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What Piper actually says is:
“I have been the first to admit, from the beginning, and in the book, that there is no forensic evidence to PROVE that the Mossad had a hand in the assassination. However, there are those who will argue that there is no forensic evidence to PROVE that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed THE assassin or ONE OF the assassins. What "evidence" that does exist pinning Oswald has been dissected at length from the beginning and most people find it lacking.”

Another gem:

Is it conceivable, perhaps, that Jack Ruby was not consciously involved in a plot that he believed was aimed at John F. Kennedy, but at John B. Connally instead? Can the same thing be said for Oswald? Is it possible that the two men were being manipulated as part of an even bigger conspiracy that they knew nothing about? This is all speculation, but it is something to consider” (FINAL JUDGMENT, p. 176).

You can analyze almost everything Piper writes for the same defects, and the above is as good an example as any: wacko logic, subject hopping, distraction through irrelevancies, unsupported assertions, concealment of sources, factual omission and distortion, and, above all, insinuations and innuendo.

Would you want or trust a friend who kept telling you:
- Most people think that your wife is too fat and ugly to attract anyone but a loser like you;
- There are those who will argue that she has been carrying on affairs behind your back since the day you were married;
- Whether or not any of your children are really your own we will probably never know;
- Is it conceivable, is it possiblecould it be said that your son is gay;
-There is evidence to believe that your daughter (while pretending to major in Sanskrit and the Vedas), is actually working as a pole dancer and prostitute?

Without ever telling you

- who these “people” are,
- what the “evidence” is, and
- whether or not he shares any of these opinions personally?

Of course, "this is all speculation, but it is something to consider"!

We don't need no steenkin' evidence!

There are probably 200 separate items of physical forensic evidence indicating that Oswald was guilty, and no one else, plus about 30 good solid witnesses.
OK, say half as much. Suit yourself.


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