For the German Population of the City of Bad Salzbrunn, including the district of Sandberg.
By order of the Polish Government:
1. The German population will be resettled starting at 6 A.M. on 14 July 1945.
2. The German population will be resettled in the region west of the river Neisse.
3. No German may take more than 20 kg baggage.
4. No transport (wagons, oxen, horses, cows, etc.) is permitted.
5. All property and livestock must be left in undamaged condition as the property of the Polish government.
6. The final deadline for resettlement expires at 10 o’clock in the morning on 14 July.
7. Failure to obey this order will be severely punished, including the use of force.
8. Sabotage or plundering will also be prevented by force.
9. Collection point: Bad Salzbrunn-Adelsacher Weg in a march column 4 persons wide. The front of the column is to assemble 20 meters before the locality of Adeslbach.
10. All Germans in possession of a certificate of non-evacuation may not leave their dwellings between 5 A.M. and 2 P.M.
11. All dwellings in the city must be left open. All apartment and house keys must be left outside, in the locks.
Bad Salzbrunn, 14 July 1945, 8 A.M.
Section Commandant
Lt. Colonel

By order of the Government of the Republic of Poland the entire German population must leave the territory of the Polish state.
They are to leave by way of the German territory through Görlitz an der Neisse. The direction to follow runs through Frankenstein, Reichenbach, Scweidnitz, Streigau, Jauer, Goldberg, Lowenberg, Lauban and Görlitz.
Upon leaving the territory of the Polish state only 20 kg baggage may be taken along.

Persons in possession of a certificate from the plenipotentiary of the Polish government are exempt.

This order must be carried out by noon of 30 June 1945.

Glatz, 29 June 1945
The Plenipotentiary of the Polish Government for District XXIV in Glatz

The Commandant of the Polish Army in Glatz

Map “proving” that all of Germany east of Bremen-Hannover is really “Polish”.

Map "proving" that Germany is "Polish" almost all the way to Berlin, and that Tchechoslovakia and parts of Russia are "Polish" too. Only 20% of the population of Eastern Poland was actually Polish. Berlin was supposed to be an "ancient Polish colony".

In reality, although not quite in theory, the mentality and tactics of the Poles are almost identical to those of the Zionists.

This is logical, because 10% of the population of Poland was Jewish for 1,000 years, and most of the leading Zionists were Polish.

Plus ça change, plus la même chose

February 19, 2007