Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XVII - The True Story of a Modern Jewish Family

This is the story of the Fridovich family. The setting is in Broward County in South Florida. The patriarch of the family was Martin Fridovich, now dead. He was shot between the eyes with a double-aught shotgun blast by his teenaged son, Eddie, on December 4, 1982. It is the story of a Jewish family imbued with greed, treachery, selfishness, lies, hatred and double-cross, starting with the patriarch of the family himself, Martin Fridovich.

in the past I have recycled any number of stories about ancient Jews as recounted in the Jewish bible stories about those supposed patriarchs of the Jewish tribe of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have retold the stories of how Abraham pimped and peddled his own half-sister and wife Sarah as a prostitute for loot to King Abimelech. We have reexamined the story of how Isaac followed in his father's footsteps and peddled his wife Rebecca to this same King Abimelech of Gerar seventy-five years later, if you can believe that. We have read in the Old Testament how Rebecca and son Jacob connived to betray son and brother Esau before the blind and senile Isaac. The Jewish bible tells puerile stories of how the lecherous King David stole Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, then had Uriah killed in the front line of battle so he could have Bathsheba all to himself. We also remember the sordid story of a younger David, who, when wooing the daughter of King Saul, brought the King 200 foreskins collected from the corpses of dead Philistine soldiers which David had helped slay. How gross and repugnant! His bastard son, Solomon, the offspring of David and Bathsheba, the Jewish bible tells us had seven hundred wives and 300 concubines.

There is more, much more, about these and a host of other despicable and repugnant Jews in the Old Testament.

There is a common thread that runs throughout these and other stories in this ancient Jewish collection of myths, lies and fables. The common thread is in the character of all these ancient Jews. They were deceitful, murderous, treacherous, immoral, vicious, puerile and disgusting, but their tribal god Yahweh liked them that way and they were always "blessed in the eyes of the Lord".

There is a strange similarity in the story I am about to relate about the modern Fridovich family. The characters are strikingly similar - greedy, vicious, treacherous and deceitful. There is this difference, however. Whereas the ancient characters in the Old Testament are mostly fictitious and we have no evidence of their existence other than the scrambled scribblings of other lying Yids (now long dead) as a source, the story of the Fridovich family happened in this decade and is well documented by court records and living witnesses.

Let us start with the patriarch of our modern story. Martin Fridovich was born October 14, 1925. He was the son of Russian Jews who came to America as children. His grandfather made hats and his father dealt in furs. They lived in that Jewish enclave of New York, namely Brooklyn. Even as a boy Martin was known as a tough and ruthless hustler, whose overwhelming obsession for making a fast buck zealously drove him ever onward to the utmost limits.

Martin, who was also known by his nickname of Mike, had two sisters and a brother. The sisters are now both dead and his brother Dutch, who lives in Broward County, refuses to talk about his brother. He also refused to talk to his brother years before the latter's death, due to a sleazy deal Martin had pulled on him.

According to stories that emerged from the family squabbling after Martin's death, this patriarch of the Fridovich family had many. If not all, of the worst characteristics of his much touted (supposed) ancestors in the Old Testament. (I say "supposed" since 90 percent of today's Jews are descendants of the Khazars, a Tatar tribe in the Russian Caucasus who were converted to Judaism in the ninth century. This applies especially to Russian and Polish Jews.) Martin had four wives, one of which he married a second time, and so many mistresses, concubines and lovers that his five children lost count.

But these selfish and obstreperous characteristics were by no means confined to the old man himself. Before he was blasted into kingdom come by his youngest son, he somehow managed to imbue every one of his children with similar traits, not so much by training, but by sheer neglect and example.

Martin had an obsession with close-knit families, dynasties and empires. He was enchanted with the Rothschilds, the Jewish banking family who created probably the world's richest and most powerful dynasty, and an empire that still rules the world today. When his youngest son Eddie was 1 1 , Martin gave him a book on the Rothschilds. Eddie read it twice. He says he doesn't remember the details, but he does remember that they were rich and ambitious. That idea stuck with him. Martin was a family tyrant who, although he spent much more time with his concubines than he did with his wives and children, nevertheless wanted strict control over his children. He wanted them to be like him, ruthless, corrupt and ambitious. He wanted them to think like him, he wanted to make sure they married within the Jewish faith, and if they didn't he threatened to cut them off in his will. At the time of his death the family fortune amounted to a tidy ten million.

Martin and his first wife, Ruth, along with their five year old son Michael Henry, moved to Florida in 1952. They first settled in Dade County, but they kept moving around. When, after the first son, Ruth was unable to have any more children, this presented a major obstacle for a man who was obsessed with building a dynasty. So they turned to adoption. Tony Joined the family in 1954 when he was 5 days old. Erica in 1957 when she was 3 days old. By 1 960 Martin's womanizing was more than Ruth could take, "it was killing me," she said and in that year they were divorced. Martin married Carol, and they soon had two children of their own, Debbie Lee and Eddie. Some years after he had shot his father, Eddie made this remark about genes and dynasties, saying "Dad had to have dogs with good breeding. Apparently he didn't give the same thought to his children. He picked 'cm out like fruit." All five children, mostly of mixed and different parentages, hated each other with a passion.

Martin changed his will frequently. At the time of the shooting, Eddie, his youngest, was his favorite, and in his will he had left him in charge of the family fortune. Michael Henry, the oldest son, was in disfavor at the time, and Martin left him with only a pittance. The rest of the fortune was divided four ways among the rest of the children.

After the shooting, the children seemed to forget the tragic death of their father in short order. Eddie, now 1 9 and in charge of the family fortune, was riding high. He moved into his father's bedroom. He put all his brothers and sisters on the company payroll, bought them each a new car and then took them on a fun vacation to St. Thomas, in the Virgin islands.

It was after they all returned from St. Thomas that the trouble started. When Eddie had shot his father on that fateful night of December the 4th, he curled up into a fetal position and called the police and whimpered that there had been a terrible accident. The police came, seemingly checked it out, and took his word for it. After the siblings' return from St. Thomas, there began an endless wrangling for power. The others began to look on Eddie as a tyrant and each wanted control of the family fortune. Within five months Eddie fired them all. A year and a month after Martin's death a Broward grand Jury indicted Eddie on first degree murder charges. The most damning evidence came from sister Erica and her now ex-husband, Michael Glannoutsos. They revealed that Eddie had plotted to kill his father for months, and repeated entire conversations. He had talked about putting explosives in Martin's car, about hiring a hit man, about poisonous snakes, about a horrible shooting accident.

After the indictment, Erica added a T-shirt to her wardrobe and wore it around town. On it was the word "Crispy", and the picture of an electric chair. Debbie Lee, the younger sister, took it all in stride. She said that primetime soap operas like "Dallas" bored her. "Compared to us, all those shows pale."

After a farcical, five-week trial, featuring death threats, extortion attempts and a parade offending siblings, Eddie was convicted of manslaughter, but not of murder. In the meantime. Erica retracted her story (but her ex-husband did not) which left everyone wondering which time she was lying. Eddie and his battery of lawyers appealed. The appeals court threw out the first conviction and Eddie was tried again, with the same results as the first trial. A Broward Judge sentenced him to seven years in the penitentiary. However, Eddie, soon out on bond, appealed again.

We don't have an ending to this story since it is still ongoing. Like the endless hassle and warfare in Israel, this Jewish hassle, too. is still unsettled and probably will be for a long time to come. We can, however, draw some cogent conclusions as to the cause of the problem and why Jews are the way they are. The prime cause is in the viciousness and destructiveness of their very nature augmented and goaded on by a sinister religion that seeks to dominate the world by the process of undermining and destroying mankind. Judaism per se is a parasitic and degenerative religion, whose very fiber seeks to deceive, rob and destroy. This goal, aimed particularly at the White Race, runs consistently throughout the Old Testament and especially in their Talmud, making its adherents greedy, selfish, ruthless and deceitful.

The only remedy. If we are ever to get this screwed-up world back to sanity, is to exterminate Judaism, root, stem and branch. If the world can accept the Jewish program of de-nazifying 80 million Germans (and it has!) then surely we are justified in de-Judaizing 20 million Jews. This we have to do and this we are pledged to do. DELENDA EST JUDAiCA! Exterminate Judaism and save the White Race. Join the Church of the Creator, NOW!

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XVII - The True Story of a Modern Jewish Family

Chapter 32