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[Updated 2005]


I wish I could change history. I wish I could change the world. The sense of powerlessness, frustration.........Did I ever tell you how people react when I tell them 6 million Jews didn't die in the War, and we should be eternally grateful to the revisionists for revealing the facts, and that the 6 million story is an invention of the Zionists and Communists??!! Even my own relatives, my own mother, think I am crazy, and orders me not to discuss it with her.....!!! That Jewish filmmaker David Cole [the yarmulka-wearing Jew who videotaped the Director of the Auschwitz Museum admitting in a private interview that the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz I is a “reconstruction”] must have suffered a million times worse [he was ostracized by his family, beaten up a few times and seriously threatened]. It's bad enough being anti-Zionist and an Orthodox Jew! Add to that rejecting Holocaust exaggerations and propaganda....<sigh>

These are exactly the types of fake Jews that people like me have been suffering from for so long!!!!!

We are overwhelmed by their power, money, influence............and their status as emissaries from the Side of Evil (a Jewish spiritual concept) has been to destroy, malign and desecrate our religion. President Truman was exactly right, and it puts another nail in the coffin of the Holocaust Industry..........How could I blame President Truman when all he really know about "Jews" was from the scum types of the Zionist apostates?? The same scum, who were either Zionists or communists, were the ones who caused all the trouble in Germany in the 1920s, etc........Alas.............

I have a lot to digest here..........The more I learn about the truth, the more I get infuriated at the demonization of the Germans and at the insanity of the Zionist Holocaust Industry. Most of the world is in the dark about so many things.....The Holocaust Hoax is ultimately a gross disservice to the Jewish People ourselves........As I keep telling people....we should be GRATEFUL to the revisionists, not be angry at all!!! What a world........ I hope that revisionist historians realize they are doing the Jewish People a great favor in showing us we didn't lose the numbers that were foisted on us, including the totally unwarranted demonization of the Germans......and once Zionism is a thing of the past the Holocaust Industry will go out of business. The more I think about the implications of all of the lies and exaggerations, the more upset I get.

I think I have to work on learning German well as a way of expressing my rejection of this demonization. Arabic too. G-d will straighten out this whole darn mess one way or the other.

I am fairly provocative with people (including those relatives who tell me to stop......) and ask them why, if the Nazi regime was so utterly horrible, why didn't anything serious happen to Jews for so many years after he came to power?!! Why did rabbis correspond with him, and tell him they agreed with the Nuremberg laws? I suppose had he not imposed the laws about professions, education, etc., as a way of encouraging Jews to leave, things might have ended up a lot different........And ironically the Nazis who befriended the Zionists as part of the removal plan were feeding the whole insanity that resulted in the State of Israel!! If only things could be undone..........

[complicated discussion of Jewish holidays, "commemorative" mania, etc]

... The whole "commemorative" garbage is part of the Zionist Holocaustian mentality. It's probably designed as a replacement religion. They have the holiday for their independence day, for the Day of Memory for the "Six Million"; for the Fallen Soldiers, for the capture of Jerusalem; and all kinds of unofficial days connected either to real or imagined disasters or successes. By the way, I always ask Zionists a question: "You guys always say the Six Day War was a miracle. But you can't have it both ways. Either the Zionist state was a helpless victim ready to be exterminated and defenseless, or it has had the best and most powerful army in the Middle East. Which is it? If it's the former, then you say that all the American weaponry is helpless against the great Arab hordes. If it's the latter, then the various miracles are no miracles...." <SIGH, SIGH, SIGH> Unfortunately, so-called religious Zionists are the dumbest, most brainwashed and idiotic of all Zionists. <Sigh again>...........

15 JULY 2003

... [update March 2005]

Carlos, you'll be interested to know that I corresponded with some jerk from the Wiesenthal Gesheft demanding to know why they don't saturate the media about the Zionist banks holding Jewish money and thereby committing the crime they attribute to the European ones. All he could say was that they have spoken about this, but when I pressed him why they don't go after their precious Zionist Paradise, all he could do was accuse me of being a "self-hating Jew"!!!

I once also sent them the doctored photos of the "smoke", which of course they did not reply to me about.......

Anyway, here's another article about the Holocaust Gesheft. What a disgrace. One day it will all come out into the open like a tsunami, and it will be shown how this despicable gesheft of the Zionists was used as a paranoia technique to keep the Jewish People on their leash with all the years of massive brainwashing............

Update March 25, 2005:

Here they go again (and again and again.....).

Perhaps the German government would first care to do some DNA testing the "ashes" to determine what it is..........!! My, my, so the SS "tried to cover up the crimes...." so if the ashes were five feet THICK, how did they "plow" them to hide them?? When will this circus come to an end?!

[Attachment, emphasis added] 

Germany Plans to Bury Ashes of Thousands of Jews

21:45 Mar 23, '05 / 12 Adar 5765

( Germany plans to bury the ashes of thousands of Jews who were killed and cremated at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the Holocaust sixty years ago.

The ashes, up to five feet thick, were discovered last year under a concrete memorial put up at the site of the camp’s crematorium, by East German authorities.

A German official, Guenter Morsch, told reporters that towards the end of the war, the SS tried to cover up the crimes committed at Sachsenhausen, and to do that they plowed the ashes of the dead into the ground over a wide area.

The ashes will be buried on March 29, in 150 urns at the Sachsenhausen site. Each urn holds up to [i.e., some urns held less] 66 pounds of ashes, all that remains of tens of thousands of Jews who were imprisoned at the camp. [Note: 66 divided by 9 = 7.3 x 150 = 1099 Jews minimum; divided by 5 = 13.2 x 150 = 1980 Jews maximum; see below.]

The Soviet Army found only 3000 sick and starving survivors when they liberated the camp 60 years ago. Thousands of Jews were also murdered on death marches carried out by the SS in an effort to evacuate the camp in advance of the Russian troops.

[End of attachment]


I don't think you do DNA testing on ashes, but you do can other forensic tests. What do you bet it's a lot of wood ash? Dr. William Lindsey visited one of the concentration camps (I think it was Sachsenhausen, but I can't remember, it's on a German-language tape interview made by Ernst Zundel) and they had a lot of ash on display, and he said, "but it's grey, human ash is completely white" ["Menschenaschen sind ganz weiss"], and they said, "oh, it's all just symbolic anyway" ["es ist sowieso symbolisch"].

The existence of a certain quantity of human ash does not prove murder, in this case at least. Nobody disputes the existence of crematoria, and that thousands died of disease. If "ashes" prove "murder", why bother with the "ash"? Just stick to the crematoria.
According to Legal Medicine and Toxicology (fourth page down in linked pages), the weight of ash from one corpse weighs between five and nine pounds, depending on the size of the body, and is enough to fill a large cigar box. If the ashes of only a few [ = 2 ] THOUSAND Jews [maximum] come to FIVE FEET THICK, where the BLOODY HELL are the ashes of MILLIONS OF JEWS, which would logically be "up to" FIVE THOUSAND FEET THICK? If "few" equals "two", then the result for six million would be 15 THOUSAND FEET HIGH -- higher than Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States, not to mention the millions of gypsies, faggots, Poles, Czechs, Russian POWs, French resistance fighters, socialists, Communists, and all the rest of the whole alleged Noah's Ark of "Hoaxoco$t victims", etc, etc. etc. What about the 840,000 Russian POWs killed with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine at Sachsenhausen, once again, according to the Soviets? What about them? How the hell do they identify "ashes" as "Jewish"? And don't forget:

"The Germans are supposed to have killed 22,000,000 people (XXII 238 [270]), or 12,000,000 (XXII 312 [356]), after which the bodies were burned and the documents were buried. Documents are combustible and bodies are not" (from Not Guilty at Nuremberg). At this rate, the "ash pile" (for people, not documents) would be higher than Mt. Everest!

For Auschwitz, the original archives still exist, virtually intact, up to 180,000 documents (see "The Central Construction Office in Auschwitz" by Carlo Mattogno, translated from Italian into English by Carlos Porter, about 200 pp., soon to be available from Who the hell do they think they are kidding??????
See also: comments on Herb Baumeister, karski.htm


Carlos, isn't it strange that they somehow came up with five feet of ashes from Sachsenhausen but can't come up with tons of ashes from Auschwitz?! In other words, what took them 60 years to come up with these ashes, but they cannot come up with the ashes of the million[s] they said were gassed and cremated in Auschwitz? Strange birds these Holocaustians! But I should have known.......they were unearthed by archeologists!! So it's only a matter of time before the "archeologists" come up with 50 [or 15,000] feet of ash in Auschwitz to represent the million people [or millions of people] "gassed" there.........

March 30, 2005
Final comment: Actually, this raises a serious question: since at least 160,000 people probably died and were cremated at Auschwitz alone, what was done with the ashes? There must have been a procedure for their disposal, and this procedure must have been described in authentic German documents. The ashes can't all have been sent home to the families, because in many cases the families were interned, too. Most historical concentration and prison camps (Cuba, South Africa, Andersonville, Camp Douglas, etc.) have graveyards or mass graves attached. The ashes of people who actually died, for whatever reason, must exist somewhere, so where are they? The reason why the maximum total number of people cremated in ovens at Auschwitz cannot have amounted to more than about 160,000, is because there is no evidence of replacement of the refractory brick in the crematory ovens; most ovens are designed for about 3,000 cremations at a rate of 3-4 per day, after which the refractory brick must be replaced. This has been shown by Carlo Mattogno and Dr. Franco Deana (a certified engineer and expert on crematoria) in THE CREMATORY OVENS AT AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU. Cremation in ditches is simply not credible, especially given the weather conditions and ground water tables involved. Even without the lies, there is a lot of serious research to do; we have really only begun to scratch the surface. Obviously, what we require are authentic German documents, not Soviet "war crimes reports" and "eyewitness testimony" of people suffering from hallucinations, or worse. I have contacted Carlo Mattogno for an answer to this question. - C.P.



 dai documenti risulta quanto segue:
1) Ad Auschwitz, come negli altri KL, all'inizio era previsto l'uso regolare di urne cinerarie. Nel crematorio I all'inizio del 1941 fu creato un locale per le urne (Urnenraum). Qualche mese dopo fu proposto di allestire come Urnenraum la soffitta dell'edificio che  accoglieva  l'infermeria.
2) L'uso di urne cinerarie ad Auschwitz è documentariamente attestato fino al novembre 1941. La Sezione politica (Politische Abteilung) si occupava della spedizione delle urne e ordinava regolarmente
alla falegnameria della SS-Neubauleitung casse o cassette per l'imballaggio delle urne.
3) Le urne furono spedite anche a famiglie ebraiche (nel Governatorato generale e nel Protettorato di Boemia e Moravia) fino alla primavera del 1942.
4) Per il periodo successivo, soprattutto per quanto riguarda Auschwitz, non esiste alcun documento e non si sa che fine abbiano fatto le ceneri dei cadaveri cremati. I documenti della Zentralbauleitung non contengono alcun riferimento a urne cinerarie in relazione ai crematori di Birkenau.
5) Il numero dei detenuti morti ad Auschwitz è di circa 135.000; di questi al massimo 100.000 (ma certamente meno) furono cremati nei forni crematori, i restanti all'aperto.


The documents show the following:

1) The regular use of funereal urns was provided for at Auschwitz, as well as at the other concentration camps [presumably, those which had crematoria; some did not. -C.P.]. An urn room (Urnenraum) was created in the crematorium, starting in the beginning of 1941. A few months later, a proposal was made to fit out the loft of the building housing the infirmary as an urn room.

2) The use of funereal urns at Auschwitz is attested to by documents up to November 1941. The Political Section (Politische Abteilung) concerned itself with the shipment of the urns and regularly ordered boxes, or small crates, intended to contain the urns, from the carpenter’s shop of the SS New Construction Administration [Neubauleitung].

3) These urns were even shipped to Jewish families (in the Generalgouvernement and the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia) until the spring of 1942.

4) For the following period, particularly where Auschwitz is concerned, there are no documents, and the fate of the ashes of the cremated cadavres is unknown. The documents of the Main Building Administration [Zentralbauleitung] contain no reference to funereal urns in relation to the crematoria at Birkenau.

5) The number of inmates who died at Auschwitz amounts to approximately 135,000; of these, a maximum of 100,000 (but certainly fewer) were cremated in the crematory ovens; the rest were cremated in the open [presumably on pyres; I don't think any revisionist believes the story about cremations in "pits" - C.P.].


Carlos, does this even look like cremated human ash?? It looks like cornmeal to me......!!

[Attachment: photo of rabbi shovelling reddish sand on top of what looks like square concrete blocks]

REPLY: Looks like building blocks. God knows... maybe they put building blocks on top of the "urns". The sand is sand, of course. Notice how they show you the sand, but not the "ash". Isn't that just typical? And of course they never prove killing, much less deliberate killing. If an inmate is killed by another inmate, or dies of disease, or is hanged or shot for sabotage, what does that prove?


March 30, 2005


The whole thing is so ridiculous, ritualizing such things for the benefit of "Israel"....utterly ridiculous........

22 [Holocaust Monuments] in Estonia alone!!! The Holocaust Gesheft........memorials like a chain of restaurants..........MacDonalds. Haven't they opened one yet in Iceland or Tahiti?!...

The Zionist wackos are apparently using Zundel as a test case and example for the rest of humanity who dares question their industry! And that includes Jews, since any Jew who questions the entire belief system of Holocaust and Zionism is ipso facto a traitor, and worse than any other person of any religion anywhere.........

The maniacal Zionist religion and their accursed State need the "Holocaust" with its assorted myths just like a fish needs water.


Hi, Carlos......I was listening last night to some interview with some employee of the Wiesenthal company, and she actually said that Simon survived TWELVE CAMPS. And there was no reaction either from the interviewer or any callers......TWELVE CAMPS!! I wanted to burst out laughing......Here we have a guy who promoted the hoax of mass extermination who turns into some kind of saint for having been able to avoid "extermination" TWELVE TIMES..........Boy, even a Holocaustian must wonder how efficient those Germans were such that they couldn't finish him off in twelve "extermination" camps.........Of course it's all lies anyway. But I was reacting to their own belief system...............

Well, we have to get a laugh sometimes from these guys..........


It's like the stock market. It's got to bust. When your taxi driver starts telling you what stocks to buy, you sell everything you own. But in politics it's slower.



Looks like the NeoCon maniacs are starting to sink.............finally......


Don't underestimate them. They'll blow up the world before they'll give up. They don't care about America. It's like the 1917 Revolution in Russia. I'm serious. You're dealing with fanatics who will stop at nothing. Bush is a puppet, like Kerensky. It's the people in the background who are dangerous. The tide is running against them, but it's like the Soviet Union in 1920 or 22 or so. It looked like Communism would collapse in 1922, but it didn't. It's not over yet.

They're like rats in a corner. They're as dangerous now as they'll ever get. I think it will get worse. There's no significant resistance. The Democrats are worthless. The Army is addicted to torturing people. The American people are addicted to pornography and cheap luxury. Where is there any disciplined resistance? Somebody like Pinochet, with a tough, disciplined, patriotic army behind him. Anything like that in America would be terrifying, far worse than Chile, because the Army is full of complete degenerates. There isn't even any opposition philosophy. Ideas are completely confused in America. There's no programme. You've got to have an idea what you want. You can't have 250 million people all with a different idea of what the ideal is. The only thing you can hope for is a complete collapse. Let's hope and pray like hell. Look at the way they're buying the niggers off with money in France. They've got to realize there's no money left. At that point they might realize they have to fight.    

18 NOVEMBER 2005

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