Someone asked me for an explanation of the following:

“As far as I have been able to determine, Shirer also single-handedly invented and popularized the lie that the Nazis claimed that the Germans or Teutons were a 'Master Race' -- an example, if any be needed, of Shirer's 'deliberate lying' -- a lie which is universally believed, although nobody can even tell you what it is supposed to mean, what the term is or means in German, or where it is to be found in National Socialist literature. Curiouser and curiouser.”

The following are some additional comments to help clarify the situation: 

1) For  45 years William L. Shirer told people Hitler was a "carpet chewer", a gross mistranslation.

2) He was also single-handedly responsible for the universal delusion that the Nazis claimed the Germans were a “Master Race”, a complete lie based on another mistranslation. Nobody ever made such a claim, but everybody in the world believes it.

He claimed that Hitler chewed the carpets in huge temper tantrums during the Czech crisis. He made this claim in Berlin Diary, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and even in his last book, The Nightmare Years, published in 1984, almost 45 years later. He learned nothing in all that time. “Teppichfresser” means somebody who is climbing the walls or going around the bend, or is wearing out the carpets by pacing up and down while dictating. It's slang, and anybody else would take it as slang. But Shirer repeated it for 44 years.


p. 137, Berlin Diary, entry for September 22, 1938, “They kept talking about the Teppichfresser, the carpet eater. At first, I didn’t get it, and then somebody explained it to me in a whisper. They said Hitler has been having  some of his nervous crises lately and that recently they’ve been taking a strange form.  Whenever he goes  on a rampage about Benes or the Czechs he flings himself to the floor and chews the edge of the carpet, hence the  Teppichfresser. After seeing him this morning, I can believe it."
Berlin Diary was published in mid-1940. 
p. 391, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, published in 1960 (essentially same as above)
p. 345-46, The Nightmare Years, published in 1984, “…whenever he went on a rampage about the Czechs or about Benes, as he had been doing daily for more than a week, he would fling himself to the floor and chew the edge of the carpet." 


3) "Master Race" is a mistranslation of “Herrenvolk”, an extremely rare word used a total of perhaps 8 or 9 times. As a stand-alone term, it means “Nation of Men”,  a brave, independent people. In contexts of obvious dominance,  it means “ruling people”, “dominant race” or “colonial power”.

4) The English term “Master Race” does not appear in the English translation of any work of National Socialist literature that I know of.  See if you can find it.

5) Look for “Herrenvolk” or Herrenmensch” or “Herrenrasse” in any Nazi text using the “Search Inside This Book” feature on or the “Blick Ins Buch” feature on and you'll see what a rare word it is. I don’t think you’ll ever see any of these words used in a real quotation, in the sense alleged, by any real National Socialist. These are neo-Marxist smear words tossed around by cheap writers, usually writers of fiction, for purposes of irony or sarcasm, nothing more.  Most serious writers on National Socialism do not use these words.

Alfred Rosenberg used the term “Herrenvolk” twice, once with reference to the Amorites, an ancient people, and once to describe the British, i.e., as equivalent to “colonial power”.

Goebbels is [incorrectly] alleged to have used it once, in the same sense, meaning “colonial power”.

Hitler used it 3 times to mean “dominant race”. He never used it to refer to the Germans.

Himmler used the words “Herrenvolk” twice, “Herrenmensch” once, and “Herrenrasse” twice, always sarcastically, to describe the attitudes of certain other people. He was a very sarcastic speaker. When Himmler used it, the way he used it, it might be correct to translate it as “Master Race”. But “Herr” means man or gentleman and “Volk” is people. “Herr” is a term of respect. To address someone as “Herr” is a compliment.

Erich Koch, an official in the Ukraine, used the word “Herrenvolk” twice, to mean dominant race, occupying power. The word “Herrenvolk” has no particular significance.

Rosenberg says that the culture of a country is determined by its ruling people, but the word he uses in German is not “Herrenvolk”, but “Grundrasse”, basic or founding race.

In other words, it is a very common concept, but, like everybody else, the Germans used a great number of synonymous terms to mean the same things. This is why the word is so rare.

There is no such thing as a “Master Race Principle or Doctrine”. Cela n'existe pas, monsieur.

I know of no books in English or German analysing any so-called “Master Race Principle or Doctrine” or even telling you where it may be found.

For a long time, based on mistaken information, I thought the term Master Race was of French origin, from Gobineau, “race des seigneurs”.

Gobineau does not use the term “race des seigneurs”; I was mistaken. I also thought that it was used in translations of his work, translated as “Herrenvolk”, and that the word was then copied by Rosenberg and Chamberlain and Hitler. This is also incorrect.

Gobineau used 2 or 3 other terms to express the idea of dominant race, ruling people, etc.

Chamberlain never uses the term "Herrenvolk" at all.

“Herrenvolk” appears in the unabridged Grimm Brothers dictionary (34 volumes), as synonymous with “Kriegsvolk”, the military forces available to a lord. It doesn’t even have its own entry. It says “See Kriegsvolk”.

In other words, Hitler changed the meaning of the word, something which happens all the time.

The comparable term to “Herrenvolk” in Spanish would be “pueblo de caballeros”, “pueblo de hombres”.

I have read both Chamberlain and Rosenberg both, 1,500 pages, and they are not what people are taught to imagine.  

Shirer uses the word “Master Race” 17 times in the body of the text of Rise and Fall and once or twice in Berlin Diary. He never gives the original German.

That's a lot for a rare word used only 8 or 9 times (even then, you have to believe at least one Nuremberg Trial document). That's why nobody knows where the term comes from or what it is in German, but everybody "knows" that it existed. Writers toss the idea around and often invent a Master Race “doctrine” or “concept” or “theory” that never existed.

The “Master Race Doctrine”, which never existed (or if it did, where is it?), is as follows.

"The Master Race is a basic theory or doctrine of National Socialism. The existence of a Master Race implies the existence of slave or inferior races. According to this doctrine, the slave races were to be exterminated while the Master Race was to be artificially bred in special breeding programs". You will never see a reference for this claim.

The meaning of the Master Race accusation has changed since 1975, and is now associated almost exclusively and indissolubly with the notion of controlled or artificial or forced breeding, i.e., breeding human beings like cattle, i.e., human “stud farms” .

This is another complete lie. Not a single scrap of evidence has ever been produced that even one single male and one single female were ever purposely paired off for mating purposes according to some racial or genetic theory, much less forced.

To his credit, Shirer never made the claim that there was any “Nazi breeding program”. But he did claim that a book called Education for Death by Georg Ziemer was the “truth”, and that book DID make that claim, at great length, except that the “author” was obviously never in Germany at the time.

Education for Death -- the inspiration for the two famous anti-Nazi cartoons, THE FÜHRER'S FACE (actually an independent Disney satire not based on Ziemer at all, although he is mentioned in the credits) and THE NAZI CHILD, as well as 2 or 3 Hollywood films -- is a literary fake, the most obvious I have ever seen.
(More on this later.)

Shirer includes Education for Death in the bibliography of “Rise and Fall”, but never cites it as a source.

Even Hermann Rauschning did not claim that there was any “Nazi breeding program” or that the Nazis ever claimed that the Germans were a “Master Race”.

So where did this universal delusion come from? Answer (as far as I can tell so far): from a single paragraph in “Berlin Diary”, copied by Disney in the cartoon -- actually, just in the lyrics to the song, written by British-born ex-theater pianist Oliver Wallace -- nothing more.

Education for Death confuses the NSV (National Socialist Welfare Association) with the Lebensborn, the original target of the “breeding program” lies.

There are 100 million references to "Master Race" on google, almost all of them associated with mass artificial breeding, usually by force, without any references. These claims are usually made in admitted works of fiction, or by unknown individuals demanding money, for example, “I am a Lebensborn Child”

Under the Nazis, people mated and women got pregnant in the usual way, and the Lebensborn never accepted more than about 300 non-SS women per year anyway -- probably far less, far closer to 200 -- out of 80 million Germans.

At the same time, the NSV took charge of 25,000 illegitimate children between 1936 and 1939, but without anonymity, that is, if a woman bore an illegitimate child through the NSV, her family and employers would know about it. In the Lebensborn, they would not.

There was no increase in the illegitimacy rate under the Nazis.

Personally, I think THE FÜHRER'S FACE is very funny, but the idea of seeing a cartoon of a talking duck being mistreated by your country's enemies and being prepared to charge off and kill people just because of that, is ridiculous. How many talking ducks do you know?

We also had The Three Stooges fighting the Nazis, Laurel and Hardy fighting the Nazis, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson fighting the Nazis (I kid you not). People were willing to go to war for no better reason than that. That's the level of intelligence of the British and American people.

Incidentally Chamberlain and Rosenberg both rejected Darwin, at least to some extent, in the latter case because Rosenberg felt Darwinism was materialistic and destructive of religion. Both books, 1,500 pages total, are approximately 25-50% about religion, mostly Jesus: Jesus vs Buddha, Jesus vs St. Paul, Jesus vs St. Augustine, Jesus vs Confucius, Jesus vs Lao Tse, St Thomas Aquinas, Dante, etc.  Both men were extremely erudite: Hinduism, Taoism, the Vedas, the Nordic sagas, the Baghavad-Gita, etc.

Rosenberg's book is not unreadable at all, but I recommend starting with the second chapter. Most people say “nobody ever reads beyond the first chapter”, which proves that the people saying this have never read any of it, because the first chapter is 100 pages long. If you can read the first chapter, you can read the whole book.

Only about 30 pages of it are really hard to read. I have never heard a National Socialist mention Darwin apart from this. They appear to have accepted Mendelianism but not Darwinism.

I do not deny that there is a very strong Darwinian influence, but he is never mentioned. Or is it even Darwinian at all? That life is a struggle for survival is not a new idea. 

Basically what I object to is the introduction of a meaningless term which refers solely to the Nazis when, really, everything you can criticize the Nazis for are things you could criticize almost any so-called “great power” for.

If Shirer really believed that “Herrenvolk” meant “Master Race”, he should have used the original German word. It should have been introduced into English as a foreign loan word, like "hubris", “folie de grandeur”, “chauvinism”, “jingoism”, “Napoleon complex”, all of which are foreign loan words that can refer to anyone and any country.

But “Master Race” refers solely to the Nazis, nobody else, ever, except by analogy, i.e., you are comparing somebody to the Nazis. This is misleading.

Any teacher who told his class that the Normans became the “Master Race” in England after the Battle of Hastings would be reprimanded on the grounds that "it is not permissible to politicize the teaching of history by comparing the Normans to the Nazis", or for "trivializing the Hoaxoco$t by comparing the Normans to the Nazis".

How can you discuss history for 30 seconds, even with a child, without the concept of ruling race, dominant people, or something similar?

Using another example, the ancien Aryan invaders were the ruling people or Herrenvolk in India for thousands of years, followed by the Moguls, at least in the North East, for a couple of centuries, followed by the English for 2 or 3 hundred years, after which the Indians became the ruling people or Herrenvolk in their own country.

This is the way Hitler uses the term, a grand total of 3 times, in purely theoretical discussions of the distant past or future. These are perfectly ordinary ideas.

If it weren't for power and dominance, etc., what would historians have to write about -- the invention of bubble gum?
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire talks about virtually nothing else for 2,500 pages: Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, barbarians, Byzantines, Turks, Arabs, Bulgarians, Huns, Mongels, to say nothing of the Hebrews, Phoenicians, Persians, Assyrians, Babylonians, etc. etc.
At the Turkish siege of Vienna, the bodies of the besiegers not only filled the ditches and moats, but are said to have been piled up to the height of the city walls themselves. This is the world we live in.


German is a language in which there is a tremendous freedom to coin new compound words. To me, “Herrenvolk” is more or less synonymous with another coined word apparently invented by Hitler, “Ehrenvolk”, a people with a sense of honor.

Hey,  it even rhymes! [music]

Ist doss nikt ein Herrenvolk, ja doss ist ein Ehrenvolk, Herrenvolk, Ehrenvolk, etc.

Of course, then Disney's song writer wouldn't have had a rhyme for his song.

Ven de Führer sess ve iss the Herrenfoke,
Ve say, surely mein Führer, you jest -- iss yoke, ya?

Not very promising. The term "Master Race" is terrifying but what does it mean? Nothing. It is innuendo, insinuation, nothing else.

In the 1950s, the great comic strip genius Al Capp introduced a character who met with rejection and revulsion everywhere he went because he was known to have a "disgusting habit". Everybody knew that his "habit" was disgusting, but nobody even knew what it was! The result was a tremendous 6-week build-up of mystery and suspense, in which tens of millions of Americans ran to the "funny papers" every morning to try to find out what his "disgusting habit" was!

They knew it was "disgusting", but nobody knew what it was, or what made it disgusting. That’s innuendo.

(NOTE: In the end, it turned out to be....a "riding habit"!)

When we see Disney cartoons that show Donald Duck being deceived by radio advertising or being pestered by door to door salesmen, nobody takes it as a serious indictment of capitalism, requiring a world war. This is how nuts people are.

Every country has a whole vocabulary of patriotic self-praise, in Italy it was “popolo di eroi”, nation of heroes. What's the difference?

Basically, this whole fraud is a continuation of the "Deutschland Deutschland über alles" hoax, people think that's convincing because it DOES use the original German. It wouldn't work in translation.

Like all patriotic songs and literature, the song expresses the sentiment that the nation is of supreme value, and continues, in the 5th and 6th lines, with an exact description of the national boundaries of the German nation, including Austria. It is a plea for German unity, not conquering the world.

“Von den Maas bis an die Memel, von der Etsch bis an den Belt”, these were the national borders at that time, from the Meuse to the Memeland, from the Adige in South Tyrol to the maritime border with Denmark.

It then goes on to praise German wine, German women and German song. It is a drinking song! The most peaceful and in fact almost pacifistic national anthem in the world, but everybody thinks it proves the Germans have always been a "Master Race" trying to "Conquer the World". Most national anthems are downright blood-thirsty.

Shirer invented the Master Race lie, and Georg Ziemer published Education for Death in mid-1941, I think, just in time to get America into a war to please Shirer's employer, William S. Paley. Talk about education for death, at that rate ALL patriotism is "education for death", and always has been, for example, "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country", “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori”, "Greater love than this hath no man", etc. etc.

I think it highly likely that you'll find more "glorification of war" and "Education for Death" in classical literature -- the Iliad, the Aeneid, Lucan's Pharsalia, the Lusiads, El Cid, Shakespeare's historical plays, the Bible -- than in all the National Socialist literature ever printed.

Virgil even said that "to die in war is beautiful" (it's in the Aeneid, Book II)! Did a National Socialist ever say anything similar? The world would scream!

Another point. “Germanisch”, in German, does not “German”, it means “teutonic”.  "Die Germane", in German, does not mean “the Germans”, it means "the Teutons". OK, so who are the Teutons?

Houston Stewart Chamberlain defined "Teuton" so broadly as to include practically every white person on the planet, even the Celts and Western Slavs! He even reproduces an engraving of Dante Alighieri and one of Martin Luther to prove that we are all of the same race! He was familiar with all the classical literature of Spain, Italy and Portugal in the original and greatly admired all their great men.

Chamberlain's main idea is so obvious as to require practically no proof. When the Roman Empire collapsed into what Chamberlain calls "the chaos of races", German barbarians overran all of southern and eastern Europe and much of North Africa, acquiring and maintaining Roman civilization. Thus, virtually every white person in the world probably has some German or Germanic -- Teutonic --ancestry.
This is to say nothing of the Normans (basically, descendents of the Vikings), who did much the same thing.
Thus, "Teutonic" really means "white".

So it is really rather misleading to say, as Shirer does, that Chamberlain believed that the Germans were the "Master Race". He said no such thing. He defends his ideas very well and it is a shame that more people don't read things for themselves. Everything Chamberlain says is backed up with multitudinous footnotes, including references and quotations, in the original and with translations, from all sorts of languages.

Of course, he was a "racist" in the sense of recognizing that different races have accomplished different things, and that these things differ in value, but then, so is everybody else.

Essentially this whole problem is just an exercise in Pavlovian Animal Farm-type semantics:

“Master Race -- b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d.
Chosen People -- g-o-o-o-o-o-d.”

I've been thinking about this for years. I spent most of the 1980s reading the Nuremberg transcripts (click here or here), then went to work as a translator for over 20 years, and when I found out that “Herrenvolk” was supposed to be a translation of  “Master Race”, or the other way around, I was absolutely astonished. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe my eyes. For years I kept wondering what would correspond to "Master Race" in German. I couldn't think of anything that really fit. I still can't.

The principal objection against the Lebensborn by most liberal writers is that there was an "Ausleseprinzip", a selection principle: they were elitist, they didn't accept just anybody. So really I think the closest thing to Master Race in German would be something like "auserlesenes Volk" or "ausgewähltes Volk", Chosen People! You see how hypocritical this is. (Of course, in a concentration camp, “selection” means killing. That's different).

Even at Nuremberg, they never claimed there was any “Master Race Principle” (except for Chapter 2 of Mein Kampf, which does not use the word Herrenvolk at all), they used it as a blanket jargon-term of accusation alleging racism, military aggressiveness, and so on -- things that are not unique to Nazis or Germans at all -- they are the universal history of humanity.

For example, the English became the dominant race or ruling people in Canada -- the "Herrenvolk" -- after the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, following which 15,000 "disloyal" French Canadians -- i.e., all those who remained loyal to France -- were deported to Louisiana, as a result of which about a third of them died; but don't worry -- nobody used the word "Herrenvolk"!

In other words, the situation rather resembles a Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale (possibly a variant on the Tale of Rumpelstiltskin) in which the kings and princes of the world are permitted to treat people any way they like -- murder, torture, "aggressive war", deportations, slavery, massacres, genocide -- all over the world, since the beginning of time, but they are strictly prohibited, under the terms of some magic spell, from uttering the single forbidden word, "Herrenvolk" (or a grand total of two German variants), with reference to themselves!

If they do -- Zap! -- their castles are transformed into hovels, their carriages into pumpkins, and they themselves are transmogrified into loathesome stinking frogs, consigned to the outer darkness of some fetid cesspool.

In the meantime, there are still 100 million "Master Race" google hits on google and 200 million on yahoo (most of them associated with "controlled breeding").

Hitler said a couple of dumb things, like saying that we all feel that at some time in the future the world will come to be ruled by one dominant race (p. 216, Murphy translation). OK, it’s a dumb thing to say, but everybody does feel this way, and always has, as he correctly says, twice. At the moment, it seems like it will be the Chinese. This is not a uniquely National Socialist idea. It is as old as mankind.


[This is the sentence that Shirer uses to "prove" that the Nazis believed they were a "Master Race" determined to "rule the world" (along with 2 other quotations out of context, entirely without references, one of them the altered, i.e., unauthorized, refrain of a marching song sung by teenagers):

We all feel that in the distant future many may be faced with problems which can only be solved by a superior race of human beings, a race destined to become master of all the other peoples and which will have at its disposal the means and resources of the entire world"
(volume 2, chapter 1, p. 422 of the German original).

In actual fact, the situation described by "Herr" Hitler (as the British newspapers used to call him) has already been achieved if we assume that "becoming master of all the other peoples", or the availability of the "means and resources of the entire world", does not necessarily require "ruling the world" in a military sense.
Domination can also be exerted politically, economically and geographically.
For example, an ordinary cell phone uses minute quantities of rare minerals from all over the world; if we require rare earth metals from China, they are available; we buy them. If you require some ultra-modern form of medical treatment, the equipment and technology involved has "at its disposal" "the means and resources of the entire world"; this is a fact, right now.
The equipment, of course, is the achievement of a "superior race of human beings", i.e., Caucasians or Orientals (using Western technology), just as Hitler foresaw.
The only people who want to "rule the world" now are American neo-cons, i.e.: Jews.
More on this later.]


A good place to start with this stuff is Wikipedia. The Wikipedia “Master Race” article starts off by accusing the Nazis of believing in eugenics, practising euthanasia, etc. etc.. Then, uh, they notice, oh, well, they copied their ideas and legislation off the United States, particularly, the state laws of Indiana and California, that Darwin and Galton were English, Chamberlain was English, Gobineau was French, Lothrop Stoddard, Madison Grant and Henry Ford were all American, then, finally, under the heading "World Domination Plans", there's a link to another article all about the British Empire, Communism, and finally a little paragraph about the Nazis! There are also (or used to be) all sorts of other digressions about Russian mystics and German ethnologists who died long before the National Socialists ever came to power and who had nothing to do with National Socialism.

In other words, the only thing that's alleged against the Nazis that would be unique in world history would be the "controlled breeding" accusation, the "human stud farms", which is a lie so huge that as a rule you only find it in cheap fiction.

So if none of the other stuff is unique, and the "controlled breeding" stories are all lies, then what does the "Master Race" accusation even mean?

Euthanasia and eugenics have been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. The Jews brag that they owe their intelligence to 1,500 years of selective breeding for intelligence. Rabbis have big families, see, no celibacy, etc. Every Jewish mother wants one son to be a rabbi and one daughter to marry a rabbi...

Anybody can take a few short paragraphs or sentences out of context from a 700 page book, manipulate the translation and presto! world war. It's like Ahmajinedad's “Wipe Israel Off the Map” quote.

For example, in Mein Kampf, Hitler praises the celibacy of the Catholic Church saying it forced them to recruit the best new people with each generation, it kept the Church young (p. 242, Murphy translation). Does this mean that Hitler advocated celibacy?

It's a bird... a plane...
a creature from outer space...
a primitive saurian from the primeval ooze....
a Streicher cartoon...
no, it's...
A Jew -- the Jew Konrad Heiden, source of much of Shirer's worthless information.

Heiden emigrated in 1933 and wrote a huge pile of books on Hitler and National Socialism, almost entirely without documentation. Heiden is the source of a great deal of worthless information about Hitler and related topics (for example, Hitler the "tramp").

Here is Heiden's description of the extermination of the Jews, written before the alleged fact, in 1939:

"To drive 600,000 people by robbery into hunger, by hunger into desperation, by desperation into wild outbreaks, and by such outbreaks into the waiting knife -- such is the cooly calculated plan. Mass murder is the goal, a massacre such as history has not seen -- certainly not since Tamerlane and Mithridates. We can only venture guesses as to the technical forms these mass executions are to take. In his book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler suggested that the people to be killed be kept 'under poisonous gas'; however, he speaks of a mere twelve to fifteen thousand. Doubtless the destructive instinct in the ruling class of the regime has grown in the meantime..."

Such is the chutzpa of the Jews.
Look at the way they treat people and you've got the key to world history. Look at Gaza. Look at Palestine.
They've never changed in 3,000 years.
Everything they do is turned into an accusation against other people, from "ruling the world" to Hoaxoco$ts Galore.
There is nothing new under the sun.
- C.P., 9 January 2012

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