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The Taming of Tailgunner Joe

Part II

By J. Bellinger

Bach explains:

"To combat VD, the "Public Health and Welfare Division of Military Government" has "revived" a 19 year old German statute which makes having social diseases legal. Now, Germans with untreated infections can be prosecuted as criminals,. and, if found guilty, imprisoned for at least three years (!), " the author proclaims with evident pleasure and pride.

Les Miserables! Note that only GERMAN women and girls were affected by the legal consequences of this military ordinance. Only German women and girls were indicted, convicted and imprisoned for up to three years for "violation" of this ordinance. The American seducers and procurers were not affected by this law.

So in effect, those who promoted, encouraged, and perpetrated this moral outrage, punished their victims, not only with infection, but with incarceration, where they would be further abused by their jailers!

Of course there were always those few girls who had, in a land where promises of a new age of morality finally revealed itself for the ugly hypocrisy it was, decided to play along with the Allies by collaborating with them. Those of this ilk received the well earned condemnation of their fellow countrymen. The author quotes from a poem which was plastered over walls throughout Heidelberg at the time:

You may call it whatever you want,
But the best is to keep quiet,
because What German woman and girls do
Makes a man weep, not laugh
One bar of chocolate only or one piece of gum
Gives her the name of German whore

How many soldiers gave their lives for those women!
(Who), in stead of thinking of their fallen men,
Now give their love to the enemy
But as times will change,
Some of those loves will also come to a brief end

Then no God, no confessing and no prayer
Can help, because the shame will last forever
We will give no pardon
Each one will have it burned on her forehead,
Their hair will be cut off
So that they may suffer penitence with their body
Like those pious women of old

Then these women may stand in line for German men.
But the German men will remain icy cold and hard
And will take a faithful girl, and no whore

When such women would desire a German husband,
She should go to hell
The devil does not even want such creatures and will
Throw them on the dung heap, thinking
"Dirt belongs with dirt."

Forty arrests were made in connection with the flier posted above, which had been put up throughout the city at night by boys as young as 12. The youngsters were, of course, "appropriately' punished.

In the few cases where women were shorn of their hair, offenders received up to 9 months in prison, while those who had shorn the hair of tens of thousands of women accused of "collaborating" with the Germans went unpunished.

Often these women were further humiliated by displaying them in open cages in the town squares, while the public was goaded on to shout insults and throw garbage, rotten fruit and vegetables in their faces.

Often, infants born from German fathers were simply killed outright. And many voices in the general public concurred with this abuse. According to Bach:

The position these people take is something like this: the only good German is a dead German. Starvation will kill off Germans. Therefore, let the Germans starve.

This view has perhaps never been more incisively expressed than a letter which appeared in the Paris edition of the New York Herald Tribune. The last paragraph said: It is funny that this same "pitying of the Germans" which resulted in another war has not taught Americans a lesson. What does it matter if twenty million Germans starve, whether their dangerous Hitler Youth is exterminated and replace by other European youth? As Clemenceau said: "Il y a 20 millions d'Allemands de trop." Let us say now: "Il y a 40 millions d'Allemands de trop"………[There are 40 million Germans too many] Ibid p. 97.

Starvation, in fact, became a policy and an increase in petty crime, born from desperation, became the natural consequence. To illustrate, Bach refers to a case where three youths , aged 19, 24, and 16 were arraigned before an allied court on charges of theft. They had been accused of stealing 50 cartons of Lucky Strike cigarettes and bars of Hershey chocolate from the PX.
(Cigarettes were a precious commodity on the "Black Market" and these items were mostly likely intended for trade, in exchange for consumables).
The allied inquisitor in this case sentenced two of the youths to one year in prison, and the 16 year old boy to 6 months in gaol as well.
Adding insult to injury, one of the starving youngsters was ordered to pay a $100.00 dollar fine, which most likely exceeded the value of the pilfered items. Ibid. pp. 141-142.

Such excessive sentences were hardly unusual, as the author of America's Germany notes.
Simple curfew violations drew sentences ranging from 5 to 90 days in jail, plus fines. Illegal possession of a pack of cigarettes could land a person in jail for 4 months! A charge of "attempted bribery" resulted in a sentence of 15 years! Falsifying information on the infamous "Fragebogen" resulted in 3 years imprisonment, and so on.

Virtually ALL books, records and periodicals published during the NS period were confiscated and destroyed and initially replaced with books by Jewish authors, apparently in belated retaliation of Goebbel's book burning fests.

American General Eisenhower issued his infamous "Public Law No. 8, after his peremptory dismissal of General Patton. He referred to his edict as "delousing."

The substance of this law provided for the abrupt dismissal of all former Nazi Party Members and 8 affiliated organizations: the SS, SA, Hitler Youth, German Student Bund, the Gestapo, etc, from any job or position of "influence. In effect, this meant that all those affected were reduced to manual labor of the meanest sort. As a result, hundreds of thousands of human beings were dispossessed of their homes, their jobs, their income—their very means of existence. German collaborators were appointed to implement the insidious plan.

What this author believes to be most shocking of all is the following, related by author Bach:

A Black List has also been drawn up for over 600 artists who are no longer permitted to engage in music, writing, radio, or theater. One of them is Walter Gieseking, the pianist. Another is Emil Jannings, the film star. The Black List virtually annihilates the German State Theater. The actors, directors, and musical conductors are not only blacklisted, but so are the chief carpenters, painters, dressmakers, electricians, and stage hands. The old Nuremberg Opera was practically liquidated, with 38 of its members barred from further appearances in theatrical enterprises……Many are on the "Bucket Brigades," cleaning up the bomb debris (Caused by the allies) from the sidewalks and streets……The clergy, both Protestant and catholic, on the other hand, have officially protested against Public Law No. 8, as being "all too inclusive" and "too harsh." Other Germans…presage "an American Reign of Terror…." Ibid, pp. 185-187.

Other notable names may be added to this list, such as Leni Riefenstahl and Zarah Leander, who was blacklisted in her native country of Sweden. Many of these unfortunate artists eventually committed suicide, such as Veit Harlan.

Books were zeroed in upon as special objects to be dealt with in typical inquisitorial fashion. According to Bach:

On the bookshelves of German homes and store, "something new has been added"—and much more has been taken away. Mein Kampf and every other Nazi book and pamphlet are verboten……bookstores may no longer sell them and libraries may no longer carry them. (!) Ibid, p. 225.

In fact, all books, pamphlets, magazines, plays, films, newspapers, periodicals, children's books, popular histories, novels, art books, musical recordings, and tracts were banned and vigorously hunted down throughout the length and breadth of the land for immediate destruction. The agency responsible for this purge was know by the acronym of ICD.

The only authors allowed for public reading were either those by Jewish authors or others on the proscribed list during the NS period. In other words, "anything you can do, we can do better."

The list authors blacklisted by the Allies included such names as: Oswald Spengler, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Count Gobineau, Treitschke, Knut Hamsun, the Nobel Prize winner, and dozens more.

All marching music was officially banned, as was "Die Wacht am Rhine," and in some locales, Richard Wagner and Strauss. These were replaced by Mendelsohn, Offenbach, Bernstein, and others deemed more suitable by the occupation authorities.

Finally, and perhaps even more ludicrous than all of the above, were the attempts made by the allies to "De-Germanize" Germany.

In the allies frantic attempt to "re-educate" the collective consciousness of the German people, their policies often bordered on the criminally absurd.

Initially, allied publications destined for the German consumer were limited to simply "proving the guilt of the German people" for the alleged Nazi terror.

Often, these publications, bordered on the preposterous. For instance, Bach offers us a sample of the illiterature offered to the Germans by the allies:

Humanism and Faith by Archibald MacLeish, Thomas Jefferson's Political Philosophy by Carl Becker, the "Rebirth of the Tennessee Valley (!), by TVA director Lilenthal.

Magazines and periodicals featured such "instructional' articles as:

"The Crimea Conference", "Six Years of World War", "Men in the hell of Concentration Camps", "Convoys to Murmansk", "The Domination of the Netherlands by the Germans", "Aircraft Carriers in the Pacific," and "Community Work in the Tennessee valley Authority!!!"

Is it possible to imagine a list of titles more insipid than these, not to mention being totally insulting to the German intellect. Bach quotes a few most pertinent comments from a German observer, which was printed in "Heute":

"A paper published by foreigners which addresses the Germans and tells "them" what to do and what not to do will be bought only as long as there are no other publications in which "we" did wrong and what "we" should do to find the right way."

Regardless of these thoughtfully considerations, the allies responded and persisted in their folly by offering Germans such idiotic fare as the periodical "Transformation," whose first issue contained the "full test of the Potsdam Declaration, the diary of a German writer's trip through Germany, a study of Nazi "racial" fallacies, a translation of T.S. Eliot's poem East Coker, and an essay on poetry. Later issues (discussed) democracy and (included) selections from Thomas Jefferson and a discussion of German war guilt. Ibid, p. 229. Appropriate German collaborators were found to author these articles.

Without doubt the most foolish of all the Allied attempts to "re-educate" Germans was through their manipulation of the cinema. In 1946 Germany still contained 210 cinema houses which were open to the public, but whose marquees were directed by the allies. Here is a sampling of what the Allies offered the Germans as "wholesome entertainment":

"Der Junge Tom Edison, starring Spencer Tracy, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," :The Gold Rush", starring Charles Chaplain." Even Bach, whose book supports the obscenity referred to as "De-Nazification" by the allies, writes:

The choice of films is based on the policy of "showing the Germans the way we live, telling them a bit about our background and customs and showing them our non-military way of life. This naturally excludes gangster films. (!)
The documentary films accurately reflect the type of picture that ICD believes is most likely to impress the Germans with the values and virtues of a democratic life: Steel Town, The Cowboy, Toscanini, The Jeep, Democracy in Action…..

A half hour film on concentration camps is also being shown to civilians…..

Newsreels are selected for their "ideological' content. One typical newsreel showed the destruction of French industry, the hunger of the Dutch, the problems of the Belgian railroads." Ibid, pp. 229-230.
(As if the Germans in 1945 did not have enough of these horrors all around them!)……

In one typical case of Allied lying, on 19th October1948, EVERY adult German in Cassel was compelled to watch an allied propaganda film, designed to pollute their minds with remorse, guilt and shame at the "horror" of Buchenwald. The film which showed pyres of corpses being burnt, was actually film taken after the Allied bombing of Dresden.
(Catholic Herald, October 29th 1948)

Even Bach admits:
Evidence is accumulating that our movie policy is in need of revision, and that some of the movies we show do more harm than good. In certain cases we have shown Germans films that no self-respecting audience in any country could reasonably be expected to sit through. For example, Action in the North Atlantic, starring Humphrey Bogart, was shown in Bremen and precipitated a near riot. When the sequence, which shows a German U-boat crew machine gunning survivors of a torpedoed merchantman, was flashed on the screen, former members of the German Navy stamped out of the theatre, trying, sometimes with force, to take other spectators with them. Several women stalked out of their own accord……
The only relevant factor is that the veterans of any defeated nation cannot be expected to sit willingly through a fictional film, made in an enemy country, in which they are depicted as ruthless murderers.
(Perhaps some enterprising reader will pass this advice along to Steven Spielberg).
Had Germany conquered America, no member of an American audience, least of all U.S. Navy veterans, would sit through a German film which showed American submarine crews committing atrocities. To try and ram such film fare down German throats is like trying to serve castor oil for dessert and expect the guests to enjoy….There is a point at which people revolt psychologically at attempts by outsiders to classify them as criminals.
Recently Look Magazine suggested that permanent monuments be place on the main thoroughfares of German cities, portraying German crimes and thus reminding the local citizenry of their "offenses against humanity." (italics mine)……
The first movies shown in Munich included a newsreel which featured the execution of six (alleged-jb) German spies by an American firing squad. One hundred people walked out……
human psychology has not advanced to the point in Germany - any more than in America-where people will watch their fellow countrymen being shot to death for entertainment. Ibid, p. 229-233.

Curiously, the names of the ICD enforcers were never mentioned.

Seen within the context of the Allied Occupation of Germany, the so-called "McCarthy "witch-hunts" convey every appearance of a poorly calculated, yet universally disseminated fraud , and the blatant hypocrisy of those people who promoted it becomes laughable to the point of actual embarrassment.