Nugent is basically anti-racist, a liberal. Everything he does and says has a tendency to weaken racial distinctions. The funny thing here, is, with all this emphasis on Neanderthals, you end up right back where you started: "Oh, you can't say ALL Neanderthals are bad; some of my best friends are Neanderthals".

When Nugent produces all these diagrams of comparative neck length and thickness, slope of forehead, to prove who's part Neanderthal and who isn’t, it’s is like a parody of the old racial theories about long-headed and round-headed people. Also, who is going to prove who the psychopaths are, who is psychopathic and who isn't? What does it take? A medical diagnosis? A medical panel? How many doctors? What if one of them disagrees?

Nugent says, "Oh, the enemy of all races, isn't other races, isn't the Jews, it's the psychopaths of all races". Take any episode of his 5-part interview with his pretty boy pet nigger Clark Niggerbridge and all they are talking about is the Marching Looting Koon and what a great man he was, etc.

How much of this is because he's crazy and how much is because he's a con artist? What makes him think Nazis and white nationalists have so much money? Or is he simply an FBI informant?

Most informants are like Nugent, unpredictable, unstable, jealous, impulsive, people you wouldn't trust anyway. Nugent’s ex-pal John King (an ex-Klassenite who has a website of his own) makes some very good points, but how he can imagine that his message is coherent is a mystery to me. There is so much confusion.

They are fixated on finding one good black here and there, at the same time they run down all white nationalists, together with all Arabs (King calls them "camel fucking assholes" or something like that, even though Niggerbridge is half Arab), and I know Nugent hates the Chinese.

John Henry “de” (“Bring ‘em Back Alive”) Nugent
and the Never-Ending Quest for “One Good Negro”
The Holy Grail of Modern Liberalism --
(but will it breed in captivity?)
JdN, mid-August 2014
"So WNs like being raped and killed by Blacks..."
JdN, mid-August 2013


All past societies (not only in Northern Europe, all over the world) have practised more or less consistent segregation. Members of other races were generally treated with respect, but they were not treated as full members of society. An exceptional Negro may be a great guy, no dispute, but his place is with his own people. There may be responsible 15 year olds, but they are not allowed to vote or drive cars, buy alcohol, etc.

I remember segregation, apartheid, and all the rest of it. We didn't bully or insult the blacks, but they lived miles away. We treated them with respect, but they weren't white. They had they own communities, their own churches, their own schools, supported by white taxes. They were governed by a separate set of laws, in some cases, because that seemed the best solution. But it wasn't “hate”, it was the law, the law is the law. It's the same for everyone.

That way you don't get into all these interminable discussions about whether this one particular nigger is different or exceptional. Ten tons/miles of junk just to cause more confusion.

The crazy thing is, Americans are great haters, they love to hate, and kill, and torture. But only when it is Jew-approved. It was only when we started to pander to the blacks that they started to treat us with contempt, which is why I, and many other people, began to hate them. Of course, there are exceptions.

Nugent’s pal John King says, "Nobody reacts positively to Hitler imagery", but Nugent and him use Hitler imagerey constantly! What are they trying to do????

All this is a Jew guilt-trip. Nobody feels guilty about hating, torturing and murdering Japs, gooks, jerries or Arabs thousands of miles away...


Do you agree with me about John Henry "de" Nugent?
Let me know:

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Via Gagarin 14,
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Update 17 August 2014
At some time in the past two weeks, Nugent withdrew his mendacious claim to be running for sheriff, and now claims to be running for Mayor of Apollo PA, a village of 1,647 people according to the 2010 census. Let's see whether there is really an election going on and whether he actually does anything to get elected.

Unfortunately, they just had an election for Mayor in Apollo, PA, in November 2013.
The new Mayor is Mr. Jeff Held. His term of office is 4 years. Nugent claims to be preparing to run for office in 2015.
There will be no election for Mayor of Apollo in 2015.
The next election for the office of Mayor of Apollo will be held in November 2017.
To check, please contact:
Jeff Held - Mayor
P.O. Box 306
Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4967
Borough Manager:
Cynthia McDermott - Borough Manager
P.O. Box 306 Apollo PA 15613
Office: 724-478-4201 x1 
Fax: 724.478.4923