Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told - Conclusion of the Wildest Stories Series

We have learned from the preceding twenty four chapters that the Jewish "Holy Bible", far from being "holy", is in reality a collection of dirty, obscene Jewish stories that are repugnant and revolting to any intelligent, decent member of the White Race. The so-called "moral" content of these stories is not only non-existent, but on the contrary, anyone following the example and the life style of these criminal murderers, thieves, whoremongers, pimps and reprobates would be regarded as a pariah and outcast even in today's crumbling and degenerating society. And well they should be. I can think of no book that eulogized a worse cast of unsavory characters as the "heroes" of their stories than does the Jewish Bible. Not only are they a horrible example to teach to our young and impressionable children, but the advice that a mythical Jewish bastard dispenses in the "New" Testament is completely suicidal and insane. To think that we have been venerating such trash and perpetuating its continuity by forcing it upon our children over the last eighteen centuries is almost beyond belief, and a sick indicator of an unbalanced mind and mass insanity.

We Creators throw all this Jewish garbage overboard and look elsewhere for our values and our moral guidance. When I first started looking for a better set of moral values as a replacement for the sick concoction contained in Jewish Christianity, I asked myself this basic question: What can a reasonable and logical person really believe in? The answer came to me loud and clear: You can believe in the Eternal Laws of Nature! They are immutable, steadfast, unchanging and logical. In them is contained all the real and meaningful wisdom that civilized and intelligent mankind has accumulated over the several thousands years of progress that we call civilization.

Nature tells us many things, and in our sacred religious books we have tried to glean the essence of the morals and philosophy that Nature demonstrates to us. Some of the basic lessons that Nature teaches us are that we should take care of our own, protect our own, multiply and advance our own species. It does not teach us to love our enemies, to feed, subsidize or interbreed with other near species such as the mud races, but to take care of our own. This we have structured and formulated into our own religion for the White Race. We call it CREATIVITY. It is our unswerving goal to promote our natural Creed and Program until such time as the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race is securely established on our one and only domicile called Planet Earth, and the multitude of enemies that now threaten our very existence have been reduced to a mere distant memory. RAHOWA!

Book II - The Wildest Stories Ever Told Conclusion of the Wildest Stories Series

Chapter 40