Skunkie, known affectionately as "the Skunk" for short, was a dyslexic half-Jew whose game was to make up loads of lies to be believed by idiotic "right-wingers", thus making "anti-Semites" look like fools.
He fooled a lot of people.
Never underestimate the deviousness of a Jew.

To see what I'm talking about, see:

If the mirror disappears, here, I saved the file

(same file but without blue background)



- "The motive [NOW GET THIS!!!]

- "Lindbergh was considering politics

..."Lindbergh felt Roosevelt was a Communist, and would do anything to get America into war. He saw Stalin and Communism as the enemy. In the early 1930s Japan was entangled in a war with Communist China and Roosevelt stood with China. Lindbergh was vocal in his opposition.

- " He pulled no punches on how Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill guaranteed Poland protection from Hitler when Polish Jews killed 58,000 Germans in the Danzig corridor.

COMMENT: As correctly stated in the same file, the kidnapping occurred on March 1, 1932. This was 4 months before Roosevelt was even nominated to run for President (July 2, 1932); 8 months before he was elected (November 8, 1932); 12 months before he was sworn in as President (March 4, 1933; 15 months before Roosevelt abandoned the platform of fiscal integrity and a balanced budget on which he was elected; and 10 months before Hitler's election in Germany (January 30, 1933). On March 1, 1932, Herbert Hoover was still President!

At that time, there was no question of war in Europe, Roosevelt being a Communist, the Polish Corridor, American involvement in China (whether Communist or not), Lindbergh going into politics against Roosevelt and/or the Jews, etc., etc., or any of the rest of it.

The chronological lunacy of this whole discussion of the motivation for the March 1, 1932 kidnapping is simply breath-taking.

(Incidentally, contrary to allegations made in the Skunkie Bromberg file, the ethnic Germans killed in the Polish corridor and elsewhere -- chiefly Bromberg -- were not killed by Jews or Bolsheviks or the NKVD [misspelled "NDVK"]. There was no NKVD in Poland. Negotiations between Germany and Poland began in October 1938 and were broken off by the Poles without warning in April 1939, not 1937; Skunkie gives both years at once, in the same paragraph.

The Jews shown in the same file were stolen from, bottom of page, an excerpt from "An Outlaw's Diary", about the Béla Kun Bolshevik terror regime in Hungary in 1919 [!], with fictitious names invented by Skunkie

Note the misspelling of "Bromberg" in the name of the file. Stalin was never a party to any agreement guaranteeing the independence of Poland. Skunkie is correct in implying that the Poles provoked the war and that Hitler had no choice but to invade; Roosevelt's promises to Poland were secret, not public, but the message was clear: Roosevelt and Churchill wanted war; Hitler did not. That much is correct.

It is unfortunate that Skunkie cannot get his facts straight or his spelling correct even in what is essentially a very good file. See also Letter 13.)

Let's not waste our time on the 13 or 14 other unsupported assertions and obvious errors of fact contained in the rest of the "Loony Lindy" file, such as:

- "Lindbergh Sr demanded an investigation of the Lusitania sinking. Many suspected Churchill, and world Jewry, were involved because of the bomb used...

- "Ford was going to back Lindbergh in a campaign to run against Roosevelt... [IN 1932?]

- "There was a bullet hole in the skull...

- "The ladder weighted close to 100 lbs...

- "He was found with ransom money given to him by Fisch...

- "[Hauptmann] didn't have the brains or a motive...

- "In early 1932, Fisch met Hauptmann and the two became both friends and business partners, agreeing to split the profits and losses of Fisch’s fur business and Hauptmann’s stock investments equally...

- "One witness testified he had seen Sharpe and Fisch together...

- "The negotiator met with two people at the cemetery...

- "Handwriting experts appear to concur that the first ransom note was written by a different person than those that followed..

- "The Lindbergh maid that provided Fisch with schematics and inside information... [Note: this is not what the source material says, and it has never been proven; read the links. Actually, she was having an affair with the Morrow family butler.]

- Novitsky deposited $ 2900 of Lindbergh money in a NY bank...

- "Jacob Novitsky a bookkeeper/forger/embezzler who worked for the Purple Gang and wrote the ransom notes...

- Jack Stein and Sam Davis, were the most likely suspects according to Detroit police. They were 'Second story men' (burglars)...[Note: so was Hauptmann].

On the other hand, what it says about Lindbergh's father and the Purple Gang seems quite good to me, as far as I can tell. But they have nothing to do with the kidnapping.

The webmaster is to be commended for producing the pic of Fisch's tombstone (if that is what it really is); the photo is a real rarity.

25 December 2005




P.S. Within two days of posting this, I received a very short e-mail from Skunkie (or a flunky) stating that he had just read (or reread) THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, a work of fiction published in 1998 and set in 1940, by Philip Roth, and that Skunkie (or the person sending the e-mail) was now more than ever convinced that it was "international Jewry" that was behind the Lindbergh kidnapping! This is what passes for "proof" at

See also:

(URLs of several dead Internet sites deleted)

(scroll down from pic of Lindbergh on the www.forensic files site, [now defunct], and you get the following:)

"We consulted three internationally recognized forensic document examiners, Gideon Epstein, Grant Sperry, and Dr. Peter Baier, to examine the ransom letters. None had examined the letters in the past, and all worked independently of each other to decide if Hauptmann wrote any or all of the ransom letters.

"Forensic Files® also contacted Kelvin Keraga, who spent years analyzing the ladder used in the kidnapping. Keraga worked to determine whether or not the current Rail 16 was the original ladder rail, and established the relationship between Rail 16, the attic board (S-226), and the rest of Hauptmann’s attic floor.

"Each expert’s report is available below for download."


Incidentally, the layout of the Lindbergh home does not appear to have been any great secret. Perhaps this explains how Hauptmann could commit the crime without accomplices (if that is the truth):

Many of Skunkie's other files look very good to me, but I don't have time to research them all.

Skunkie is like a car factory where the workers all have a hangover on Monday, and are looking forward to their weekend on Friday, so the only good cars are those manufactured on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Offhand, I would say that many of his files on WWII and the war in Irak look very good to me, although I could not vouch for every detail (particularly the graphics); his file on the Leopold and Loeb case is good, too, as far as I can tell, etc., etc.
I also like the Rosa Parks file and many others.

But if the Rosa Parks file represents the truth, then the Klan and neo-Nazi groups were essentially in the right: this is an inescapable conclusion.

Skunkie then quotes Jewish and Marxist sources to prove that "right-wingers" are lunatics, cranks and criminals; then he claims that half of them are Jews (especially the "neo-Nazis"); then he quotes a "neo-Nazi" source (the Bill White forum) to prove that Marc Dutroux is Jewish!

The exact source is given as

[Deletion of links to defunct sites]

(Note that White doesn't even know the difference between France and Belgium.)

(A paedophile scandal involving Israelis and Jews in Italy was discussed in detail in a radio broadcast on February 2, 2002, by William L Pierce, under the title "Media-Driven Law", reprinted in the March 2002 issue of National Vanguard. Bill White has simply copied some of the same information -- and very sloppily so, too -- all mixed up with CNN News, throwing Dutroux's name in for good measure, without elaboration, as if the two scandals were identical or related! Skunkie takes this as proof that Dutroux is Jewish!)

This is like mentioning Mussolini in the same breath with Hitler, so Mussolini was German!

An honest moron would correct a spelling mistake or something once in a while; yet many of Skunkie's files show undeniable intelligence, i.e., Skunkie is not a straight guy, and cannot be trusted.

FINAL COMMENT: Actually, the lesson to be learnt from all this is an important one: when you read something, don't be too quick to assume that it is the truth. Take a few hours (or weeks, or months, or years) and research it yourself, using a variety of sources, until you think you can decide what you think the truth is, for yourself. It is probably best not to place too much faith in any one author (including myself). editorial staff taking a well-deserved break

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29 DECEMBER 2005
Updated 4 January 2006

UPDATE 10 JANUARY 2006: I give up with this guy. I was reading his file on False Flag Operations, which is essentially a good file, and then I find, in the middle of it, the assertion without proof, in a single sentence or two, as if it were self-evident, that Sirhan Sirhan was innocent of shooting Bobby Kennedy! He did it in front of 250 witnesses, but no, it's a false flag operation.
It is obvious that Skunkie is trying to discredit his own ideas. God knows what some of the other files contain.

(more on Sirhan later - don't go away. - C.P.)