This is what I was referring to when I said that the alleged basis for Ayn Rand's so-called philosophy of "Objectivism" ("the Validity of Sense Perception") is not the real one (since it leads nowhere), while the real basis for the philosophy ("the Hierarchy of Concepts") is immediately contradicted by everything that follows.

"The Hierarchy of Concepts" states that many concepts are derived from other concepts. For example, the concept of "orphan" is derived from the concept of "parent". A concept used in violation of its proper level in the hierarchy of concepts -- the act of using a concept while ignoring, contradicting or denying the validity of the concepts on which it logically and genetically depends -- is called a "stolen concept".

Several examples are given. For example, Descarte's "I think, therefore I am" is a "stolen concept", because "thinking" can only be engaged in by an entity that "exists"! To use the concept of "thinking" while doubting one's own "existence" is logically incorrect -- a "stolen concept". Proudhon's "All property is theft" is a "stolen concept", because the concept of "theft" presupposes the concept of "legally and rightfully owned property".

But if this is so, then the best example of all is the so-called "philosophy of Objectivism" itself.
The whole philosophy of Objectivism is a "stolen concept".

For example: relatively few statements are "objectively" true of all human beings at all times and under all circumstances. For example, relatively few members of the negroidal races -- (I do not say "blacks" or "Africans" or "African Americans" because many of them are neither black, nor Africans nor Americans; they are members of the negroidal races, like it or not) -- still wear bones in their noses; relatively few whites, if any, still wear top hats or monocles (unless they are acting in a stage play).

One thing that IS true of all human beings at all times and under all circumstances is that if our mothers had chosen to have abortions we would not be here to talk about it, and that "abortion rights" is therefore a "stolen concept",  a contradiction in terms.
In view of the fanaticism -- the obsessiveness -- with which all Objectivists and Libertarians pursue the fata morgana of "abortion" -- like a man dying of thirst in the desert crawling deliriously in pursuit of a mirage -- i.e., abortion is not just one alleged objective among many, hypocritically mentioned in passing, such as the "property rights of segregationists", to be promptly forgotten about -- it is one of the few things that Objectivists really care about -- I think it is fair to conclude that the whole "philosophy" is a fake, a fraud, a deception.

In other words, Ayn Rand was a liar from the beginning and the truth was not in her.

There are many other reasons for reaching the same conclusion. The stated objectives of the philosophy are not the real ones, while the real ones were all presented in an extremely misleading and deceptive way, very often disguised as something else.

There are 3 ways of proving that the whole philosophy is a fake: the contradictions in the philosophy itself; the contradictions in the methodology of argument; and, above all, the actions of the Objectivists themselves. After all, The Fountainhead was published in 1943. That was a long time ago. By their fruits ye shall know them...

The Objectivists had, and have, 3 goals, and 3 goals only: to destroy America, to destroy Christianity, and to destroy the White Race, leaving Israel and the Jews to reign supreme over the planet.

Actions speak louder than words.

More to come...        

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