Introduction - What the Creativity Revolution is All About

Throughout history different civilizations and cultures have established for themselves a set of values that they hold in high esteem. Although  some of these may seem frivolous, even stupid, to other rival cultures, nevertheless they were and are the fundamental yardsticks of each of  those particular cultures, nations and/or civilizations values they hold dear.

How were these primary values established? Again, going back into history we find such values were derived and molded through their particular religious beliefs. Whereas to White Europeans a cow is Just a cow, a useful animal that is not too bright, yet to Hindus a cow is a sacred object, a holy animal, due untold respect and veneration. Why is a cow holy to Hindus? Because their religion tells them so, and theirs is not to question why. To Moslems, Mecca and Medina are holy shrines because their religion tells them that's the way it is. To Jews, Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and a whole passel of other Jewish scoundrels are their national and religious heroes. The Christians have their Jesus Christ, a mythical Jewish figure at best, with no meaningful historical evidence that such a figure ever even existed.

I have listed a few focal highlights that are venerated as fundamental values of high esteem in a selective few of many scattered religions. But with each of these goes a whole plethora of subsidiary values and beliefs that are tied in with their central core, and whereas such a resume or listing would be endless, we are here primarily concerned with those fundamental values that are held sacred by our own race, the White Race.

It is these values we want to examine, to analyze, and to keep and treasure, or, if found wanting, to discard on the scrap heap of history and replace with a more deserving set of values.

In the chapters following we first of all carefully examine twelve major religions, what they stand for, along with a short resume of their origins  and their history. We also want to know how they relate to the White Race, and in particular how they compare to our own religion. Creativity, when we put their various concepts to the acid test as to whether they are either beneficial or detrimental to the White Race.

Having laid the broad groundwork of the characteristics for some twelve major religions and their influence throughout the ages, we now focus our attention on that particular religion which Inadvertently concerns us most, namely Christianity. We do this for the overwhelming reason that over the last nineteen centuries Christianity has subversively encroached on the minds of the White Race and managed to become its predominant religion. Originating from a passel of Jewish writers, "prophets" and murderous criminals, it has, as Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jew, arrogantly boasts, conquered us Gentiles more thoroughly than any conquering army in history has ever conquered its miserable victims.

We now ask the simple, basic question: Has Christianity been beneficial to the White Race or has it been injurious to our survival and welfare?  In order that we may answer this question logically and persuasively, let us first examine some of the fundamental values Christianity espouses.

These values are mostly scattered about in an obscure and confused manner in the New Testament, although the Old Testament, which is all  about the Jews, takes up more than two-thirds of the Christian bible, a strange piece of chicanery in itself. However, without scanning the entire  New Testament we can focus on those values that Christ himself (supposedly) spelled out in the Sermon on the Mount. He says:

1. Love your enemies.

2. Turn the other cheek.

3. Judge not.

4. Sell all thou hast, give it to the niggers, and become a bum.

5. Resist not evil.

6. Don't plan for the future.

7. Don't store up treasures on earth, store up treasures in heaven, wherever that is.

8. The Jews are God's chosen people, the Old Testament tells us over and over, a thousand times.

There is more in the same vein, but I believe we have succinctly set out the inherent tenets of Christianity. In essence, the whole creed and ogram is based on some dubious other world, a nebulous supernatural world, one that is undefined, having no known location and no known  verification as to its existence. In short, it is all based on wild claims, on speculation, and hopefully, on the gullibility of its intended victims. It is  entirely based on a wild "spooks in the sky" theory, spooks no one in their sane state of mind has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt.

We Creators reject these nonsensical, nebulous out-of- this-world claims in their entirety and get down to reality. The real world, not some  hypothetical spook world, has enough unsolved problems to contend with, and these are our main concern. Of these mountains of problems  facing the real world today, not the least of our concerns is the survival, expansion and advancement of our own precious race, the White  Race. To us Creators our White gene pool is our most precious treasure of all, a treasure that is irreplaceable, and must be guarded from  depletion and contamination at all costs. And herein lies the fundamental departure of our values from those artificial and hypothetical values  espoused by Christianity.

Whereas Christianity worships some mythical Jewish bastard whom they have dubbed Jesus Christ and who supposedly teaches them to hate  and destroy their own kind, we Creators say Just the opposite. We say to hell with our enemies, to hell with the Jews and the niggers. Instead  let us revere, respect and defend our own kind Nature's Finest, and base our beliefs and knowledge on the Eternal Laws of Nature, the  source and bedrock of all knowledge and wisdom. In our book, a race traitor is the most despicable and repugnant of all vermin, a mutant cretin  in Nature's realm, to be despised and expunged from our society.

As can be clearly seen, the gulf between our values and those traditionally held by Christians is as wide as the Grand Canyon, and these  differences remain forever irreconcilable.

The racial conflagration is heating up dally all over the world, and nowhere more rapidly than right here in the United States. Either the White  Race will shortly mobilize and rally its immense, but dwindling resources for its own best interests, or it will suffer the dismal fate as did the  White colonizers of San Domingo some 200 years earlier. Mayhem, mass murder, and finally, total extinction will be the price paid for not guarding our precious gene pool.

In answer to the question asked earlier, has Christianity been beneficial or detrimental to the White Race, we furthermore come to the studied  and unequivocal conclusion that Christianity has been, and still is, an unmitigated disaster of unparalleled magnitude.

Therein lies our true REVOLUTION OF VALUES. Our race is our religion and we look to the Eternal Laws of Nature, not some mythical spooks, for our guidance. We furthermore state that unless we destroy and replace Jewish Christianity with a sane, realistic set of values, such as we espouse in Creativity, the White Race is doomed to extinction and mankind as such will revert and sink back to its lowest levels of savagery such as can be viewed in the untamed jungles of Africa and New Guinea. We Creators are determined that such must never happen.

Instead we intend to go forward triumphantly on the chariots of a creative and constructive religion to build a Whiter and Brighter World for the  future children of Nature's Finest. RAHOWA!

To White Victory through the Revolution of Values!

Introduction - What the Creativity Revolution is All About

Book I - Comparative Religions  Objectives of Our Series

Objectives of Our Comparative Series

1 . To illustrate by means of detailed comparison that in CREATIVITY we have finally achieved a genuine, bonafide, comprehensive racial religion for the White Race that is the equal of, or superior to, any religion in history.

2. That our religion makes more sense, is more logical, is more complete and better planned and organized; it is, in fact, more effectively constructed than any of the established old "great" religions of the world.

3. That in order to survive at all, the White Race must now polarize around its own racial religion.

4. To convince all the polyglot and diverse White racial groups and leaders that in CREATIVITY ties the salvation of the White Race and the sooner we unite under the banner of Creativity, the sooner we will be on our way in waging an effective battle for the survival of the White Race.

Think about it. If not Creativity, what else is there?

Book I - Comparative Religions  Objectives of Our Series

Chapter 3