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Dear Mr. Porter,

There is info on Nugent's blog that Henrik Holappa is a turncoat to the white cause and is now married to a Chinese.  Do you know if this can be confirmed ?

AUGUST 12, 2016



Update 23 November 2017

John "de" Nugent claims it is my duty to police Holappa's every doing.
If I don't do it right, that proves I am a "liar", even regarding his fraudulent sheriff's office and mayoral races, etc.
Well, I am not "my brother's keeper", and Holappa is not my "brother" in any case.
I only care about what Holappa said about Nugent.
According to Nugent, there are at least 2 videos on the Internet in languages other than Finnish proving that Holappa did, in fact, "renounce Nazism".
Here's one; can you understand it? I can't.

So the first sentence of my original reply, 7 words, below, in black, crossed out, is incorrect, along with a couple of sentences struck out in the update at the end. Everything else I say is the truth.

For proof that Nugent is an informant who claims credit for Gerhard Ittner's arrest, see:

Nugent had nothing to do with Ittner's arrest, he just loves to brag about how vastly powerful he is. What does that tell us? How sick is that?
Here, Nugent brags for pages and pages on end about his efforts to have Holappa imprisoned before he ever even flipped -- for the crime of telling the truth about Nugent! The excuse was that Holappa was "harboring a fugitive" -- Gerhard Ittner, in Finnland, where Ittner was never even wanted for anything!
Nugent is a police informant by his own admission.
In fact, he brags about it. That is how insane he is.

- C.P.

No, not really, unless you can read Finnish. At any rate, it does not affect the truth of what Holappa says about Nugent, which I was able to verify personally.

I have received even more damaging info about Nugent from France, some of which I had already heard from Holappa, but did not repeat because I had no proof.

For example, that he romanced a French woman, a woolly-minded liberal with all sorts of paranoid notions about the "Extreme Right". He pretended to be an "anti-fascist", combating "racism and anti-Semitism", etc. She borrowed some huge sum of money from a friend to finance a hotel and ski resort. Then she went snooping around in his papers, and found out he was a "Nazi".

So he beat her up a couple of times, and even tried to kill her (in front of witnesses) when he found out she had repaid the money. The marriage was annulled for fraud.

He wanted to keep the money for himself and tried to kill her when she paid it back.

So the cops (or courts) confined him to a loony bin and told him: either you leave France under police supervision, or you stand trial for attempted murder. Which is it?

So he spent 3 months forcibly confined in a mental hospital in Aix-en-Province and still owes the French Social Security system tens of thousands of euros.

According to this person, Nugent is bipolar and also schizophrenic. If he misses his meds, he can be very dangerous.

She called him "un grand malade mental", "un fou dangereux", saying "il nous faisait peur" (i.e., a dangerous lunatic who scared us).

She said he spent all his time in a "camisole chimique", a "chemical straight jacket", i.e., he had to be doped up to the eyeballs to keep from going completely nuts.

Everybody that knew him then is hiding from him now. Decades later!

He also spent a month in a mental hospital in Boston in the 90s. My chief French contact claims he never attempted suicide, so apparently that's just one of his sob stories.

Holappa told me pretty much all these exact same things, particularly that he is bipolar and schizophrenic and likes to beat up women. I've also heard these things from other people. To me, that's proof. So what's the diff?

I had to reassure these people that Nugent has no "contacts" in the "Extreme Right", that he is a lone nut, and that everybody says the same things.

In 2 years, I have never received a single email defending him. It's always the same: he's a con-man, a lunatic, and a liar.

He bombards me with emails all the time, then he stops for a while, then he starts again. I delete them all unread.

I gather that he left Pennsylvania under something of a cloud, probably to avoid a fraud charge relating to his sheriff's race and mayor's race. They could do a RICO on him if they wanted: wire fraud, mail fraud, obtaining money under false pretences, an "ongoing pattern of criminal activity", criminal "misuse of an Interstate facility", Hobbes Act, you name it. He spent a year and a half pretending to run for sheriff -- for a year after the election -- when he was never even registered as a candidate! Then he tried the same thing with the mayor's office! Until somebody told him there was no election coming up for the next 3 years!

He's an old, broke, busted down, small-time bunko artist who should have gone to prison decades ago, but he brags about his vast powers to have people arrested and imprisoned or [hint hint] beaten up and assaulted all over the world!

What's next? Nugent the Terrible? Nugent the Impaler? Nugent Yagoda-stein?

So delusional is this sick, sorry son of a bitch, that he brags of being instrumental in the arrest and imprisonment of Gerd Ittner, which Nugent had nothing to do with!

Ittner is a revisionist -- I believe, a former archaeologist -- who spent 7 years living legally and peacefully in Portugal and was extradited to Germany for revisionism (i.e., "denying the Hoaxoco$t", i.e., saying those stupid gas chambers never existed).

At the same time, the Portuguese government refused to extradite an American Black Panther, George Wright, who was a convicted murderer, armed robber, airplane hijacker, and prison escapee -- sentenced to life -- who wound up in the Republic of Guinea, a Communist country -- Portugal's no. 1 national enemy and "terror base" during Portugal's 13-year guerrilla war to retain control over Portuguese Guinea, a separate country, an "overseas province" of Portugal -- adopted a Portuguese name, got a fake Portuguese ID from someplace, and is now living peacefully in Portugal! Legally! In Portugal!

No extradition for him! Nobody cares. It's an insult to every Portuguese soldier who ever served in Guinea or any of their other anti-communist colonial wars, and to all of Wright's victims personally, including the 62-year old WWII vet he killed during an armed robbery; but nobody cares!

They only care about the revisionists!

For 45 years, after the Communist revolution of 1974, Portugal's crypto-Communist "democratic" governments have had enough money to build bridges that don't meet in the middle; gigantic sports stadiums that are never used; modern highways that run right past medieval monasteries and are never finished; but they never had a nickel to repatriate the 6,000 bodies of Portuguese armed service personnel buried in Guinea, Angola and Mozambique. For 45 years, the families and children of these men never had a grave to visit; for 45 years, their bodies have lain forgotten -- deserted -- in ancient Portuguese military cemeteries in Africa, overgrown with weeds and used as rubbish dumps.

They've got the money to pay the pension of a thieving, murdering, airplane hijacking Communist nigger, George Wright -- who isn't even Portuguese -- while legless veterans beg on the streets; but Ittner is a criminal.

And Nugent brags about getting Ittner arrested! Is there anything lower -- more despicable, more contemptible -- than that?

Excuse me while I vomit.

As for Nugent's "terror tactics", Holappa told me, "John always threatens. The way that he threatens tells me that he is afraid".

[Update 1 October 2016: I have still seen nothing in English by Holappa. A few people on Stormfront claim to be able to read Finnish and they say it is true.

In any case, Holappa has had enough time to comment, whether it is true or not. Let's assume it is true. What he said about Nugent is still the truth, like it or not.
As for Holappa, all it means is, we've lost a valuable ally and gained another enemy. The world is full of enemies. What's one enemy, more or less?

I suspect that whatever he did was for personal reasons. Otherwise he would say something. Perhaps he is ashamed.
I haven't heard from him, that's for sure.

[Even today, I have never yet been contacted by one single person who does not agree with me about Nugent.
Nor has Holappa ever repudiated one single word he ever said or wrote about Nugent.
Nugent is a police informant, a lunatic and a con-man.
- 24 November 2017]

Originally posted on:
AUGUST 14, 2016


P.S. You can't believe anything Nugent says.
For example, he has repeatedly called me an "olive-complected" (or "dark-complected" or "swarthy") "part-Spaniard".
There are enough colour pictures of me on the Internet, plus 2 and 1/2 hours of video; everybody knows what I look like. How nuts is this guy?

Actually, it's nobody's business but my own, but I was named after my grandfather, who was born in Shelbyville, Indiana.
These stories about how I'm a Mexican or something always give me a big laugh.
Ay, ¡caray!, ¡caramba, mano! ¿You wanna see mees peestolas?

Sheriff of Nothingham meets Mayor of Nothington

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