Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XXIV - The Holohoax and the Spookahoax

Undoubtedly, throughout the history of mankind the Jews have been, and are today, the most flagrant and pernicious liars of all time. They have spawned and promoted thousands of lies, small lies, big lies, and outrageous lies. To their credit, they have been remarkably successful in putting their lies across to the gullible goyim, and weaving them into the warp and woof of accepted history. In so doing they have reaped astonishing profits and benefits for their own parasitic cohorts, and wreaked tremendous havoc and damage on their gentile victims. They are indeed the unchallenged masters of deceit, and in the art of lying no other people even come close.

Although the Jews' origins are lost in the mists of history, their known story begins in Egypt some 3500 to 4000 years ago. One of the earliest lies they promoted that persists unto this very day is that they were slaves in Egypt and the wicked Pharaoh of the day would not let them go. What real history has been uncovered seems to indicate just the opposite. Although the story of Joseph and his brethren is purely symbolic (see RL #50), it signifies the fact that as early as 4000 years ago the Jews were already an organized group of parasites and ravaged one of the White Man's earliest great civilizations. In fact, they became so obnoxious the Egyptians after being at their mercy for several hundred years finally got their act together and ran them out of the country. Contrary to the claims they "would not let their people go", the Egyptians were damn glad to get rid of these pernicious parasites.

Another major lie the Jews have managed to imbed in their religion and in Christianity is that they are "God's chosen people". This lie, too, has stuck in the minds of the White people for the last twenty centuries, and is still imbedded there today. From this monumental lie the Jews have reaped tremendous profits, and in fact it has been instrumental in helping them gain control of the world, its finances, its governments and its total propaganda apparatus.

The most recent major lie that has wreaked havoc and disaster upon the White Race and been extremely profitable to the Jews is their outrageous claims about a "holocaust". This lie, too, has been so thoroughly broadcast and promoted throughout the world that most gullible goy yokels have come to accept it as an historical fact. This massive lie purports to claim that during and before World War II Hitler and the Germans had a deliberate program of exterminating Jews, and that by means of gas chambers, ovens and other organized programs actually did exterminate and rid the world of six million Jews. To hear the Jews tell it they were the sole victims of World War II.

It would undoubtedly have been a blessing for mankind if it had actually happened, but unfortunately it did not, and this, too. Is a blatant Jewish lie. The facts are, that whereas some 50 million White people died in this senseless slaughter between White nations who should have known better, very few victims were Jews. They were, in fact, safely ensconced in Los Angeles, in Chicago, in New York, and on Wall Street they were making fantastic wartime profits. Despite the fact that WWII was basically a Jewish war, instigated by the worldwide Jewish Cabal, fought solely on behalf of the Jews, yet damn few Jews died in this idiotic internecine war of genocide between White nations. On the contrary, if we look at the tremendous losses by the Germans, by the Russians, by the British, by the Poles, by the French, by the Romanians and numerous other White nations, we find that all came out sorry losers. Only the Jews and the international Jewish bankers came out as fat winners. In fact, the Jews were the only victors, and it was undoubtedly the biggest victory in the history of this perfidious parasite.

The Jews and the parasitic state of Israel have profited handsomely from the catastrophe called World War II. While the White Men fought mainly against each other and died by the millions, the Jews not only made hundreds of billions in wartime profits but the Jewish bankers also saddled the victim nations with trillions in "national debts" on which we and our future generations will pay "interest" forever and a day.

To make sure that the finger would not be pointed at them for instigating this major world catastrophe, the Jews came up with their most gigantic lie in modem times, namely the "six million" lie, the "holocaust" hoax. Not only did this make the guilty party seem like the poor unfortunate victims, but it has enabled the Jews to successfully rob the Germans of billions in “compensation" for their supposed crime against the Jews. It has also enabled them to steal the state of Palestine from the Arabs, and give the Jew-controlled government of the United States the excuse to dole out billions each year to the parasitic state of Israel. It has also enabled the Jews to tighten the screws on the White people of the nations in Europe and especially in the United States to accept the so-called "civil rights" laws, giving the niggers and other mud races special privileges in preference to the White population. It has furthermore allowed all the scum and parasites of the mud countries of the world to invade and settle in our territory - the Mexicans, the Vietnamese, the Asiatics, the niggers from African countries, the list is endless. (Read CO No. 37, "The Six Million Lie" in The White Man's Bible.)

There are a number of White racial organizations that have spent a lot of time and effort in trying to expose the holocaust lie, and it is now commonly known as the "holohoax". Foremost in this effort are such people as French historian Professor Paul Rassinler; Dr. Arthur Butz, who wrote the scholarly book "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century"; The institute of Historical Review; and more recently Ernst Zundel in the Canadian "holocaust" trials has done much to draw worldwide attention to this monstrous lie. There are numerous other men and organizations who have and are today doing their best to expose this Jewish fraud upon humanity. Yet with the tremendous propaganda apparatus the Jews have in their hands the Jewish lie about the holohoax still prevails in the minds of most people.

We of the Church of the Creator have collaborated in exposing this massive hoax. However, unlike most White racial organizations, we have given it secondary prominence and concentrated most of our fire on the major original Jewish lie that they have foisted on the White peoples of the world for nearly 2000 years, namely Jewish Christianity. We call it the "Spookahoax", or "The Spooks in the Sky Swindle". (See C.C. No. 47 and several other chapters in The White Man's Bible.) We are convinced that it was the Christianity hoax that spelled the doom of the White Race and the ascendancy of Jewish power, until today the Jews control the money, the governments and the propaganda machinery of the world. How they did this is interestingly described by Marcus Ell Ravage, a Jew himself. In his 1 928 essay "A Real Case against the Jews" (see C.C. No. 43 of The White Man's Bible.) Although in bragging about the Jewish conquest of the goyim through the hoax of Christianity he does slip in a few deliberate curves (he pretends that Christ actually existed), nevertheless his story pretty well tells it as it was, and as it is. Whereas we White Racial Loyalists - Creators want to encourage people like Zundel, Rassinler and Butz to continue their barrage in exposing the holohoax, we believe that it is not the key answer but more of an adjunct to solving the problem.

We are convinced that the key problem to expose and to overcome is Jewish Christianity. It is the most pernicious and damaging lie to the future survival of the White Race. We say categorically that unless and until we thoroughly expose and rout Jewish Christianity from the innermost thoughts of the 500 million White people still surviving on this planet today, until such time we will never get the Jewish monster off our backs.

We furthermore are convinced that it is impossible to destroy Jewish Christianity by merely attacking it and trying to expose it. Many brilliant thinkers such as Voltaire, Nietzsche, Thomas Paine, Col. Robert Ingersoll and Atheistic organizations have unsuccessfully tried to do this over the centuries. The reason they have failed is simple: you can't fight something with nothing. Adolf Hitler, in racking his brains in the early stages of trying to destroy Marxism in Germany, came to the same conclusion: in order to fight a poison (like Marxism) you must necessarily have a more powerful (Gegengift) counter-poison to destroy it. In essence he was saying what was needed in order to destroy Marxism was a more powerful idea or ideology, backed by a more powerful organization and movement in order to not only attack the enemy but to destroy it and to replace it. The result was the Nazi movement, whose ideology was based on his book, Mein Kampf, bolstered by millions of well-organized members and supporters. When you do this, then you have a real powerhouse capable of smashing the enemy.

The situation is the same in combating the poisonous Jewish creed spawned by Jew Saul of Tarsus and now known as Christianity. In a series of articles which preceded this final summary, we have relentlessly exposed the Jewish lies inherent in Christianity. But we have not only attacked and exposed. We have given our White Racial Comrades a powerful racial and religious creed and program to rally around and replace decadent, rotten Jewish Christianity. In Creativity we have set in motion a completely new (but really old as time itself) set of values, a real revolution of values from the present accepted insanity. Instead of being based on myths, fairy tales, and incredible stupidity, our religion is based on the eternal truths of Nature, on her laws and on Nature's infallible wisdom. We don't have to lie to anybody, we don't have to deceive, we don't have to come up with a series of implausible explanations and double talk. We just let the facts speak for themselves, loud and clear.

In Creativity we now have the most comprehensive, the most complete, fully structured religion in the history of mankind. In fact, it is the only meaningful racial religion the White Race has ever created for its own benefits and its own best interests in 6000 years of civilization. It embraces all the important, meaningful aspects of racial well-being and for building a sound and stable world for our future. It is a four dimensional program: A sound mind in a sound body in a sound society in a sound environment. It is designed to implement and safeguard the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race, and the White Race alone. We have come to the inescapable conclusion that the White Race cannot survive in a world flooded with mud races, nor can Creativity and Christianity coexist in the same world. One or the other will triumph and survive, the other will not. We also conclude that unless Jewish Christianity is destroyed and replaced by Creativity, the White Race is hopelessly doomed to genocide and extinction.

So, White Man, awake and join with us! Spread the Word of the one and only, true and revolutionary WHITE RACIAL RELIGION - CREATIVITY! Propagandize! Proselytize! Organize! This Planet is all ours! If not Creativity, what else is there? If not now, when? RAHOWA!

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told

Part XXIV - The Holohoax and the Spookahoax

Chapter 39