Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part XII - Daniel in the Lion's Den

Throughout their scurrilous literature in the Old Testament (and also the New) the Jews are forever trying to convince themselves and the world  with idiotic stories, that their particular spook is superior to any of the goyim's spooks - that their spook can beat your spook. The Book of  Daniel is one of those stories.

After wading through an interminable mess of garbage in the initial chapters, you finally are able to glean that the parasitic Jews are in trouble  again. For being so obnoxious, they had been run out of Egypt about a thousand years earlier. Now, in the Book of Daniel, they are in captivity  to the Babylonians, whose King Nebuchadnezzar was the most powerful monarch in the world, supposedly.

Enter four conspiratorial Yids, going by the names of Daniel, Hananlah, Michael and Azarlah. Being sneaky, shifty and slippery, they  immediately change their names to Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, respectively. Evidently, they are conspiring to do a job  on the nerve center of power, the king. Historically, this has been their standard operating procedure since the very beginning of the tribe.  Remember the story of Esther and King Ahasuerus of Persia? Or the story of Joseph and the Pharaoh in Egypt? We have a similar situation  here - how to get next to and manipulate the king.

In this story Daniel follows the kikes' regular S.O.P. He concentrates on trying to attract the  attention of, and ingratiate himself with the king. This he does by offering to interpret the dreams of a psychotic and troubled monarch, not  unlike what Joseph did to the Pharaoh a thousand years earlier. (The Jews never forget a trick, if it worked before.) Attaching themselves to the  rulers of the state is their first step in their program of destroying the targeted state. Let us now see how Daniel fares after pulling off this first  move.

Daniel has indeed succeeded in attracting the attention of the king, and the latter is now so grateful and overwhelmed by the whole act that he  makes Daniel ruler over the whole province of Babylon. Daniel, in return, is quick to set up his three conspiratorial buddies over the affairs of  the province.

Now comes the acid test of loyalty to this great and mighty King Nebuchadnezzar. (Let's call him Nebu for short.) It seems Nebu had set up a  huge statue, about ninety feet high, whose head was of gold, the breast and arms of silver, the thighs of brass, the legs of iron and the feet of  clay. King Nebu then decrees that on a certain day all the princes and all the subjects of the kingdom are to gather in front of the image, and, at  the sound of a trumpet, all are to fall down and worship it, as a token and demonstration of loyalty to the great and almighty king.

The three stiff-necked Yids Daniel had appointed, namely Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, refuse to pay homage. Their loyalty to their own  tribal spook is not negotiable. This makes Nebu very wroth and he has all three of them thrown into a huge fiery furnace. This should teach  them a lesson as to who was who. But lo and behold! Would you believe? When Nebu looks into the furnace to see if his offenders are sizzling  nicely, he sees four in there, and what do you know one of them is an angel. Surprise! Surprise! They are all completely unscathed and cool  as a cucumber. It is truly marvelous how easily a Jewish scriptwriter can protect a member of the tribe.

Nebu is so impressed with this magic act that he immediately does another foolish thing. He decrees that "every people, nation or language"  that speaks against the god of these fireproof Yids "shall be cut to pieces and their bones be made a dunghill." (What else is new? We are  rapidly approaching that situation here in America and the rest of the world.) That is not all. "Then the king promoted Shadrach, Meshach and  Abednego in the province of Babylon."

The psychotic King Nebu is rapidly losing his marbles and keeps having further strange dreams. He dreams of a tree that grew and was strong  "and the height thereof reached unto heaven" wherever that was. Again, he becomes alarmed and sends for his favorite dream interpreter,  Daniel, to tell him what it all means. Daniel is only too glad to oblige. He tells him his empire is soon to fall apart, and he, the king, will soon be  driven from his throne into the field with the beasts and the asses, and he will be eating grass like the oxen, his hair will grow into eagle's  feathers and his nails will become like the claws of a bird. And so it came to pass, according to the Jewish scriptwriters.

Finally, after a long lapse, Nebu lifts his eyes up into heaven and "blessed the most High" and his reason returns to him. It doesn't say anything  about what happened to his feathers and claws. In any case, he is back in charge of the ranch, thoroughly chastised and convinced that the  Jewish spook had it all, gushing fluently and ecstatically about the unlimited virtues of the Jew's Yahweh. Evidently old Nebu is over the hill,  and after the job the kikes had done to him he never again could think straight.

In Chapter 5, without explanation, we now suddenly find that his son Belshazzar is king. (Not to be confused with Belteshazzar, Daniel's alias.)  Anyway, the new king, (let's call him Belsh for short) soon throws one hell of a party at which he invites a thousand of his lords and princes,  including their wives and concubines. They really whoop it up and make merry (or is it Mary?) drinking much wine out of the gold and silver  vessels which his father Nebu had taken from the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.

Then strange things begin to happen: a hand emerges out of the plastered wall and writes. King Belsh blanches and is sore afraid. (Perhaps he  is stinking drunk to the point of delirium tremens and is beginning to see things?) Like his psychotic father, he is puzzled and "sorely troubled"  and like his father, he sends for Daniel, who is still around, to tell him what it all means. Sure enough, Danny boy has all the answers. The  writing on the wall says MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. Nobody else knows what this gibberish means, but Danny claims HE does. Daniel  nonchalantly tells King Belsh that his days are numbered, and that his kingdom will be divided among the Medes and the Persians. Belsh is so  grateful for explaining this to him that he makes Daniel "the third ruler in the kingdom." However, that night, King Belshazzar is slain. It doesn't  say who did the dirty deed, but probably Daniel and his buddies had something to do with making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So exits Belsh. Darius, the Median, next takes over the kingdom. Darius sets up one hundred and twenty princes of his own, and over these,  three presidents, of which Danny boy is Numero Uno, probably as a reward for having Belsh put out of the way to make room for Darius.

Darius further considers making our Jewish boy supreme ruler of the land. This greatly agitates the other 120 princes and they persuade the  king to sign an irrevocable decree. This decree in effect states that in the next thirty days any man who would ask a petition of any God or man "save of thee, king" shall be cast into a den of lions.

Well, this puts Danny boy in a real jam, since he kept right on kneeling and faithfully praying to his tribal Yahweh three times a day, while facing  Jerusalem. Having had Daniel under constant surveillance, the princes rush to King Darius and tell him of this son of Judah violating the king's  decree.

So Daniel is thrown into the lion's den, and a stone "laid upon the mouth of the den" with the king's seal upon it. We now more or less have a  replay of the story of the three kikes in the fiery furnace in the earlier part of this story.

When the king hurries over to the den the next morning, lo and behold, the lions are all as friendly as pussy cats, and there is not a scratch on  Daniel, and like his earlier counterparts, the king is now thoroughly convinced that Danny's god really has what it takes, and some drastic  changes are made. All those princes who had accused Daniel, including their wives and children, are now thrown into the lion's den. It says the  lions "broke all their bones in pieces."

Daniel, on the other hand, like Henry Kissinger, now ruled the kingdom and prospered in the reign of Darius, and on into the reign of Cyrus, the  Persian. MORAL: The kikes and Yahweh always come out on top.

This brings us to the end of Chapter 6. There are another six dismal chapters, but we will leave the story here. The rest is all about Daniel's  psychotic dreams and visions, as if he were on an intense LSD trip, which he probably was. it is all about strange beasts with four heads, and  lions with eagle's wings and hocus-pocus ad infinitum, in reading all this garbage, we must remember we are not reading any authentic history  at all, but only the wild scribblings of some unknown and long dead Jewish scribbler, who was either drunk, or had too many doses of LSD. But  holy it certainly is not.

Why any White parent would want to teach their precious children such Jewish crap and corruption as being the "Gospel  Truth" and the "Holy Scriptures" when obviously they are nothing but a pack of Jewish lies, glorifying the kikes and denigrating the White Race,  is beyond my comprehension. It is a major abomination that has infected, infested and polluted our culture for too many centuries, and a curse  that the Church of the Creator will work diligently to expose and extirpate. We need your fervent support to bring this about.

Nature has never read the Declaration of independence. It continues to make us unequal.

Only by facing reality, no matter how grim, can the White Race free itself from the Jewish vampire.

if the White Race is ever to revert back to sanity, Christianity will HAVE TO GO. To again regain its sanity, it will have to dump Christianity.

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told  Part XII - Daniel in the Lion's Den

Chapter 27