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The Kowalski File

By J. Bellinger

According to Isaac Kowalski in "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe",:

"After they waited in hiding for two or three hours, the favourable moment arrived, with the approached of a large transport train rushing soldiers to the front. When the transport came near enough to the partisan ambush, Moshe Brause pulled the cord which set off a tremendous explosion, derailing and turning over dozens of cars.

The three partisans saw a huge burst of fire from exploding ammunition and heard the screams of wounded German soldiers. Brause and the others kissed and embraced with joy and quickly withdrew deeper into the woods. Soon after that they returned to the ghetto by roundabout ways.

One scout learned later from nearby peasants that more than 200 German soldiers had been killed, and an even larger number were wounded in the first sabotage action carried out by the members of the U. P. O.- Jews confined in the Vilna ghetto. (pp. 73, 74)

COMMENT: It wasn't long after many other incidents like these that Himmler ordered the ghettoes cleared.

On page 124 of the book "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe", author Isaac Kowalski refers to Germans as "two footed human beasts". He must have been listening to Ilya Ehrenburg, whose photo he reproduces on page 312 of his book.

According to the author of the book, "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe" the following was related:

Malka Epstein, a Jewish girl from Kielce, Poland, became a legendary partisan. She and her group of Jewish partisans blew up telegraph and telephone communications, along with German trains loaded with trucks, oil, and ammunition. Epstein, along with Jewish guerillas surprised a German commander, who was notorious for his cruelty. They attacked him in his bedroom and decapitated him.

The following morning, German soldiers found it along with the heads of five other Nazi officers tied to the branches of a tree outside the town gate.

The all Jewish guerilla band led by its leader, Epstein the poet, attacked a German garrison numbering two hundred soldiers. The garrison was wiped out to the last man. (p 189).

COMMENT:: These events must have endeared the Jewish population to the Nazi authorities. Aside from sounding like a cross between an infamous scene in the Godfather, the event seems to parallel the later activities of the Stern and Irgun terrorist bands, so active in assassinations of British soldiers. Apparently, the fields of Europe served as the training ground for the Jewish Independence fighters. I would be interested in knowing the German commander's name, which the author fails to provide, and the acts of cruelty he was accused of committing. If this account is true, it is beginning to resemble the tales in the old particular, the story of Deborah, which gives the account a tinge of religious mythology. The Book of "Shoah" may yet be included in the Bible.....

According to Isaac Kowalski:

"The picture of post war Germany, broken and in ruins, was not pretty. The wives and daughters of the herrenvolk sold themselves for a crumb of bread......The country became one huge brothel and even the men crawled on their hands and knees for a handout from the Americans and other allied troops....the Germans who remained in Poland after the war had to wear armbands, for a time, like the Jews had to wear while under the Nazi rule, and they had to walk in the gutter, not on the sidewalk." (p 18)

"Rabbi Chaim Moshe Arbes was seventy-two years old when he was forced to fight the Germans, near the small town of Buchawek, Poland....The old rabbi was a genius at planning. He always seemed to know when to strike and where. The sixteen guerillas ambushed German patrols and wiped them out. They derailed German troop trains, blew up bridges, and destroyed supplies. The guerilla band had killed more than one thousand Nazis.
In one of the battles the rabbi was captured while covering the retreat of the partisans, thus saving them all. Rabbi Chaim Moshe Arbes was later hanged in the public square. (p 189)

From "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe" by Isaac Kowalski, 1978, page 126: "Dani Warman lived in Palestine during the war. He was nineteen years of age when, together with several other brave youngsters from other countries, he was sent on a mission to assassinate Field Marshall Rommel. For a number of reasons, that mission failed and the entire group was wiped out."

COMMENT: I wonder "who" sent these youngsters on this suicide mission?

According to author Isaac Kowalski in his book "A Secret Press in Nazi Europe" page 77:

"330,000 Germans surrendered and 91,000, including 24 Generals, marched out.....Only 5,000 Germans came back to Germany after years of labor in deep Russia."

COMMENT: SIX FEET deep, I might add. Wonder what happened to those thousands of human beings? I would ask the Polish officers taken prisoner by the Soviets and sent to Katyn, but they seemed to have never returned home either. They also were said to have been sent to labour camps, or else "fled to China......."

"In the four months of the year 1944, the Istrbitel (Destroyer) Unit, has derailed 44 enemy military trains. Eleven of them were convoy troops and the rest machinery and other military material." (p 193).

Caption below a photo of a derailed train in the book, on page 132:

"One of the 110 trains with German soldiers and heavy weapons blown up by Jewish partisans."

Source: "Secret Press in Nazi Europe Isaac Kowalski, Shengold Pub. 1978.