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¡Viva Franco! ¡Arriba España!

"On 23 September 1998, the Belgian social security system took me to court and bankrupted me, making it impossible for me to work; two lawyers advised me to disappear." - C.P., Interview:

In which our protagonist eats the bitter bread of socialist-imposed exile in post-"fascist" Spain, which is weighed in the balance and found wanting.

SPAIN, 1965-66, 1998-2001

Under Franco, Spain was a free country, very hospitable, anybody could get 3 months residence just with the passport stamp, after 3 months you went back to the border and got another stamp, and another instant 3 months. If you wanted 9 months residence you just left your passport at the police station for 4 days, filled out a little form about half a page long, no proof of means, bank references, nothing. The whole country was full of people who'd been living there for years that way, you could teach in a language school, no contract, no taxes, nothing. On the other hand, if the cops took a dislike to you, they could show up at your house at any time and say “We want you on the next train out of the country within 24 hours, and don't come back”. No formality. Every foreigner was a guest, and could be asked to leave at any time. I knew somebody who got kicked out that way. Today, any nigger or Paki who gets a toehold in any EEC country can't be expelled because Spain is no longer an independent country.

Result: it is impossible for any foreigner to get a job in Spain, even if you have an EEC passport. Same thing with getting residence. Impossible. The whole country is full of Iranians, Chinese, Arabs, Africans, nobody even asks how the hell they stay there or how they live or where they live, because nobody ever has to say "no" to them; they don't even attempt to obey the law. I had banking references, everything, I paid a lawyer 500 dollars, he said “Impossible, you got to get a job offer”, I said “What if I’m Hemingway, I’m here to write a book?” They said, “You have to produce a contract from a Spanish publishing house agreeing to buy all the books you can write in a year”. So I sent out 115 business cards to language schools, they said “What nationality are you, British?” I said “American” (I thought they meant the accent, an American passport is no better than an EEC passport, neither one is worth a [expletive] without Spanish residence), they said “Can't use you”. They get fined 500,000 pesetas for hiring somebody without valid residence, it’s too much trouble.

One school said, “No problem”, went out there, big interview, next day, “Impossible, anyway, how can we offer you a job if you haven't got a tax number? How can we deduct all the Social Security and taxes? Tell me that one”. I said, “OK, offer me a job for next season”, they said, “Impossible, they never offer jobs for 3 months or 6 months later because we never know how many students we'll have”. It's all last minute, the first guy with residence gets the job. It's the same in all jobs.

Under Franco they paid almost no taxes, I knew a family of 16 people who lived off one small tobacco kiosk. All the medical students I knew were the sons of peasants. You could save your money and jump a class in one generation, from peasant to doctor, just with a small business. That would be totally impossible today. They had social security but paid almost nothing for it.Today it's an automatic 30,000 pesetas a month, half the rent on a decent apartment, if you pay that [expletive] you can't live, that's even if you don't earn anything, just to be allowed to work. Figure it out, 30,000 Social Security, 60,000 rent, and you may earn only 70,000 a month in a real job. Self-employed, you may earn nothing, you’ve still got to pay that [expletive].

Anyway they don't permit the immigration of self-employed people, no matter how much you earn, but they permit the immigration of millions of people who DON'T WORK. The illegal immigrants all know each other and live all crammed up and live by picking pockets, they're in every crowd. They sell the IDs to forgers, who change the picture and birth date and sell them back to the illegal immigrants. Tourism is the biggest industry, where the [expletive] do the tourists go to live? The landlords hear a foreign accent and since it's illegal to refuse to rent to a nigger when they hear a foreign accent they send you off to some fake address somewhere. Million questions: “Do you have a work contract, do you have a pay stub, do you have residence, etc. do you have bank references, bank guarantees”, etc. The immigrants very often don't pay their rent, so of course that's natural.

So to get a place to live I had to buy a fake ID card saying I was Spanish, learn to forge the signature on it, try to open a bank account with it, which means you need a fake address and phone number, which can't be traced to you but where the mail won't be returned ADDRESSEE UNKNOWN, best place is a friend, or a slum address full of junkies where all the mail gets lost, anyway, I took the card to the bank, they accepted the card as genuine but punched it into the computer and said “There are 3 other people with the same card, just a different birth date”. I said “How is that possible”? He said, “Sometimes the police issue a new card without checking to see whether the old card has expired, it might be a mistake, would you come back in 20 minutes?” I never went back. Just as well, because if they get suspicious later you lose the money in the account.

Anyway, even with that it's not enough, you need 2 friends who can pretend to be your landlord or employer, or if you're pretending to be a self-employed Spaniard, you need to get a Spanish tax return, buy a computer program, fill it out, then normally you take it to the bank and they stamp it “paid”, so this means you need a graphics program to take the stamp off some other document and print it on the tax return, you need 3 or 4 people helping you and a pile of forged documents this high, just to get a place to live!

The streets are full of whites panhandling and sleeping on the street, maybe they're Eastern Europeans, but NEVER Arab or black. NEVER. I saw only one black panhandler in a year and a half, he was Brazilian, not African. Same everywhere: if you even try to obey the law you can't live for an instant. I'm really not afraid of prison any more, I've got nothing more to lose. The only way to get a place to live is to go someplace where there's no work, only tourism half the year, and go out of season. Then they changed the law, they decided to "regularize" all the illegal immigrants, people who openly broke the law from the word go, I didn't feel like waiting in line for 8 hours behind 200 camel jockeys, I was so disgusted I didn’t even try.

The authorities were AMAZED at how many different countries they came from, 200 Pakis on one train, all headed for Catalunya. In Italy it's even worse: you see almost no children, young people don't get married, you can't find a place to live, but there are 2 million Africans, they “regularized” 360,000 more, but even that wasn't enough, because there were 60,000 left, plus more all the time, all the drug dealers were Arabs, the cops told them to leave the country and didn't even check up to see whether they left, nobody knew where they were. Every park, every grove of trees, is full of Arabs and Albanians sleeping out, like tramps. That's Italy.

You never see niggers sleeping on the street, and you almost never see them during the daytime, but you go to any railway station in northern Italy at about 8 or 10 o’clock at night and it looks like Rhodesia, they seem to travel constantly, but they don't work. People say all the Africans sell drugs and all the Arabs carry knives.

In Almería, Spain, there were big race riots because some Arabs raped and murdered a young girl who was about to get married, but the Spanish are too cowardly even to vote for a so-called "Right Wing" party of any description. One party got 12,000 votes in a national election, 12,000 all over Spain. But as recently as 1981 they got 200,000 people in the biggest demonstration in history, in Madrid, carrying signs saying "WE NEED ANOTHER FRANCO"; that was right before Tejero tried to overthrow the government.

Same thing in any European city. I asked my children about 10 years ago, “When was the last time you saw a poor-looking nigger?” They’ve all got posh suits, leather coats, cell phones, and they all drive posh cars. I don’t think I’ve been panhandled by a nigger in over 30 years, just that one Brazilian… They come over and get a thousand dollars worth of free clothes, every member of the family, so they choose all the most fashionable stuff, not the stuff they need, meals on wheels, everything for nothing.

The immigration controls are just to fool the public that the government is doing something and social security is what pushes many small businesses into bankruptcy. You're better off without anything at all. Even then, some gypsy kid in a slum, an illegal immigrant, got cancer, so there was a big scandal. "What! The illegal immigrants don't get free medical care?" (which isn't free for Spaniards, they pay through the nose for it), "What a scandal!", so now all the illegal immigrants have medical cards and get medical treatment without ever paying a penny! Most of them live in areas like the San Pao district, China Town, Barcelona, the red light district, one of the worst slums in Spain at one time, the legal residents there put up huge signs on the balconies protesting the lack of security, but nothing was done. You have to worry about pickpockets everywhere you go. I caught one and did my best to break his hand, if they get caught by the cops, they're happy, because they're given another 4 or 6 months time to stay in the country LEGALLY to show up for trial. The cops aren't allowed to do anything, nothing.

The government only exists to collect social security, which can easily amount to more than you earn, literally, this happened to me, year after year, same with VAT, payable in advance to the government even if you never get paid for the work. They never give it back even if you never get paid. Penalty for being 10 days late: 30%. You can easily pay more than you'll ever earn. This happened to me. Anybody who obeys the law is a fool. The law is an ass, so [expletive] the law in the ass. There's only one way to live, whatever the law is, just ignore it, you can't obey the law even if you try. 45,000,000 Americans are without medical insurance, life insurance, no credit, nothing, probably 10 million people don’t even file tax returns, just keep moving around, just keep moving. That’s the only way to live. The only reason people pay all that [expletive] is so they can get bank credit, but you’re better off without it, nothing. There’s only one way to live, and that’s to live just like a tramp or a criminal. Anything you can’t have by paying cash, without a lot of paperwork, do without it. I don’t believe in socialism. It just means more taxes. [expletive] it. I’ve got no credit. On the other hand I have no debt. If I paid all that [expletive] I’d be bankrupt in 3 months. If I can’t raise 10 cents to pay the phone bill, the phone gets cut off. [expletive] it.

Under socialism, if you work you're a slave. Worse than a slave. A slave gets everything he needs at the end of the day. He doesn't have to run to the bank to borrow money at 15 % to pay 22% VAT and 22 % Social Security on the value of the cotton he picked 3 years ago, which he'll never get paid for. After 20 years of successful translation work in Belgium, I had a 500,000 Belgian Franc overdraft which we could never have paid off. The interest on it was 15% = 75,000 Belgian Francs. Every year we paid off 75,000 BF, which was all we could afford, and every year they added 75,000 BF right back on!

Spain under Franco was a paradise for social mobility, so was Portugal, today that’s impossible because of high taxes and socialism… the Falange [70-year-old Spanish nationalist party], are oblivious to all of this, all they want to do is visit little old ladies in hospitals, etc. like a non-profit corporation. Same with all the other so-called racist groups, they’re afraid to offend people, so they end up with no members. A few goody-goodies. All the Spanish want to do today is watch TV and stay up until 4 in the morning going from one bar to another drinking, it’s called “la movida”. We’re not worthy of the ancestors we’ve had, none of us. If we had any decency we’d commit hara-kiri. No wonder the Arabs are taking over the world.

One of the things my pal in the Falange gave me when he quit was a Spanish flag stained with what looked like blood. I suggested having it dry-cleaned to remove the stain, he said, “No, don’t”, but he wouldn’t tell me what the stain was. That’s how disgusted he was, and he’d been in the Falange all his life. His father and mother were both Communists and beat him up for going to Falange activities (in the beginning, just to watch TV), so he ran away from home and joined the Spanish Foreign Legion…

This is confidential and I don’t know nothin’ about this, see. So keep it quiet. Sorry to sound like Huck Finn’s father, but that's the way I feel. And that's only the beginning...  

I'll tell you more about the Falange if you're interested, but it depresses me. They used to say "Spain is an identity of the spiritual in the universal". Does that make sense to you? That is typical fascist talk, gibberish. The National Socialists never talked that way. There's worse to come. I've seen the same things over and over, in every organization I've ever been involved with, the Falange was the last straw.

We went out putting up posters, everybody wanted one, we gave away as many as we put up. But the minute anybody mentioned immigration, the guy in charge said, “I'm married to a Dominican” (= half-caste nigger), “How can I be a racist?” So they all left in disgust. One guy told me “I'm a national revolutionary, Cuba for the Cubans”, etc. he was pro-Castro, pro-Mexicans at the Alamo, pro-Algerians against the French, in favour of all the left-wing movements, he thought China was National Socialist, which is perfectly crazy, so I said, "OK, then, Spain for the Spanish”. But he said, “Oh no, that's racist”!

Spain is packed out with nigger scum, 16,000 illegal immigrants a month in Catalunya alone, and they were obsessed with the problem of Catalan separatism. I said, “Look, that was 60 years today, your real problems today are immigration and the Common Market. What do you care if you lose Catalunya if you lose your independence to Brussels?” But no, they were in favour of the Common Market. One guy, same as above, admired Hitler for his social accomplishments but when I told him it was a lie about the gas chambers, he was absolutely terrified; I don't know what he was scared of. He'd never been outside of Spain, but he was in the Spanish Foreign Legion with one Senegalese who was a great guy, so niggers were wonderful, he kept saying “They bleed red”, I said “They bleed red because their blood contains oxygen, but it's not the same, you might as well say there's no difference between a human being and an ashtray because they're both composed of molecules”. Typical liberal left-wing liberal crap. If you need a blood transfusion, do they give you rat blood? Dog blood? They bleed red, too.  

In every organization I've seen, there's always some stick-in-the-mud goody-goody guy who doesn't want to be "racist" and who waters down the message so much that everybody quits in disgust. Hundreds of young people come in breathing fire and ready to fight, and quit in disgust after one visit. I've seen this in Klan groups, National Socialist groups, everything, because the guy at the top is making a living off it and doesn't want to rock the boat. It's cowardice and it's disgusting. They lost all their potential membership this way, and eventually all the old membership as well, everybody gets disillusioned. So all the members that are left are 65 years old and just sit around talking or playing dominoes, like in the Falange.  

For example, the Falange had a big get-together for nationalists from all over Spain, in Covadonga, far north, where the reconquista started: every year, ceremonies, marches, flags, uniforms, everything. Not one person would give me a ride. I had no way to get there. It's a remote village in the mountains. So I couldn't go. They didn't care two hoots that they had an enthusiastic new recruit who wanted to go with them; just indifference. I went to the headquarters that weekend and it was practically empty. Everybody else had gone. Another example: they didn't want me to wear their uniform for some reason; they didn't want me to wear it on the street, they didn't want me to wear it when I went out selling books with them, nothing. No real reason why, just excuses; indifference. I think they thought I would get in "trouble", and that would be more trouble for them. Just laziness. Apathy.

In Europe, with all their phony immigration controls, you have to be a member of an organized criminal gang just to make a living or find a place to live, while for real criminals or illegals it's no problem at all. The average person doesn't know how to live like a criminal. The Falange were oblivious to all that. If they want to run a museum, that's fine. The Spanish Foreign Legion, the Blue Division, the Francisco Franco Foundation, they have museums, but they don't pretend to be a political party.

…The Common Market is a monstrosity, it's a photocopy of Soviet Communism, absolutely terrifying, I've translated their crap, I know what they're up to. But the Falange don't seem to think it's important, because Spain is an “identity of the spiritual in the universal”.

[My interlocutor in this exchange was a Japanese-American]

... Japan and Germany were traditional enemies until 1940 or so, but I have never heard that Hitler or the National Socialists had anything against the Japanese on racial grounds or for any other reason, on the contrary all professional soldiers have always admired bushido and the samurai. How could they not?

Millán Astray, the founder of the Spanish Foreign Legion, a man with a first-rate military education, even wrote the introduction to a translation of a classic book on bushido, which he claimed to have translated from French...

¡Abajo la inteligencia! ¡Viva la Muerte!

[Note: in Spanish, "inteligencia" is a highly ambivalent term. It may mean "intelligence", the intelligent faculty -- which makes sense, because what "intelligent"person would charge a machine gun? Or it may mean the "intelligentsia", in the Orwellian sense, the "intellectual" classes, corrupted by Marxism.
In this sense, Unamuno had a point: he said: "Down with intelligence, no; down with bad intellectuals".|