Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part IV - The Story of Easter, The Passover, and the Parting of the Red Sea

In this analysis we are going to review three different Bible stories, which, although separate, are inextricably interwoven in one common  Jewish theme. The commonality of that theme is terrorism.

Every year the Gentile Christians celebrate the mythical story that three days after being crucified, Christ arose from the dead, walked out of  his tomb, and after some further hocus-pocus zoomed upwards back into heaven from whence he had presumably come. At about the same  time of the year, the Jews, not to be outdone in a major Christian holiday, also have to have a "holy" religious affair to demonstrate that they,  too, have something comparable going at Easter time, just as at Christmas time they trot out their Hanukkah, a fairly recent innovation. This is  to seemingly demonstrate to the world that Judaism and Christianity run parallel, only with a slightly different twist. After all, we are all part of  the same Judeo Christian ethic, are we not? And the Jews and the Christians are coming closer and closer together, are they not?

Last Easter various articles appeared in the religious sections of our Jew owned newspapers, trying to equate Easter and the Passover as  seasonal religious holidays that have, oh, so much in common. Since the meaning of these two events are really poles apart, nevertheless, the  Jewish scribblers without too much trouble can equalize them, more or less, as they can equalize the niggers and the White Race. Here is how  one story ran in The Atlanta Constitution on Good Friday, April 1 (April Fool's Day) of 1988. it was headed "Christians, Jews observe solemn  days." The story then starts out with a number of contortions of fictitious history, reflecting back on events that never happened, interrelating  the similarity and common origins of the Christian and Jewish religions.

"In Rome, Jerusalem and around the world, Christians and Jews gather today to celebrate one of the most important holidays of their separate  ecclesiastical years. "

"For Christians, Good Friday observes the day Jesus Christ died on the Cross. For Jews, Friday is the first night of Passover, a time to  celebrate one of the most momentous events in Jewish history, the Exodus."

After much further verbiage about the Christians' Easter, the story then goes on to say "Among Jews Passover is a week-long holiday marking  the Exodus of Jews from Egypt about 3400 years ago. The story, told in Chapter 12 of Exodus, is retold at a Seder, or ritual dinner, traditionally  held on the first night of the Passover. At the climax of the dinner, the Jews recite the phrase: "Next year in Jerusalem."

It all sounds very chummy on the surface, and the Jews and the Gentile Christians seem to have, oh, so much in common. Why, didn't the  Jews give the Christians their God, Jehovah, and in fact, their very religion, Christianity itself? We dumb Gentile goyim should be eternally  grateful to the Jews for this magnanimous gift, and we should be indebted to them forever and a day. (We are! We are! Ask the Federal  Reserve.) So, having received so much from the Jews, we owe it to them to subsidize these parasites wherever they live, and especially the  state of Israel. After all, they are God's Chosen and God promised Israel to the Jews, didn't he? in fact, didn't he promise the Jews that  everything the Gentiles owned was theirs to take? Isn't that what the Holy Scriptures say?

That is the Jewish point of view, and we goyim have this version drummed into us daily. In the news media, on TV, in the movies, and yes,  from the pulpits of the Christian churches. Now let us look at it from the White Man's point of view, as we Creators specifically insist we do on  all matters, and we clearly spell it out in Creative Credo No. 2 of the White Man's Bible. Let us also look at the three stories of Easter, the  Passover and the Exodus from the viewpoint of reality, authentic history, and with a modicum of common sense.

When we do, the first overwhelming fact to confront us is that there is not a shred of historical evidence that any of these "momentous" events  ever happened. It all originates from the pens of Jewish scribblers concocting a fictitious history for themselves and a slave-mentality religion  designed for the destruction of the goyim.

Starting with Easter, that Holy of Holy days for the Christians, when Christ supposedly rose from the dead and catapulted back into heaven to  be with his "father", we find this story not only unsubstantiated by any historical records and facts, but we find so many contradictions and  absurdities in the story itself that even a six year old would have to wonder about the sanity of the story teller. Here are a few of the absurdities.

1 . If he (Christ) was in heaven before he came to earth ("He always was," the Jewish book says) then doesn't that make a mockery out of the  story of him emerging from Mary's womb? Of Joseph becoming his father and tracing his ancestry back to the "seed of David"? You can't have  it both ways.

2. Supposedly, he (Christ) was sent "down to earth" to save us poor sinners from hell. In order to do so, God (the father) sent his "only  begotten son" down to earth (ugh! what a let down!) and had to have him humiliated, tortured and nailed to the cross in order to achieve this  objective (saving us sinners.) Was all this hocus-pocus really necessary? if so, didn't he (Christ) go through a sort of pre-written movie script in  which he played a part already decided in advance? So why blame his crucifiers? Weren't they, too, merely playing their part as scripted by the  Almighty? Again, I repeat, was all this nonsense really necessary in order to save us sinners?

3. Since the Father and Son (who are really one, along with the Holy Ghost) thought it was necessary to put on this farce, this super drama,  this "Passion Play" that is now being reenacted in several parts of the world, the question we raise is this: Why didn't the gimmick work? With  supposedly the best brains in the universe to plan the spectacle, with two thousand years of hoopla and super promotion, why was it all a  miserable failure? Why, after all this time are there more sinners running loose than ever? Why are 99 percent of the people alive today  doomed to go to hell? Why are the enemies of Christ, the Jews, really in control of the world? Did the Father and Son scheme fall flat on its  face? Was it a major boo-boo? Didn't they know what in the hell they were doing? What about that, you Christian preachers?

4. Examining further the ongoing project of saving all of us miserable sinners, which has become such a major but lucrative racket for such con-  artists as Jimmy and Tammy Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and a number of electronic evangelists, if the Lord (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) really wanted to save us from the fiery torture of hell, why did he (they) construct that goddamned, miserable booby-trap in the first place? Obviously,  they wanted to put is in there by the millions and see us fry, squirm and sizzle. Obviously, they must be cruel sadists of the most major  magnitude. Why then this pious scam, this phony hypocrisy of wanting to save us from a hell they deliberately constructed? Can you think of  any terrorism more horrible than hell? (Read "Hell", Creative Credo No. 49 of the White Man's Bible.)

5. Furthermore, if the devil is the root of all evil in the world today, (as well as the past and the future) why did "the Lord" (he, they) create the  devil in the first place? Or, having made this terrible boo-boo, why, instead of nailing his son to the cross, didn't he go after the real culprit and  kill the devil? If he can kill his son, surely, he has the power to kill the devil, the real culprit. Why didn't he do it two thousand years ago? Why  doesn't he do it today? What is your answer, preacher?

6. The most logical answer to anyone who still has control of their sanity is that all these claims about the crucifixion, the rising from the tomb,  the "ascension" back into heaven and all the other peripheral hocus-pocus, does not have the slightest bearing on reality, nor on the real world  that has existed for billions of years. On the contrary, they are nothing more and nothing less than the fictitious concoctions of lying, Jewish  scribblers now long dead, their scribblings being endlessly recycled by gullible and superstitious goyim, much to the latter's own detriment.

We now come to the Jewish Passover as described in Exodus, and we now have a story that illuminates another facet of the Jewish mentality  and the Jewish God, which is neither very pious, nor even humane. In fact, it is racist, brutal, and sadistic, completely prejudiced against our  people, the White Egyptians and their poor innocent babies, who were its real victims, according to this weird, wild and stupid story. Talk about  terrorism supposedly perpetrated by Yasser Arafat and the PLO, it is child's play compared to the terrorism, horror, misery, destruction,  devastation, death and torture heaped upon the Egyptians by that sadistic super-spook the Jews claimed as their tribal God.

if we try to unravel the wild and scrambled story as told in Exodus, we find something like the following: Moses, a Jewish baby who is set adrift  in the river, is picked up in the bullrushes by an Egyptian princess, the Pharaoh's daughter, who raises him. As an adult he murders an  Egyptian guard who he believes has been abusing the Jews, to whom he finds kinship. Afraid for his life, he flees to the Midlans, where he  meets up with a fellow by the name of Reuel, who is a sheepherder and who happens to have seven daughters. Moses marries one of his  daughters, name of Zipporah. (In the next chapter, however, it says Jethro is his father-in-law, but then the whole damn story is extremely  contradictory and confusing.)

Anyway, he takes over Jethro's flock of sheep, and one day as he is tending his flock, he is scared spitless by the sight of a burning bush that  talks to him, and no wonder. The burning bush says it is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Like the Jewish super-spook that made all  kinds of lavish and gratuitous promises to these ancestral Kikes, so now this murderer on the run, Moses, is picked to become the next great  hero of the Jews and do great things, so the burning bush says, or so the stupid story goes.

Meanwhile, back in Egypt things are rough and going badly for the Jews. These Nazi Egyptians are making these poor kikes do honest manual  labor, such as making bricks, and the kikes don't like it one bit.

The voice in the burning bush apprises Moses of this situation and tells him of his detailed plan to have Moses, and incidentally, his brother  Aaron, do great things for his shifty people, who, it is emphasized again and again, are the Lord's little darlings, come hell or high water. The  script is all completed and written by the superspook himself. It calls for Moses to now be the great leader and hero, for him to be sent back to  Egypt to play the title role in the historic epic of leading his people out of bondage and out of the land of Egypt.

Nervous, but encouraged and goaded on by Jehovah, Moses goes back to Egypt to play his part, after the superspook has taught him a few  magic tricks to employ in impressing the Pharaoh. One of them is to turn his staff and rod into a serpent and back to a rod again. Another trick  was to put his hand in his bosom and when he took it out it was "leprous as snow" When he put it back into his bosom and took it out again,  why. Presto! it was as good as new. Another trick was to take water out of the river and turn it into blood. This little trick the Lord assured him  would come in real handy in dealing with the Pharaoh. But relax, the super-spook told him, when the time came he would tell him exactly what  to say, what to do, and furthermore, he had a whole bag of additional tricks he could spring on the Pharaoh and those nasty Egyptians.

So equipped, Moses did as he was psyched to do. He went to Egypt to confront the Pharaoh and do his thing. There is much further hocus-  pocus we would rather skip, but in essence, the first confrontation was between Moses with his bag of tricks competing with the Pharaoh and  his magicians with their repertoire of magic hocus-pocus. Of course, with the super-spook (and Jewish script-writers) to back him up, Moses  won the competition hands down, and his serpents (or staff) ate the Egyptians' serpents (or staff.)

But this was only the preliminary. The story keeps repeating again and again that as Moses kept pressing the Pharaoh "to let my people go" (a  famous Jewish line ever since) the Lord kept hardening the Pharaoh's heart and he was exceedingly stubborn. This gave the super-spook  endless pretexts to torture, kill, murder and devastate the people of Egypt, and their cattle, their land, their children, their crops and everything  else that they might own. Here are some of the droll scenarios that the Jewish scriptwriters come up with next.

After the preliminary bit about the rods and the serpents, Moses and his spooky sponsor really get down to the hard business of inflicting  plagues and pestilences on the hapless Egyptians.

1 . Moses (and/or the spook) turn the water - all the lakes, rivers, ponds, wells, etc., into blood. The fish all die and there is a big stink across the  land, naturally.

This didn't move the Pharaoh, since the Lord again hardened his heart. (If the Lord really wanted to get his pet parasites out of there, why in  the hell did he repeatedly keep hardening the Pharaoh's heart? After all, he was completely in control and could just as easily have changed  the script and softened it on the first go- round, and solved the problem, couldn't he?)

2. The next power play to convince the Pharaoh was (so the stupid story goes) for Moses (and/or the Super-Spook) to smite the land with frogs  - frogs - frogs - all over the place, in the rivers, in the houses, in the bed chambers, even into the ovens and in the bread. They gathered all  these damned frogs (as they died) into great big heaps and they too stank to high heaven. What a stinking mess!

But the Pharaoh was still obstinate and wouldn't comply, because the Lord again hardened his heart.

3. The Mexican stand-off continues. So the S.S. (super-spook) trots out his next plague. Every particle of dust is turned into a louse, and the  land, having endured bloody rivers with its dead fish, mounds of stinking dead frogs, is now suddenly thick with layers of lice. (Every dust  particle is now a louse - how do you like that for a lousy story?)

But the Pharaoh was still obdurate. (How could he be anything else, since the Lord repeatedly continued to harden his heart?)

4. Moses and the S.S. go into their next nasty routine. The country is next flooded with swarms of flies, the houses were full of flies and the  ground is covered with them.

Evidently the Jewish S.S. was having fun. In fact, a field day, torturing the hell out of the Egyptians (evidently the Jews were all segregated in  the Land of Goshen, and strangely, there were no flies, lice or frogs there to stink up the place, only Jews). The S.S. said all this would teach  the Egyptians a lesson and would go a long ways toward convincing the Yids that "I am the Lord."

Anyway, the result remained the same - no go - the Lord hardened the Pharaoh's heart and it gave the S.S. a further pretext for his next act of  terrorism and torture.

5. Having set up his pretext to do so, the S.S. pulled out his next gambit from out of his bag of nasty tricks - he was never at a loss when it  came to torturing the White Egyptians. He quickly got rid of the flies, and it says there was not a one left, a neat little trick, only to make way for  his next plot to wreak misery and devastation on the Yids' enemies. His next bright idea? Inflict a plague and pestilence on all the animals in  the land. (What in the hell did the poor cattle have to do with all this to have such injustice heaped upon them?) Anyway, it says in Chapter 9  that the Lord inflicted "a grievous murrain" (pestilence) upon the cattle, the horses, the asses, the camels, the oxen (aren't they cattle also?)  and the sheep, and "all the cattle of Egypt died: but of the cattle of the children of Israel died not one." Goddamned fascist, not to mention  being awfully mean to animals.

6. Same story - no go -the Pharaoh's heart was still hardened, by direction of the S.S. So opening for the next meanie -the S.S. told Moses  and his buddy Aaron to take a handful of ashes out of the furnace and let Moses sprinkle it towards heaven in the sight of the Pharaoh. This  our faithful hero did, and lo and behold? You would never guess! Boils broke out simultaneously and suddenly on the skin of all the Egyptians,  including the Pharaoh himself and his magicians. But that is not all! The boils also broke out on all the cattle as well! (Poor cattle! They had  already been killed by pestilence in the previous episode, and now they all came down with boils as well.)

7. The Lord wasn't through yet. His sadistic little mind was having too much fun and he kept hardening the Pharaoh's heart. Which led the Lord  to his next ingenious act of terrorism. He instructed Moses to "stretch forth thine hand towards heaven that there be hail in all the land of  Egypt." No sooner said than done and hall, "very grievous, smote throughout all the land of Egypt, all that was in the field both man and beast",  (I thought the beasties were all dead by now), "and smote every herb, brake and tree." Not much left in Egypt after that. But again, the Yids  were spared, of course. Of course.

8. The next nasty episode our sadistic Yiddish S.S. dreamed up was to send a devastating swarm of locusts over the land of Egypt, such as  had never been seen before or since. "They covered the face of the whole earth," it says (Ex. 10:15) "so that the land was darkened". They ate  up all the crops that were left (after the devastating hail, fire and pestilence there wasn't anything left, really, if we should believe this wild  story). Well, that didn't seem to convince the Pharaoh either (with that damn S.S. again hardening his heart). Having failed with the locusts,  Moses and/or the S.S. quickly got rid of them to the last insect by blowing up a strong west wind and dumping them all into the Red Sea.  Another neat trick. So we go on to the next nasty affliction.

9. Evidently these Jewish scriptwriters had no problems dreaming up mean and miserable scenarios they would like to dump on their enemies.  The next plague consisted of three days of total darkness. All Moses had to do was stretch out his filthy hand towards heaven, and the  darkness was so thick nobody moved for three days, but strangely and somehow "all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings". Where  in the hell was the sun all this time? But again, "the Lord hardened his heart", and with a hard heart what was the poor Pharaoh to do?  Scenario as before.

1 0. All this was getting kind of monotonous and the poor Egyptians had by now been thoroughly put through the wringer, their cattle, horses,  asses, etc., not only dead, but full of boils, their crops, herbs, trees, etc., completely demolished by hail and fire, and then thoroughly eaten by  the locusts (even though there was nothing left to eat) and then there were all those stinking mounds of frogs, flies, and lice. But the S.S. was  not through with them yet. He was now going to pull out his final clincher and unharden the Pharaoh's heart, as we knew he was going to do  from the beginning. He sent out his "Angel of Death" to kill all the first born of the Egyptians, but not only of the people, but also of the poor  animals. Nor was that all. He was going to make short shrift of all the gods of Egypt. (He was a jealous God, and thereby evidently admitted  that he had rivals. After all, he was only the Yid's god).

Again the Jews were immunized from this atrocity if they would perform a certain ritual  of hocus-pocus which the S.S. prescribed in extremely minute detail. Being too complicated and too silly for me to repeat, I will leave it to the  reader to look it up in Chapter 12 of Exodus, should he or she be interested. Mainly, it consisted of killing a sheep or a lamb, roasting it a  certain way, and eating it with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. But the main gimmick was to take the blood and paint red the door posts, so  the Angel of Death would know which was which and pass over these lousy parasites. Hence we have the much touted "Passover".

Does it  have much resemblance to the story and substance of the Christians' Easter? Hardly. They could hardly be further apart ideologically, and are,  in fact, intensely hostile to each other, especially the Jew's attitude towards the Gentiles' Christianity and to the White people as a whole. I  repeat Easter and the Passover are poles apart. Whereas Christianity supposedly teaches that you should love your enemies, Judaism  teaches fanatic hatred towards their enemies, and to viciously destroy them at every opportunity, to kill them, torture them, rob them blind and  devastate their land. Included among the Jews' enemies is just about everybody that isn't a Jew more than 99 percent of the world's  population.

We now come to the much touted Exodus itself. After the S.S. had had his hatchet man, the Angel of Death, kill every first born in Egypt,  including the son of the Pharaoh and all the animals as well, the S.S. softened the Pharaoh's heart and the Pharaoh relented to let the damn parasites escape, something the S.S. could have arranged right at the beginning, since he was writing and directing the script. Before the Jews  left, however, Jehovah strongly advised them each to "borrow from their neighbors", that is, steal, from the Egyptians (who else?) all the  jewelry of gold and jewelry of silver they possibly could get their filthy hands on and run off with the loot. In fact, throughout the first 1 2 chapters  of Exodus the Jewish God keeps reminding these parasites over and over again to steal the Egyptians' jewelry before they get ready to leave.  How do you like that for a just and moral God? is that the kind of crap you would want to teach your children in Sunday School?

So comes the big day, and this motley crew of thieves, parasites and cutthroats, having stolen all the loot they could and gathered up their  flocks of cattle, goats, sheep and asses, are off, headed for the Red Sea.

At the last moment the Pharaoh's armies with six hundred chariots pursue them to bring them back, evidently, and the Yids panic. But no  problem. Moses just stretches out his arm and the waters of the Red Sea part, forming a wall on each side of a path through the Red Sea, the  path being dry as a bone. Now, isn't that a neat trick? But then the scriptwriters can and do write anything their crooked little minds can dream  up, and they had no problem with that one. The Egyptian armies follow and the waters close in on them and they all drown. I know all this  happened because I saw it on the movie screen, with Chariton Heston playing Moses, and Jew Cecil B. de Mille directing.

The stupid story goes on and on. Having inflicted all this mayhem and misery on their former unwilling hosts, they are to wander aimlessly and  pointlessly in the desert for forty years, with the S.S. subsidizing them with manna from heaven every now and then, before they tackle their  next victims. Their benevolent S.S. had promised them a land of milk and honey, which, incidentally, was already developed and occupied by  the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites and the Jebusites. But who cares, they are only so many grasshoppers to  be squashed underfoot and gotten rid of, as Shitsack Shamir is vowing to do to the Palestinians today. The theory is when you have a vicious,  racist, sadist Super Spook on your side, you can do anything, and it will always turn out favorably for the thieving parasites. And "so it came to  pass." We will end the story there.

Like the Holohoax, Christianity, and numerous other lies the Jews peddled for thousands of years, the Exodus story is pure invention and not  based on any actual history. What evidence we have about the ancient Jews' stay in Egypt tells us that, yes, they infested the land for  hundreds of years, and being the eternal parasites and destroyers they are, they gained high power in government and finance. They ravaged  the land and fleeced the populace and became so obnoxious that the Egyptians finally got their act together and drove the cutthroats out en  masse, quite the opposite from the Exodus story which claimed that they would not let these parasites out. The fact is they drove them out and  were damn glad to be rid of them.

There are, however, several lessons we can learn from this bungled story.

1 . The Jews as a parasite go far back in history, perhaps more than four thousand years.

2. One of their most fanatic zeals throughout the ages is their insane obsession to destroy the nation or nations into whose vitals they have  bored. They have demonstrated that desire in the story of Exodus, in the story of Esther, in the chapter on Revelation (See Ch. 14, P. 164, in  NER) in which John expounds on the scenario of their vengeance to destroy Rome, and dozens of nations since then whose civilization and  people they actually have destroyed.

3. The Jews are innately vicious and cruel, and have amply demonstrated this not only in ancient history, but even more explicitly in recent  times. A few examples are the burning of the South during the Civil War, the fire bombing of Dresden, their cruel terrorism in Lebanon and  Palestine, and hundreds of other situations too numerous to mention here.

4. They wreak havoc and destruction in any and every host nation they victimize, and this parasitical existence is as natural to them as fleas  being on a dog.

5. The Jews are a mean, sadistic people and have concocted not only a contorted history of their race, but also invented a mean, sadistic tribal  god for themselves, who, by any standards of civilized society, is a treacherous, immoral, bloodthirsty monster, one who accurately reflects the  innate nature of the Jews themselves.

6. Anyone (a) who will believe such wild and idiotic stories as told in Exodus must be stupidly gullible beyond belief, and (b) who will worship  such a hideous monster as portrayed in Exodus, must be incurably insane.

7. Before we, the White Race, can regain our senses and regain control of our own destiny, we must first of all purge our mind of this Jewish  insanity and replace Jewish Christianity with a sound racial religion beneficial to the best interests of the White Race.

8. We must get the Jews off our backs and destroy Judaism once and for all. Creativity has the complete and comprehensive creed and  program with which to do the job. DELENDA EST JUDAICA! in short, we must fight a deadly war for the survival of our race, and we must do it  now. RAHOWA!

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part IV - The Story of Easter, The Passover, and the Parting of the Red Sea

Chapter 19