Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part III - The Story of Abie, Ikie, and Jakie

Once upon a time there (supposedly) lived three Yids. Their names were Abie, Ikie and Jakie, and they were father, son and grandson,  respectively, but it cannot be said, respectfully. They were swarthy yellow Asiatics, and in their Gypsy-like travels they roamed in the areas of  Mesopotamia, Egypt and that pesthole in the desert that has been in perpetual turmoil since Ancient Times. It was called Palestine.

These three Yids were strictly from hunger and abhorred doing an honest day's work. So they specialized in becoming con men and swindlers.  For this they had an inborn proclivity and soon became experts in their field. Over the years they also became the most celebrated and  notorious liars and swindlers in history.

Their special gimmick that really propelled them into the BIG TIME was to invent themselves a tribal god, for whom they had a number of  names. At one time or another it was Yahweh, Jahweh, Jehovah, Immanuel, Emmanuel, and a whole passel of other Jewish names.

Now, they claimed this tribal god considered their nefarious antics as something sacred and beyond reproach, and had edified them and their  descendants as a very special people. They further claimed that because they had this special privilege they now also had a license to indulge  in any kind of criminal activity they pleased. So they soon became experts in pimping, thieving, whoremongering and in murder. They also  developed an infamous reputation for being the world's most prolific liars. They skillfully plied their trades on Gen tiles, whom they termed as  "goy", their derogatory term for cattle. They were, it must be said, notoriously successful.

Abie and Ikie got their start in a remarkably similar way. When they got hungry they peddled their wives as prostitutes to a rich king or Pharaoh.  By the time they got through confusing their victim with the proclaimed powers of their tribal god and blackmailing them with the dire  consequences their tribal god would wreak on them, they usually walked off with loads of gold, silver, oxen, and asses.

Strangely, old Abie's wife Sarah was barren, but somehow they managed to come up with Ikie when he was ninety-nine and she was ninety.  They attributed it to the miracles their tribal god could perform. But then they used the same ruse for every other fantastic lie they conjured, so  who knows?

Anyway, the favorite target of both Abie and Ikie was this same King Abimelech who must have lived a long time. He evidently didn't learn  much over all those years, because Abie peddled Sarah as prostitute when Abie was seventy-five and she was an old hag of sixty-six. (These  Semites get to be pretty haggy out there in the desert by the age of sixty-six.) It is extremely hard to understand why an affluent King such as  Abimelech would fall for an old Jewish prostitute of that age when he undoubtedly had a choice of dozens of young beauties in his own realm.  Be that as it may (and we must remember these Yids were notorious liars) it is even more strange that this same King some sixty years later  felt for the same gimmick again when Ikie came around and peddled his wife, Rebekah, off on him. As had his father, Abie, so Ikie too walked  off with a ton of loot. This he soon squandered, because in the third generation, Jakie was again hurting, strictly from hunger.

However, their miracle worker Yahweh produced another one of his slight of hands for his pet conniving Yids. Jakie had twelve sons by two  wives, and one of these sons was called Joe.

Joe was an astute hustler in his own right after his brothers sold him into slavery. (These Yids would do anything for a little loot. Such a deal!)  He managed to lie himself into the confidence of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Soon he had the Pharaoh so bamboozled he didn't know which end  was up and Joe was soon running the Kingdom.

This opened the door wide to all the other Yids and their kidlings and they soon multiplied, overran the kingdom and looted it dry. All with the  blessing of their own private Yahweh, of course

This fairytale goes on and on, and ends happily for the Yids but not the rest of the world. As told in the Yiddish Old Testament the descendants  of these original con men multiplied until they numbered as many as sands on the ocean beach, or at least so their private Yahweh promised  they would. (Most of his promises weren't worth the paper they were written on.) Anyway, this robber band of Yids soon overran Egypt and  were shortly in control of all the food in the land, as well as other goodies. They got so obnoxious the Egyptians finally ran them out. (The Yids  claimed they left on their own free will, under the leadership of their hero by the name of Moses.)

After wandering in the desert for forty years and being fed intermittently by their private Yahweh with manna from heaven, the unruly band of  cutthroats invaded the lands of the Canaanites, and the Philistines. These Canaanites and Philistines had been doing real well in their  vineyards and the invading pirates looked upon their properties as a land of milk and honey. Since their Yahweh had promised the Yids that the  world was their oyster and that any other peoples' properties were theirs for the taking, the Yids after much conniving and treachery and an  occasional boost from their Yahweh finally managed to steal these lands.

We will now skip the next three thousand years in this fairytale and come to the happy ending I promised earlier. These crafty Yids, spread all  over the world, and over the centuries they developed their skills in lying, deceit, piracy and thievery to a fine edge. As a result of their cunning  and treachery, their cohesiveness and racial loyalty, the world now is indeed their oyster.

There is one other aspect of this deceitful story the Jews have concocted about themselves that needs to be brought out at this point. The  historical fact is that 90 to 95 percent of all the Jews who roam the world today are not descendants of any Palestinian Hebrews, but are the  descendants of a fierce swarthy tribe known as Khazars, inhabitants of a small kingdom that some twelve centuries ago existed in the area  between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea in present day Russia.

In the year 800 C.E., or thereabouts, the then ruling King decided it was incumbent upon him to make up his mind and choose a religion for his  subjects. He had Christian missionaries brought in, also Jewish rabbis, and even Mohammedan representatives. He patiently listened to the  sales pitch of each, and finally decided Judaism was his best choice. He and his emissaries then promoted it to the lower peasants with a gusto, and history can vouch for their success.

These Khazars were a swarthy rebellious tribe of Mongol stock. They were later conquered by the Russians, much to the latter's misfortune. As  they spread westward into the rest of Russia, Poland, the Ukraine and Europe as a whole, they became the money bags, the traders and  manipulators, not only of business, but governments as well. There was continual subversive warfare between the Jews on the one hand and  the Russian Czars and their government on the other. This was brought to a climax in 1917 when the Jews turned Russia upside down, shot  the Czar, and clamped the Russian people into ironclad slavery under Jewish Communism.

So when the Zionist Jews profess that they have a religious claim to Palestine, they are, as usual, lying through their teeth. Ninety to ninety-five  percent of their ancestors are Khazars and never set foot in Palestine. (See again RAHOWA! at the beginning of this book.)

The Jews now manipulate and control practically all the governments of the world, and its tax-paying slaves as well. They also own most of the  gold, silver, real estates and Federal Reserve notes (lOU's) as well. How lucky can you get? And It all started with the fiction of Abie, Ikie and  Jakie and their private tribal god named Yahweh. Such is the power of a RACIAL RELIGION.

Does the above sound like a ridiculous fairytale to you? Well, it sounds like a pretty stupid story to me, and all but the happy en- ding (for the  Yids) is probably pure fiction. It is extremely doubtful there ever was an Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, and authentic history has no record of such.  The strangest part of the whole story is that the hundreds of millions of Christians, past and present, believe the fictional part of the story about  Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their shenanigans with the double-dealing Yahweh, but can't for the life of them see the tyrannical control the  Jews exercise over the world.

Since I have already explored and documented the latter premise repeatedly and exhaustively, it is not my intention to review that aspect here.  Instead, I will go straight to the source and briefly review the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as set forth in the Old Testament, which  constitutes approximately 73 percent of the (Jewish) Christian Bible.

The story of the Israelites begins quite early in the Old Testament. After devoting only ten pages to the creation of the universe, to the story of  Noah and the Great Flood, to the Tower of Babel and the confusion of languages, it then gets down to business in Chapter II of Genesis and  gives a genealogy of Noah's descendants (a concocted melange, of no historical value). In Genesis 1 1 :27 it comes up with the claim that  "Terah begot Abram, Nohor and Haran." It then goes on and says in Verse 29 and 30 that "Abram and Nahor took them wives: the name of  Abram's wife was Sarai; but Sarai was barren..." So now we have laid the foundation for the progenitors of a people that was to be "as  numerous as the stars in the sky". But no problem. With a little hocus-pocus Yahweh can do anything, as we shall see in the next chapter of  this thriller.

In Genesis 1 2 the Lord really dishes it out, gratis, blank check, no limits. He tells Abram to get out of this country he is in and away from his  father's house, because, man, oh man! have I got goodies in store for you. "And I will make thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make  thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: ..." How blessed can you get! And all this from his private tribal god of whom Abe at this time  knew absolutely nothing. He had just run in- to him, and he wasn't going to turn down any favors or ask too many questions. It was just an  everyday occurrence. Doesn't everybody run into a Superspook who has magnanimous goodies to offer?

But the Superspook wasn't through with Abie yet. There is more much more. In Genesis 12:3 it says "And I will bless them that bless thee and  curse them that curse thee: and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed."

Wow! That is quite a mouthful, especially coming from a Superspook who has unlimited clout. How lucky can you get?

What had Abram done to deserve all this good fortune? Well, here he was seventy-five years old, and we know absolutely nothing about his  past except that he had a daddy by the name of Terah, brothers by the names of Nahor and Haran, and a wife by the name of Sarai, who was  also his half-sister. Does that qualify him at the age of seventy-five to be picked from the multitude of millions and be showered with a profusion  of blessings? Hardly.

Considering that we know nothing of his past but plenty about his next hundred years (according to this crazy story) we can presume that he  indulged in the same activities in the first seventy-five years as he did in the last hundred.

And what did flood old lucky Abie indulge in after he inadvertently ran into this super-generous, super-accommodating Superspook at the age  of seventy-five years?

Well, since the next nine hundred pages of the Old Testament are concerned with the shenanigans of good old Abie and his multitudinous  progeny, we have plenty of material to work with.

At the age of seventy-five and after the magnanimous promises the Lord had gratuitously given him, it says that "Abram took Sarai, his wife  and Lot, his brother's son ... and went forth into the land of Canaan." After building a couple of altars to the Lord on the way (the Lord just loved  the savor of burning flesh!) Abram kept pressing south. "And there was a famine in the land (Genesis 13:10) and Abram went down into Egypt  to sojourn there."

So here he and his cabal were finally in Egypt, strictly from hunger. What to do?

Being a resourceful pimp he decided his wife was fair game and he successfully peddled her to the Pharaoh, it says. (Can you believe a sixty-  six year old Jewish hag?) Having at first pawned her off as his sister, he then used blackmail and apprises the Pharaoh that, hey! you have  been messing around with my wife, and I have a spook out there that will make mincemeat out of you if you don't pay me off and let us go.

It was no idle threat. It says in Genesis 12:17 "And the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's wife."

Such a deal! Abram pimps his own wife and sells her to the Pharaoh and the Superspook doesn't even admonish him for it. In- stead he drops  a plethora of plagues on the Pharaoh, poor deluded victim that he was. Anyway, it scared the hell out of the Pharaoh, and the ruse worked  beautifully. (Abe had good scriptwriters). The Pharaoh sent Abie and Lot and Sarai and their whole kit and caboodle on their way, but not  without first rewarding all of them, including Lot, with a slew of goodies. Would any Pharaoh in his right mind ever do a stupid thing like that?  (As I said, Abie had good scriptwriters.)

Anyway, they left, and in Genesis 1 3:2 it says "And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold." After getting into a fight with Lot about  dividing the loot, they parted company and Abe went back to the land of Canaan, Lot to the land of Jordan.

Let us just stop the scenario right here and again ask the obvious questions: Just what kind of a man was Abie, and what had he been doing in  his first seventy-five years before the Superspook singled him out and went berserk over him?

Well, it can reasonably be presumed that he had been doing the same thing before as he continued to do in the next one hundred years,  namely pimping, whoremongering, pirating, stealing, lying and cheating, even committing murder, as we can see if we care to continue his  story further, which I do not.

Yet for some crazy reason, according to this stupid Jewish yarn, the Lord God picked this degenerate, scurrilous scoundrel out of millions and  promised to shower him with untold blessings. Does that sound reasonable or does it sound insane? It sounds pretty in- sane to me, and it  doesn't say very much for the integrity of the Lord, nor much for his sanity either.

If we follow the droll inanities of his offspring Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Judah and all the rest of that Jewish passel, we find more of the same, as  the Jews are carrying on today on a grand scale. Why not? They wrote the book and it has served them well.

Since I have already capsulized the shenanigans of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, as well as the other stalwart heroes of the Jewish cabal in Nature's  Eternal Religion, I need not repeat them here. Let me just say I find them extremely disgusting and repugnant. (See Nature's Eternal Religion  "The Old Testament" P. 106.)


Whereas the antics of these Yiddish progenitors are disgusting, despicable and repugnant, there are two aspects that are extremely strange  about this concocted story.

1 . The first is, why would the Jews concoct a fictitious story about their ancestry and then depict such obviously sleazy characters as their role  models?

2. Even more strange is the fact that hundreds of millions of White men and women who call themselves Christians should first of all believe  these stupid and degenerate stories; and then secondly, seemingly break their necks to want to have these unsavory criminals as the heroes of  their religion, even to the point of where they will claim that these despicable bastards are the Lord's chosen and are their own forefathers.

Are there some people really that crazy? Yes, there are. There are hundreds of millions of them. As I have said before, Christianity is MASS  INSANITY. Once you accept the claim "the Lord wrote it", well, that is the trap door that will lead to any aberration, no matter how insane.  Going even further we have such White people as the British Israelites, and the Identity crowd who will chuck their brains overboard and  vociferously proclaim that we White Europeans are the descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Frankly, I would much prefer to have an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned horse thief as one of my ancestors than these degenerate Jewish  bastards. (See "Identity" and "British Israelism", Issue No. 32 in this book.)

We Creators have a great and powerful job to perform, and the first step, as I have said innumerable times before, is to straighten  out the White Man's thinking. Once we have done that much, the rest will be relatively easy.

Let us bend our energies to that noble and sublime task.

Promoting the idea that the White Race is the seed of pimps, murderers and whoremongers like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not only an insult  to any man's intelligence, but also a direct insult to the White Man's genealogy.

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part III - The Story of Abie, Ikie, and Jakie

Chapter 18