NOTE: The Southern Poverty Law Center, run by Morris Seligman Dees (i.e., he is half-Jewish and more or less a shabbos goy for the ADL), has taken a single sentence, ”I am told that James Sanchez of Aristarchus is on our side, and lives and breathes our cause” out of context, and deleting the first four words, to prove that Sanchez is a “Nazi”; to see their complete file, click here.

“Leading Holocaust deniers consider him a compatriot. ‘Sanchez is on our side, and lives and breathes our cause,’ Carlos Whitlock Porter, who calls the Holocaust ‘a universe of lies,’ wrote in 2005."

I never said Sanchez was on our side, or anybody's side. I know nothing about Sanchez and I don’t believe it and don't care. That is something somebody told me by e-mail in protest against my attacks on Sanchez's "Aristarchus Industries Nuremberg Trial CD-ROM".
For the full context, click here. My attitude is, well, if that is the case, Sanchez can produce a CD that works.
Since he can’t be bothered, I can only assume he is a crook, like Bill Gates.

As I say, I know nothing about Sanchez, but I do know something about Jews.

Hitler said, “Just as a cat can’t stop mousing, a Jew can’t stop swindling and lying” ["sowenig eine Katze das Mausen nicht lassen kann, so wenig ein Jude das Schwindeln oder das Lügen”, speech at the Hofbräuhaus, Munich, 24 February 1938], and he was right.

Is that "anti-Semitic"?
The Jews are always free to change their ways and prove the "anti-Semites" wrong, you know.
So how's with it, already?
Ve are vaitink.


19 August 2007