" (secret CIA assassinations of 40,000 suspected Viet Cong agents) ("on the provincial level" only, mind you), as an Army captain in Viet Nam!
Either we are dealing with a "Baron Munchausen", or the whole site is a put-on, some kind of COINTELPRO operation.


April 19, 2007 Update: Treasures in Trash

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