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[Written the day after a couple of muzzies killed or injured 144 people on La Rambla, Barcelona, a leftist enclave in north-eastern Spain known chiefly for its good bakeries and restaurants, crazy architecture and equally crazy people. Local customs include the burning of 100 churches, convents and monsteries in a single week (twice in less than 30 years; the first time in 1907 -- la "Setmana Trágica" -- then again in 1936 -- how much political maturity does this demonstrate?); the destruction of all Catholic schools, orphanages, hospitals and art work; the descration of cemeteries and graves; parades of naked nuns, and a fanatical hatred of Spain, Catholicism and civilization generally. There are also many good anti-Communist people in Barcelona. When the nationalists won the Spanish Civil War, they were greeted in Barcelona with hysterical joy, more than anywhere else in Spain. Looks like we're back where we started. -C.P.]


HIM: This is crazy: Muslims terrorists keep killing people, and everyone is raving about "racists", "neo-Nazis", "White supremacists", and so on. What's wrong with these people? Do they have any brains at all?

ME: It's a tiny minority that's making all the noise.

HIM: Maybe, but it's the majority which accepts and spreads this message. They truly love the immigrants and want more. "Volem acollir" -- they still keep saying that. Now they also say, "Ara més que mai". This is just ridiculous. My Twitter is full of such messages and of "anti-racist" crap. They are not Jews, they're ordinary "Goyim". They don't blame the Muslims, they blame those who say that immigration must stop. I don't even feel sorry for them anymore. I was yesterday, but now I'm just angry. They're brainwashed morons and they fully deserve what's happened to them. More to come.

[That's Cataluña, that's their history. How do you know they're not Jews? Scratch a commie, get a Jew, 4 times out of 5. -

ME: It's the Two Minute Hate, courtesy of the Jews and Far Left. It's artificial, of course. It's the Wizard of Oz behind a curtain, with a puff of smoke. It's a dictatorship. Trump is useless. He's too weak.

HIM:Agreed about Trump. He won't be able to do anything. They won't allow him to do. Even Hitler would be helpless under such circumstances. The White race is doomed. Still, I insist, it's the Goyim who repeat and spread this kind of messages - anti-White and pro-immigration. They're like a flock of stupid, brainless sheep. They (i.e., we, the White race) have no future anymore.

[It doesn't look good, but it ain't over till the fat lady sings. -C.P.]

ME: You should read a book called THE PSYCHOLOGY OF REVOLUTION by Gustave le Bon. The French revolutionaries were the first modern Communists.

HIM: Will consider it, thanks. I'm just amazed at their COMPLETE stupidity.

[This person is obviously a little bit naive. -C.P.]

I've read "The Iron Dream" by Norman Spinrad recently, his solution is probably the best: just kill every piece of subhuman garbage
you can find. Leave no trace of their existence. A bit radical maybe, but efficient.

ME: It's not radical at all, just common sense. Self-preservation is the first law of nature.


18 AUGUST 2017

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¡Viva Espana, ¡Arriba Espana! ¡Viva Franco!

Last comment from our interlocutor:

Hello, I've been thinking, and it looks to me that the white race is not viable biologically. It's like the dodo bird or other animals who became extinct because they didn't have the self-preservation instinct. You just can't open your borders to millions of immigrants who procreate themselves with the speed of light, and think this is OK. All white countries are doomed, and it's the whites only who are to be blamed for it. They and their monumental stupidity. The Jews and liberals are just a catalyst, nothing more. In a couple of generations, the last remaining white people will be displayed in zoos and museums.


COMMENT: Several answers are possible. To be continued.