Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part VI - Heaven and (mostly) Hell

A few years back in Racial Loyalty No. 7, I wrote an article about Fictitious Concepts (Expanding Creativity, P. 109) in which I observed that the  world was ruled by such. Among these concepts I listed a number of such lies that have become commonly accepted, but have not now or ever  had any basis in fact or reality. This included such concepts as spirits and their innumerable variants, income, upon which a huge levy of  plunder, piracy and extortion is based, and a plethora of other fictitious ideas and concepts. The common denominator of all these popularized  lies is that although they are vague, nebulous and have never been clearly defined or described, nevertheless, they have been promoted so  assiduously that the general unthinking public has accepted such concepts (lies) as existing in reality.

There are two such outstanding concepts that I want to explore more fully in this article. After the idea that spirits exist (See "What is a Spirit?"  in RAHOWA! Page 58) has been firmly imbued in the minds of the superstitious and the gullible, then the concepts of HEAVEN and HELL  come into play to utilize as strong-arm clubs with which to frighten, entice, cajole, terrorize and stampede these confused and browbeaten  yokels into line. These two concepts have been the two most powerful and useful tools and weapons Christianity and their lying hucksters have  utilized for almost two millenniums to batter their way to power and influence and to dominate and frighten their cowed victims. Of these two  fictitious concepts, namely heaven and hell, the latter has been by far the most powerful weapon. As one country preacher succinctly summed  it up: "A religion without hell ain't worth a damn."

Let us first explore what we know about heaven. What DO we know about it? Actually, nothing. Nobody has ever been there, nobody has ever  seen, heard, felt or smelt heaven. My father never saw it first-hand so that he could tell me about it. Neither did my mother, nor any of my  grandparents, uncles or aunts or cousins, nor any of their antecedents. Neither has any ignorant or educated preacher, although they will wildly  talk about its unlimited attractions as if they were a promotional travel agent selling you an endless excursion to a place of eternal bliss.  "Beautiful isle of Somewhere" as the song goes. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Well, it should. These lying hucksters have had the benefit of  centuries for refining their technique and some of the most fertile Imaginations mankind has produced. It is within this background and context  that they have been able to formulate their enticing propaganda and fine-tune their crafty choice of deceptive words. But have any of them  seen heaven first-hand? No, they have not. Have they ever talked to anyone who has? No, they have not. Do they know where it is? Well, it is  "up there", a vague description indeed when you consider that the earth spins about its axis every 24 hours, travels in an orbit about the sun,  and the sun itself is only one in a galaxy of billions of other suns in a universe of billions of galaxies. So where is "up there"? Do these confused  preachers, when they promise you heaven, know what they are talking about? No, they do not. They haven't the vaguest idea. They are merely  lying to you, making wild, far fetched promises that they know they will never have to fulfill. They know they will never be brought to the bar of  justice where they will be made to deliver promised goods, because all these things are presumably in the "next world", a vague world that  never arrives, that never existed except in the imagination of some cunning con-artists. These skillful con-artists have woven imagery so  enticing, so vague that anyone will have ample latitude to indulge their fondest fantasies and let them run rampant to their heart's content.

A stultified and abortive concept of heaven was already foreshadowed in the Old Testament, which reflects the ancient cosmogonies of the  Jews and the Near East. According to it, heaven is a huge solid domelike expanse, or firmament "above" the earth, which divided the waters  "above" from the waters "beneath". Now let's hold it right there and examine this "up there" claim. How far "up there" is heaven supposedly  from the earth? if you ask a preacher where heaven is he will jokingly brush it off and vaguely point "upwards" from where he is standing,  mileage completely unknown. It's just "up there" he will say, pointing upwards. But that is a rather stupid answer, especially when heaven is the  key attraction he is selling to you. "Up there" for a man standing in Melbourne, Australian, as we all know, would point in an exactly opposite  direction to a man pointing "up there" and standing on the streets of Toronto, Canada. So where is it? The preacher, like everyone else, hasn't  the foggiest idea as to what he is talking about.

But let us continue trying to describe the concept as delineated in the Old Testament. "Above" the "firmament" (two meaningless words) were  the primeval waters and also resided the abode of the Deity; in the firmament were set the stars, twinkling little lights to amuse us earthlings.  Between the firmament and the earth was the place where the birds fly and the clouds float. Those ancient ignoramuses were then still  unaware of the earth being round, nor were they aware of it having an atmosphere. As the abode of the Deity, heaven is referred to as a  throne, a palace, or a temple to which the prayers of saints and sinners automatically ascended as a rising spiral of smoke. The ancient Jewish  shysters that wrote the Old Testament were not too specific about heaven nor about hell, nor were they much concerned. In fact, hell rated very little mention at all. The Hebes were much more concerned about concocting a fictitious history about themselves and their ancestral  progenitors, Abie, Ikie and Jakie.

It was not until the Jews set to the task of concocting a suicidal religion to bring down the Roman Empire that the concepts of heaven and hell  assumed monumental proportions. Larded with the poisonous menu of the Sermon on the Mount doctrine, the New Testament went about it in  earnest to make these gullible Gentiles believe! believe! believe! How did they do that? First of all, they dressed up the concept of heaven with  much more alluring window dressing. Heaven was now touted as a super-duper Superdome, a place that even the Imagination of today's  television hucksters and scriptwriters would have great difficulty in transcending. As described in Revelation 21 , heaven is more than just a  Superdome. It is a most fantastic city, one that would make even the most greedy, materialistic Jew's eyes boggle with envy. It is a city twelve  thousand furlongs long, wide and high. This translates into 1500 miles square and also 1500 miles high. What a Superdome! The walls are 216  feet high and consist of nothing less than precious stones, mostly jasper. The city itself is pure gold! Imagine that 1500 miles high! The New  Testament then further gives a detailed description of the twelve foundations, all of precious stones, no less. The first foundation is of jasper,  the second of sapphires, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald and so on up the line. The city has twelve gates, all of pearls. But the city  itself pure gold - "as it were transparent glass". Such a homestead! Such a deal!

After all that detail, it leaves unanswered many (most) of the pertinent questions. Is there any air "up there"? Do we eat? if so, what? How do  we spend our time in eternity? (That's a hell of a lot of time!) Is sex permitted, or are we all desexed, neutered eunuches? Are our bodies still  material with weight and mass, or are we just weightless, shiftless, brainless, transparent "spirits"? It doesn't answer any of these important  questions. Apparently we are just a mass of brainless, weightless, transparent flunkies flitting through space, playing a harp and batting our lips  together praising a super-egotistical "Lord" (read tyrant) into all eternity. Personally such an existence doesn't have much appeal for me. It would get pretty boring after the first 1 5 minutes, to say nothing of the next fifty billion years.

A strange thing supposedly happens to the soul's flight on its way to heaven. There is evidently a sudden and contradictory change in values.  Whereas in Matthew 6:19 it says "Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth", now, all of a sudden, once "up" in heaven, all these pecuniary  treasures of commerce - gold, silver, precious stones, etc., become extremely desirable. In fact, to lure the gullible yokels into their booby trap  the lying preachers dangle a heaven in front of their victims' imagination that would make .any greedy Jew's eyes just boggle with excitement.

The question is, if we are admonished to shun all these pecuniary treasures on earth where they can be used to buy the necessities of life,  such as food, clothing, and housing, why do they become so desirable in heaven, where we are supposedly a flock of ethereal ghosts flitting  through the clouds? What possible use would gold, silver, and precious stones have in a place for commerce or the earthly necessities of life?  What a stupid contradiction. Talk about wild stories! Talk about hypocrisy! This one is hard to top.

There is another strange contradiction in this heaven and hell hoax and I have never heard of any preacher that ever dared to address it and  make a plausible explanation. We are told that once in heaven everything is so blissful and so peaceful and there is not a thing to worry about  to mar that perfect picture. Now let me ask this question supposing some mother had half a dozen children - boys and girls. When she died,  supposing that she was one of the fortunate few that went to heaven, but when her children died they all went to hell, a situation that would be  a fairly commonplace predicament considering the odds are about one in 100-1 of anybody getting to heaven in the first place.

Now then, can  you imagine any mother (or father, or brother, or sister) being blissfully happy and unconcerned when they would have to see their closely  related loved ones being tortured before their very eyes in the fiery pit day after day? Evidently the two groups are openly visible and in  communication with each other as witness the story of Lazarus in heaven and the rich men in hell, the latter pleading desperately for a drop of  water on his hot tongue, and Lazarus mercilessly turning him down. (See Luke 16) Not only turning him down, but gloating at the misery of the  rich man the implication being that now that the tables are reversed, Lazarus is damned glad of the other creature's infinite torture.

So much for the Jewish heaven with all its window dressing of diamonds, gold and precious stones. We now come to the real klinker as to what  the game is all about. This Jewish con-game was so rigged against the poor yokels who would like to get to heaven that most of them couldn't,  no matter how hard they tried. (Read again, "Getting to Heaven: Project Impossible; or Everybody is going to Hell", P. 172, Nature's Eternal  Religion.) According to the innumerable roadblocks deliberately set up, at least 99 percent of all mortals are doomed to end up in the fiery pit of  eternal torture. So by all standards, by all statistics, hell is a much bigger, much more crowded, and a more important piece of the action than  heaven, since that is where the loving compassionate Jewish God evidently planned to confine most of us mortal sinners for all eternity after  we turn into "spirits". So let us take a closer look at hell.

This hideous concept developed in three stages, and became more horrifying as it went along. It originated as the Hebrew word "Sheol" of the  Old Testament, a morbid but relatively innocuous abode of the dead, suggesting no moral distinctions, or suffering, or punishment. The Greek  word "Hades" had further implications and suggested a gloomy region under the earth which the "souls" of the departed entered through gates  and then lingered in a shadowy existence apart from man and God, and few men dared express hopes for more than this in the "life to come",  as seen from Job 19:25-27, Psalms 16:8-1 1 and 17:15, and elsewhere. By the time of the Book of Daniel, there had developed a more  advanced eschatology and it predicted a resurrection and judgment, although the rules of the game remained unclear and unspecified.

However, it became a completely new ball game when the Jews got their heads together and concocted the New Testament to scare the hell  out of the ideologically floundering Romans, whom the Jews had targeted for dismantling. The Jews stayed awake many a sleepless night  trying to conjure up a concept so horrible, so gruesome, so sadistic, so frightening, designed to make an incoherent, blubbering wimp out of the  most robust and resolute individual, provided he or she was silly enough to believe in such a place. The Jews did their job well, it would be  hard, if not impossible, to come up with a more horrible and frightening abomination than the hell they dreamed up in the New Testament.

According to the New Testament it is a fiery pit, a lake of burning sulfur, a place of eternal torture from which there is no escape. Talk about the  sadistic Gulag system of slave labor camps in the Soviet Union and other places behind the Iron Curtain! They have nothing on Christianity's  concept of a fiery hell. At least in the earthly torture camps people are "allowed" to die and their days of torture are ended forever. Not so in the  Christian's hell. The torture is intense, it is continuous with no respite, no "take five", it is eternal. How sadistic can you get?

Over the years, I have collected flies of information on a wide list of subjects. One of these files is on the subject of hell. In it, among other  clippings and materials, I find a little booklet sent to me by some Christian preacher. It is a 32 page booklet entitled "Hell Fire", put out by an  "evangelist" by the name of Oliver B. Greene, who gives his address as Greenville, S.C. It is supposed to spread Christ's "Glad Tidings", but  what it says in its convoluted, twisted message would be enough to drive a rational man to insanity. He raises the question at the beginning of  the booklet: is the Fire in Hell real fire? Or is it a fictitious fire? Or symbolic fire? Or no fire at all? Then he goes on to assure you, baby, is it  ever real, let me tell you. Here are some of his choice passages, many quoted directly from the "Holy Scriptures" to not only assure us that the  Hell Fire is more real than real, but to add insult to injury, he tells us it is hotter than any fire on earth. He quotes Jesus as saying: "if thy hand  offend thee, cut it off: it is better for thee to enter into life maimed, than having two hands to go into HELL, into the FIRE THAT NEVER SHALL  BE QUENCHED; where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched." (All this is repeated again with the foot being cut off, then the eye  being plucked out.) (Mark 9: 43-48).

Having quoted this miserable piece of idiocy, Evangelist Greene then triumphantly points out that Christ  uses the term "Fire" five times in six verses, "Hell Fire" one time, and that "the fire never shall be quenched" five times. So. had better  believe it. He goes on and on and on with threats and admonitions attributed to Christ, which, were they made by an insane criminal here on  earth, such a lunatic would soon be hung from the nearest tree by an irate mob. Evangelist Greene emphasizes his inflammatory threats with  red ink and capitalization of words and phrases such as "and shall cast them into a FURNACE OF FIRE;" "everlasting fire"; "Hell is BURNING  NOW and HELL will BURN FOREVER", on and on. Then the clincher you can't escape, only one thing to do - believe! believe! believe!

It makes me sick to read such garbage. These are the tactics of Al Capone's type of Chicago gangster who would threaten to break your arms  or legs, or put you in a barrel of cement and drop you into Lake Michigan unless you complied with his demands. How this is supposed to  relate to a kind, loving, compassionate spook "up there" in the sky somewhere, only a sick, perverted idiot could explain. I've had enough of  hell. To hell with it all.

There are some real and present dangers facing us mortals here on earth - and the most imminent and present danger is the mongrelization  and enslavement of the White Race and its future progeny by the same sadistic ghouls that dreamed up the ultimate horror of all time - the  fictitious concept of Hell. I'm not talking about the Eskimos - I'm talking about the goddamned Jews. So we had better not waste anymore time  on such nonsense, but instead let us bestir ourselves - get those 10 million White Man's Bibles out and quench the parasitic pestilence that is  setting fire to the real world and creating a hell here on earth.

The most astounding achievement of the 20th Century has been the unbelievable success with which the Jewish conspiracy has conned the  White Race into betraying its priceless heritage for a mess of garbage.

Political parties are prone to enter compromises, but a Weltanschauung never does this. A political party is inclined to adjust its teachings with a  view to meeting those of its opponents, but a Weltanschauung proclaims its own infallibility. - Adolf Hitler

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part VI - Heaven and (mostly) Hell

Chapter 21