Miliciano Note

Much as I admire Machado as a poet, I cannot share his admiration for the militia men of the Spanish Republic.
Leftists like Machado can talk about "hombría" and "senorío" all they want. All I see is Red scum from the gutter.
A few photos will suffice to show why.

Spanish Republican militia men posing with skeletons of nuns from cemetery of desecrated and pillaged Convento de la Concepción, Toledo, 1936, one of innumerable similar incidents, destroying thousands of churches, monasteries, convents, hospitals, orphanages, hospitals and schools.
The sick, the indigent, school children of all ages, and orphans, were simply thrown out on the street. Thousands of priests were simply shot.
It was this sort of thing that caused the war.
I am sorry that doctrinaire intellectuals like Machado cannot see this.


"Anti-fascist" mockery in looted nuns' habits

Anti-religious mockery in looted church

Voodoo-like celebration in looted and pillaged Iglesia del Carmen, Madrid

Destruction of Catholic secondary school, Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, Madrid

The fate of thousands of churches: before -- after

Destruction of Cerro de los Ángeles, Getafe, Madrid

Iglesia parroquial de Santa María, Maqueda, Toledo

Iglesia de las Madres de Sales, Barcelona

Convento de las Salesas, Barcelona


Whatever you think of the Republican "milicianos", "Pueblo de Señores" does not mean "Master Race". Neither does "Herrenvolk". That is the point.
They are examples of the patriotic, egalitarian jargon common to all political systems, nothing more.

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