Book I - Comparative Religions  Part III - Christianity

The Spooks in the Sky Swindle finds its ultimate manifestation in Jewish Christianity.

The fundamental premises of Christianity are based on a chain of fictitious abstractions, which, taken either singly or collectively form a bizarre  nightmare that is an affront to any thinking man's intellect. These fictitious fantasies go something like this.

There are spooks in the sky — somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, - who control our lives, who control world events and control the universe. These spooks are omnipresent and continually looking over our shoulders, taking notes and recording our every word and every action. Not only our words and actions, but even our every thought is put on record in that super-computer in the sky.

Talk about the mass of material the Jews have in their supercomputer in Tel Aviv! But even that is small potatoes compared to that super-duper computer in the sky needed to record every word deed and thought of the burgeoning 5 billion people now living, not to mention all the garbage stored up for those already dead, but waiting for "Judgment Day." It must really overload the circuits in the sky. No wonder we have repeated short circuits and flashes of lightning up there on high.

The fantasy goes on. When we die we will have all this accumulated garbage thrown back in our face. We will be held accountable for every word, deed, thought, and woe betide! If you are found wanting and meandered from the mainline, or made some mistakes, it's the pits for you, the fiery sulphurous pits, that is. And since none of us are perfect, guess where 99 and 44/1 00 percent of us will go. Of course now there might be some exceptions, like the Jerry Falwells who kow-towed obediently and subserviently to God's Chosen. But you can never be sure, and that includes Jerry Falwell, the Pope and Billy Graham. Who knows what evil thoughts might sometimes have lurked in the dark recesses of their twisted little minds. Even Jimmy Carter admitted there have been times when he lusted.

Now not all these spooks in the sky are surveying and taking notes. Only the "good guys" are doing that. But spooks evidently come in a great variety of forms, shapes and sizes and not all of them are "good," in the eyes of the "Holy Scriptures." Like in the movies you always have the good guys and the bad guys, so too, up there in those nebulous skies on high, you also have the "bad" spooks. These have names like Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, and a host of other names. This is for the head honcho alone. But he is not alone. We hear repeatedly in the Christian preachers' repertoire of hell-fire and brimstone about "Satan and his minions," and much more.

The most interesting aspect of this whole concocted story is this: whereas in the movies, where after a valiantly fought battle between the good guys and the bad guys, usually (at least, it used to be that a-way) the good guy wins and demolishes the bad guy and "his minions," not so in the battle on high. There the war goes on, and on and on. Although the Lord (the good guy) is all-powerful and what he says goes (after all, it's his set-up, he created all) nevertheless there is no victory over the bad guy. The Lord and Lucifer have been at it now supposedly for 6000 years, and are still locked into a Mexican stand-off. Well, not exactly either. Satan is winning, hands down. For every one that is "saved" from the fiery pit, Satan will get at least 99, probably 99 and 44/100. Evidently in this Spooks in the Sky story, the good guys don't win. As Leo Durocher used to say, "the good guys come in last."

Does this sound like a droll cock-and-bull story? It does to me, but you can go into any one of 200,000 Christian churches (in the United States alone) and hear the same stupid story being preached by hundreds of thousands of preachers, week after week after week. Their versions might differ a little, but essentially that is the basic story, the Gospel, the Lord's word or whatever. Not only from the pulpit of all the Christian churches is this idiotic story being broadcast, but of late, even more effectively (and more profitably) from the electronic con-artists employing the Jewish boob-tube.

But that isn't the end of the story. Actually, the Lord and Satan are really on excellent terms, as are the U.S. government and the Russian communists. (Read again Creative Credo No. 50 in the White Man's Bible, "Observations about the Devil and Hell.") The main villain is not particularly suffering. Satan and God are having a ball, playing games with us poor sinners, seeing who can come up with the biggest score, and the game score was predicted even before it began -- the Devil is the overwhelming winner, hands down. It is we, us no good, lousy sinners who are the real losers. It is we, who will be suffering in that fiery pit. It's a crooked, stacked set-up. And what a ghastly torture chamber it is. Billions and billions of souls will be burning in there, wailing and gnashing their teeth, (do souls have teeth?) forever, and ever, and ever.

No reprieve, no amnesty, no "take five out," no knocking off for weekends or vacations. Just a hard-nosed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of excruciating pain and torture, forever, and ever, and ever.

What does the good and loving Lord think of it? Well, evidently he thinks its great sport. After all, he dreamed it all up, designed the whole goddamned setup, and will be running his torture chamber from here to eternity. Evidently he deliberately wanted to put all of these billions in the fiery torture chamber and torture the hell out of them, or he would never have constructed his sadistic hell in the first place, now would he?

Where did such a bizarre mental nightmare come from? How can so many hundreds of millions of people become ensnared in such an idiotic booby-trap and at the same time be more than willing to shell out 40 billion dollars a year in the United States alone to perpetuate and perpetrate such fiendish and sadistic clap-trap on their own children, their own offspring?

It's a long story, and to go back to the beginning, we should, I suppose, start with the Egyptians, the first really great White Civilization in  history. The Egyptians were a highly intelligent people. They had the unusual advantage of living in the Valley of the Nile where for thousands of years they were (more or less) sheltered from hostile intrusion on all four sides. As a result they had a long time in which to develop and cultivate their own civilization and their own culture. This they did, and their civilization lasted for perhaps three thousand years, a period of time longer than that of any other. It died when their genes became poisoned by admixture with the inferior black Nubians to the South.

Whereas this mongrelization of the White Egyptian Race may be deemed as a conquest of sorts by inferiors, it was not forced upon them, but self- administered. This was a conquest of a most vicious character that spelled the death knell of the great Egyptian White Race. It was the result of stupidity and criminal negligence in failing to recognize (a) the precious value of their racial genes, and (b) how to protect their gene pool from mongrelization and racial poisoning. It can be categorized as one of the major tragedies of history.

Be that as it may, their religion was in large part to blame for this major tragedy, since hardly any White culture in Ancient Civilization was so  obsessed with the "spirit" world and life in the hereafter. It is, in fact, the Ancient Egyptians, who had 3,000 years to evolve their religion, to  whom we are indebted for practically every fictitious concept and abstraction for what later became Christianity. I have listed these concepts before under Judaism, but I believe it is germane that I list them again. They are (a) the idea of a "soul" (b) the idea of "eternal life" (c) the idea of "gods" (d) the idea of offerings and supplications to appease the god or gods (f) the idea of baptism (purification by ablution) (g) the idea of building grandiose temples to duplicate and honor their gods (h) circumcision of the infants, and a number of other beliefs, customs and rituals, including vague ideas of heaven and hell. The second stage was the intrusion of the parasitic Jew into the Egyptian domain. The uncreative Jews were shrewd enough to copy most of the Egyptian concepts, and with a few modifications, in- corporate them into a tribal religion of their own, a religion that at once was more pragmatic and at the same time utilized to the utmost to preserve and enhance the fortunes of the parasitic Jews.

The third stage in the evolvement of the Christian religion was set in the heart of the Roman Empire. When in the first century of the Common Era (C.E.) Rome was at her height, the minor province of Judea was one of its many conquests. When the intractable Jews proved rebellious and obstreperous, Emperor Vespasian sent in General Titus to quell the rebellion. This he did in a siege that lasted less than two years. In the process he leveled Jerusalem to the ground, in the typical custom of the day.

But the Jews proved a tougher conquest than the Romans had bargained for. In trying to "digest" the little province, the Romans in fact were swallowing a racial poison, as history has later shown. The Jews did not conquer the Romans by confrontation of superior arms. On the contrary, they were so vastly inferior in this respect that it would have been no contest. Instead they used their most lethal weapon — religion, propaganda, deceit and intrigue in all which they had no rivals and still do not today. In short, they used the "B" bomb the brain bomb, in which they have been fantastically successful. Christianity was their major weapon and Saul of Tarsus was the key Jew to have instigated the conspiracy. The Jews sold the once virile and warlike Romans a suicidal religion in which pacifism, self-denial and self-destruction became the supreme virtues of the new religion. In short, they turned the once aggressive, powerful Romans into a chaotic mass of whimpering wimps.

How did they do this? Well, Marcus Eli Ravage, a wily Jew of the 20th Century, brags about it, and he tells the story better than I can. (Read  again "Confessions of a Jew" Creative Credo No. 43 in The White Man's Bible.) Basis of Christianity. The whole Christian religion is based on a key figure called Jesus Christ, half man and half God, who is supposed to have walked the face of the earth circa 1 to 33 C.E. There is however not a scintilla of genuine historical evidence out- side of its own concocted fables that such a character ever existed. Although both the Greeks and the Romans of those times were highly literate, no contemporary historian, poet, writer, or chronicler of the times has ever so much as written a single line of corroboration of all the cock-and-bull events claimed in the New Testament. It is all based on the supposed stories of "the Gospels" Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, but no contemporary writer of the times ever heard of them either, or, at least saw fit to take note of them. The few historical "facts" that emerge is that these same fantasies had been pulled together from pre-existing fables then extant, and were now peddled as the genuine article. In fact, the story of a crucified "savior" had been told in 16 previous other religions and was now being recycled for the 17th time.

Where did the suicidal ideas inherent in Christianity come from? There is no mystery about this question, however. There existed on the shores of the Dead Sea a small Jewish sect called The Essenes. Their hero was the "Teacher of Righteousness" and they practiced communal living, self-denial and shunned marriage and family life. But even more important, they taught and practiced pacifism and promoted every suicidal concept (such as: sell all thou hast, love your enemies, turn the other cheek, judge not) at least a century before the supposed birth of Christ.

The shrewd and wily Saul of Tarsus (who later became the Christians' St. Paul) saw in their suicidal teachings the very germ of a religion that  could be utilized to destroy the proud and haughty Romans. How successful he was and how the Romans took the poisoned bait history has recorded.

The Jews were successful beyond their fondest dreams and 1300 years of the Dark Ages set in as Rome crumbled. The Jewish poison is still festering in the brains of hundreds of millions of White Christians today, and is the key to the Jewish domination, rape and looting to which the White Race supinely allows itself to be subjected.

Christianity vs. Creativity - A Comparison

Basic Goals

CHRISTIANITY -- To "save" peoples' "souls" from a fictitious hell in the "hereafter," because God loves mankind so dearly. Why the same Jewish God that created the victims also created a hell to put them in, has never been explained. After this same loving God "sacrificed" his one and only son on the cross to beef up the "salvation" program, that program also failed miserably, and, it, too, has never been satisfactorily explained.

Christianity shuns life in the real world as of no value, but only as a preparation for the "hereafter."

CREATIVITY'S basic goals are (a) the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race, (b) A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment, (c) To build a new, a Whiter and Brighter World.

Basic Books

CHRISTIANITY is based on: (a) THE OLD TESTAMENT, which is basically a self-concocted history of the Jewish Race (the Israelites) and Yahweh s unending devotion to, and love affair with, this parasitic tribe of Semites. There is not a shred of historical basis to its concocted "history," nor is there any scientific evidence for its Creation hypothesis of the World being "created" 6000 years ago in a 6 day period. The Old Testament constitutes 75 per cent of the "Holy Bible" and never so much as mentions Jesus Christ, (b) THE NEW TESTAMENT. It is all about the life of a circumcised Jew named Jesus Christ, who supposedly lived circa 1-33 C.E., but again not a shred of historical evidence to verify this story. The teachings of Christ were already promoted by a small religious cult called the Essenes, who pre-dated the supposed Christ era by a century.

CREATIVITY - is founded on three basic books: (a) NATURE'S ETERNAL RELIGION -- lays the foundation for the religion of CREATIVITY, (b) THE WHITE MAN'S BIBLE -- reinforces and expands upon the first book, and introduces the idea of Salubrious Living -- a program for achieving the ultimate in superb health and well-being, (c) SALUBRIOUS LIVING — spells this program out in detail -- including the details about nutrition, fasting, exercise, environment, and eugenics. Spelled out in 14 specific points.

Basic Beliefs are Founded Upon:

CHRISTIANITY -- beliefs are based on the supernatural. Essentially geared to denouncing the real world and focusing on a fictitious heaven and a hell in the "hereafter." A collection of superstitions, myths and fantasies that appeal to the naive and gullible, but are an affront to any informed, reasoning man or woman.

CREATIVITY -- beliefs based upon reality -- the Eternal Laws of Nature, the life and welfare of the White Race on this Planet Earth. Based upon the Experience of History, and upon Common Sense.

Racial Attitudes

CHRISTIANITY -- promotes the idea that we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord (except the Jews are his overwhelming favorite) and therefore  race-mixing is just great. Also, we owe the less fortunate (the niggers and the mud races) everything we have. We should love them, marry them, feed them and house them. (Sell all thou hast, love our enemies, etc.)  CREATIVITY -- takes a completely opposite view on the racial position. We follow Nature's Eternal Laws, which clearly state: take care of your  own. CREATIVITY views mongrelization of the White Race as the ultimate horror and does not view the Jews as "God's Chosen." Rather it categorizes the Jews as mankind's most persistent parasite, and a major disaster for the White Race. Our GOLDEN RULE says it all: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

Christianity is the philosophy of a born loser.  *****

It would do little good for the White Race to inherit the Planet Earth if all thou inherit is a poisoned garbage heap.


The Dark Ages of European civilization were at their worst when Jewish Christianity was at its peak.


Spooks in the Sky: Unseen, unheard, unfelt, unsmelt, unknown, unreal.

Book I - Comparative Religions  Part III - Christianity

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