Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XIX - The Strange Story About the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

The Christian religion is based on the premise that there exists a Holy Trinity composed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. There are the three of them, three separate entitles, they claim, but then the Christian preachers immediately confuse and contradict that claim by saying that all three of them are really all rolled into one, that they are really one and the same ball of wax, if you can comprehend that. If you can't understand such an obvious contradiction, well, then, that is your problem, you are just too damn stupid, they say. The Christian preachers further claim that this ball of wax is what is called God, but that you shouldn't forget that there is a son involved, too, and his name is Jesus Christ. In fact, you must believe in him. If you want to be a good Christian, and if you don't, you can't get to the Father without him. If you don't believe all this convoluted mixed-up hocus-pocus, you are in real trouble, big trouble. Those three spooks will hustle you off to hell and burn, fry, sizzle and barbecue you in hot sulfur forever and a day. But, of course, they are not to blame for that. Blame it all on Satan, another spooky spook, who is the real villain in the piece, they claim. And of course, the poor, miserable sinner that you are, you are even more culpable than Satan. So the ball is right back in your lap, as always, of course.

Let us examine this whole strange and stupid story and see how ridiculous and wild it really is in the first place. If you ask these self-righteous, know- it-all preachers some cogent questions for specifics, they become extremely vague, ambiguous and confused. They indulge in what they do best - they waffle in obscure and meaningless semantics. We ask them: where are these spooks and spirits supposedly located? They are up there - up in heaven, they say, pointing vaguely and indifferently in an upward direction. Really? How far up? A mile? Ten miles? A thousand miles? A billion miles? No answer.

We pursue the "up there" answer further. Since the earth is spinning around on its axis, wouldn't the "up there" at this instant be an altogether different location the next minute, the next hour or in ten or twelve hours? Anyone in their right mind knows that it would, so what do you say to that, preacher? Then, also if you were in say Chicago, wouldn't "up there" be in a completely opposite direction to a preacher in Auckland, New Zealand, pointing to an "up there"?

We next explore the contention that all three. Father, Son and Holy Ghost, are all one, and that they always existed, that it or they created the world, and in fact, the whole universe, that they run and control it. We ask the question, preacher, doesn't the New Testament say that Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem in the year 1 A.D.? Wasn't he born of a woman named Mary? How docs that jibe with your claim that he and his father "always was" or "always were"? How could he be born of Mary's womb when Mary herself didn't exist but perhaps 20 years or so before that date? How could that be? How do you reconcile such an obvious contradiction? Speak up, preacher, we want some honest answers, not a dung heap of garbage and double talk.

Furthermore, you Christian preachers claim the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - are really spirits. But then the New Testament says that Jesus Christ born out of Mary's womb, was a live, flesh and blood man, that he was born of woman and died at the age of thirty-three. We want to know, and make up your cotton-picking mind, preacher, was he a "spirit" that "always was" or was he a flesh and blood person? If the latter, what about his father, was he of flesh and blood also, and where did he come from? Did he, too, have a father, or not? If they are one and the same, the old man should also obviously be of flesh and blood. Which is it, preacher?

Next, if they are all a passel of spirits, we want to know - just what is a spirit? Does it have substance? Does it have weight? Shape? Bones? Teeth? A brain? Have you ever seen one? Has your dad, mother, uncle or aunt ever seen one? in fact, has anyone who hasn't been hallucinating in an insane asylum really ever seen a spirit, or is this Just another vague, fictitious concept dreamed up by some deceitful gang of Jewish scribblers? (Read again the chapter on "What is a Spirit?" p. 58 of RAHOWA! and "Not likely a Who", p. 1 39 of EXPANDING CREATIVITY.)

Next, we want to know something about this villain, this bad spook called Satan, upon whom all the blame is dumped, that he is responsible for all the evil in this world, that he stokes the fires in hell and tortures all those unfortunate souls whom he has conned into ending up with him in the fiery pit. Now according to your strange and wild story, preacher, you say that God is all powerful, sees all, knows all, controls all and not a hair falls from your head or a sparrow from the roof but he wills it. He created everything, planned everything and everything is in his total control. So how do you explain the existence of this nasty villain, the devil? God evidently created him. too, intentionally and deliberately. God must have also created hell. Intentionally and deliberately about the same time as he created man and intentionally and deliberately planned to send the vast majority of his greatest handiwork (that he created in his own image) to burn, fry and sizzle in hell in all eternity. That is the obvious conclusion from the strange story you are peddling, preacher. Isn't it? At the same time you tell us God loves us so much he sent his only begotten son down to save us poor, lousy sinners from being entrapped in hell. Now it seems to me that if he didn't want to see us all fry and sizzle in hell he wouldn't have created the goddamned torture chamber in the first place, now would he? Why DID he create it? Did he want to see us tortured in hell? If so, he is obviously not a loving God but a vicious, sadistic monster. It makes little sense to blame it all on Satan. After all, he must have known what he was doing when he planned and created hell and when he planned and created Satan. Did he make a hideous blooper? If so, he isn't really so all-wise, nor so all-powerful, now is he? If he did make a blooper, why doesn't he correct it right now and kill Satan and save us all from this horrible impending catastrophe? After all, you certainly wouldn't want to burn in hell, now would you? Or, if you think you might escape that booby trap, what about your children, or your other relatives? Can't God just slay old Satan and eliminate all this contemplated misery? Can't he just wipe out hell and grant amnesty to all those poor souls that are already in there sizzling in agony? If he is so all-powerful, why in the hell doesn't he do one or both of the above? We are waiting for your answer, preacher. (See the chapter on "Hell" in THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE.)

I once read about a freak that was born with one body and two heads. The biggest problem this freak had was that the two minds could never agree on anything, and at the same time they couldn't get away from each other, so they were in constant conflict and argued with themselves on a perpetual ongoing basis. If we read the Old Testament and then the New Testament, we find a similar two-headed freak with two opposing and conflicting messages. The Jewish God is a fierce, cruel monster whose motto is "vengeance is mine saith the Lord". He further sayeth "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth".

Throughout the entire Old Testament, which completely ignores Jesus Christ, there is nothing but a continuing series of warfare, murder and treachery by God's favorite pets, the perfidious Jews, with the Jews killing, killing, killing their enemies seventeen times over, and their bloodthirsty Yahweh goading them on to "smite them by the sword, every man, woman and child, every living thing that breathes".

We now come to the New Testament, which was written for the non-Jews, namely the Gentiles, the White Race, or, as the Jews derisively call them, the goyim (cattle). In this, the other head of this two-headed freak predominates and speaks throughout. What does Jesus Christ say? Well, obviously, he completely disagrees with the old man, his father, and says just the opposite to "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". Here is what he says in complete contradiction. In the Sermon of the Mount he says: love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the niggers, judge not, give no thought for the morrow, do not plan ahead, do not store up treasures on earth but store up treasures in heaven, wherever that is, and a lot of other stupid, suicidal advice. Contrast this with what the old man says about slay, rape and plunder the other peoples.

Now what in the hell is any intelligent, thinking White person to make of such a mess? How can he possibly believe in, and moreover, follow, such conflicting and contradictory advice? It is, of course. Impossible to obey both heads of such a two-headed monster, and it leaves the White Christian in a perpetual dilemma and continual conflict with himself. If he is stupid enough to believe such garbage. Yet this stupid Jewish book tells you the "Father" and the "Son" are really one, working hand in glove, and you had better believe this whole mess of garbage. Believe! believe! It keeps screaming, like a con-man trying to convince his victims.

How did the White Race ever get embroiled in such a stupid no-win booby trap? Well, it goes back a long way and proves the effectiveness of propaganda when applied repeatedly and persistently over a long period of time. I have already examined the origins of this pervasive mind scrambler called Christianity in my several books, and in case a newcomer reads this I will briefly recapitulate it here.

It more or less started with the Egyptians, although they, too, probably had predecessors for their religious ideas. The ancient Egyptians were White, they were intelligent and they developed civilization to a high degree. They were also very religious, superstitious and along with such a position, they were also highly gullible. It was the Egyptians who conceived such fictitious concepts as an everlasting soul, eternal life in the "hereafter", the idea of reward and punishment in the hereafter for acts in this life, the idea of temples and worship, and even the practice of circumcision. Although they invented a plethora of gods, they also temporarily conceived the "one god" idea that the Jews copied.

The Jews, who are an ancient Stone-age race of predators and parasites, were already among the Egyptians some four or five thousand years ago and plying their trade. While among the Egyptians they learned and adopted most of the religious concepts of the Egyptians, and being masters of deceit even then, developed these fictitious concepts into a religion of their own so that they could more effectively rob, plunder, deceive and conquer the goyim. From this developed the Jewish religion of Judaism as set down in the Old Testament and later enhanced in their Talmud. Their religion floundered along for a millennium and a half and at some time was based in Palestine. The Jews, however, were conquered by a number of more powerful neighbors from time to time, such as the Assyrians, the Babylonians and lastly the Romans. It was during the Roman occupation of Palestine and the destruction of Jerusalem that the Jew, Saul of Tarsus, who later became the Christians' "St. Paul", conceived of a brain bomb with which to destroy the great Roman civilization and its Empire. (See "Confessions of a Jew" p. 286 in the WMB.)

Taking a page from the suicidal Essene religion, he devised a new religion called Christianity, a poisonous mind scrambler, and successfully fed it to the Romans. Strange as it may seem, the Romans bought this poisonous garbage and the rest is history. The Roman Empire did indeed collapse and the White Race sank into the slimy pit of the Dark Ages. It remained in this state of ignorance, superstition and misery for a period of twelve hundred years, and in fact, has not fully recovered even to this day. Christianity is still with us, rampant like a virulent cancer on the brain, and is now bringing to a climax what this treacherous Jew, Saul of Tarsus, set out to do some nineteen centuries ago - the destruction of the White Race.

Our only salvation now is to expose this nefarious and sinister Jewish conspiracy, to awaken the White Race to its imminent peril, and to arouse and organize this still slumbering giant - Nature's Finest. This can only be done by destroying Jewish Christianity and replacing it by a militant racial religion designed for the survival and salvation of the White Race. That religion is Creativity - the first and the only comprehensive racial religion the White Race has ever had. We are not helpless. There are still 500 million members of our species on this planet. But time is running out. Let us therefore dedicate ourselves anew, put our shoulder to the wheel and rally the White Race. Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize!

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XIX - The Strange Story About the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Chapter 34