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Carlos Porter Presents "Made in Russia -- the Holocaust" (Part 1 of 12) filmed 1989 NEW
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a) Incredible pedal-driven brain-bashing machine; excerpt read aloud but not shown: USSR 52 - Report on Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen Concentration Camps; extract: confession of Paul Waldmann (pp. 9 -12 of report, consisting of approximately 15 very closely printed pages).

(break in tape appears after words "as soon as the prisoner had been killed"; apparently mistakenly spliced)

b) Photograph of Dr. Kongs who lost weight after having been released from Buchenwald, photograph from BUCHENWALD, published by the AMICALE BUCHENWALD, LUXEMBOURG (probably 1984 or 1985).

c) Overweight concentration camp inmates on locomotive, photographed on May 6, 1945 at Ebensee, Mauthausen, Archives Jean Magerus, Amicale Mauthausen, published in the Luxembourger Wort, on May 4, 1985, p. 18, as well as in the book BILLER AUS DEM KRICH, Editions St. Paul, Luxembourg, photograph 260, re-published in the Luxembourger Wort on 21 April 1990, page number unknown. (Jean Magerus is the inmate wearing round glasses, at front, far left, in picture of inmates on locomotive).

Ref.: Biller aus dem Krich, Editions de L'imprimerie Saint-Paul S.A. Luxembourg, 1985. Amis de l'Histoire du Roeserbann, Norbert Quintus, Fernand Heischling, Georges Holzmacher, Paul Schilitz. Photos 256-260, source: Archives Jean Majerus, Amicale Mauthausen. Luxembourger Wort archive reference: B549.

d) Healthy, happy, overweight Luxembourgers posing with "living skeletons": photograph published on Luxembourger Wort, May 4, 1985, p. 18, from the Archives Jean Magerus, Amicale Mauthausen, accompanied by stories of mistreatment and torture.

e) Overweight, happy, healthy Luxembourgers posing in front of railway goods van or freight car, returning from Unterwellenborn Saalfeld Umsiedlungslager in Thüringen, published in Luxembourger Wort on April 26, 1985, p. 11, "Virun Joer: Liberatioun... D'Liberatioun vun Unterwellenborn/Saalfeld an Thürigen de 14 Abrell 1945, wei ech se erlieft hun als Emsiedler". Photo bears caption: Heimkehr: 22 May 1945.

f) Smiling female inmates in Leubus Umsiedlungslager in Poland published in LUXEMBOURGER WORT, 26 April 1985, p. 11, (same page as above); article entitled "Dee langsten Heemwee… aus de Lageren Mittelstein, Hirschberg, Bunzlau, Odessa a Russland no Marseille op Letzeburg, by Famill Schoettert vu Wolz, Emsiddler no,. 482, with discussion of tour group visiting Umsiedlungslager: "Pelerinage de Souvenir 1945-1985"; photo bears caption "Komfort in Leubus". See also book ALS LUXEMBOURG ENTVÖLKERT WERDEN SOLLTE: GESCHICHTE UND GESCHICHTEN DER UMSIEDLUNG, GLEITWORT VON PIERRE GREGOIRE, MINISTER FÜR KUNST UND WISSENSCHAFT, VERLAG BOURG-BOURGER, LUXEMBOUERG, 1969. AUTHOR: EVY FRIEDRICH. Reprinted by Imprimerie St. Paul, 1969. Luxembourger Wort archive reference: A675.

Please note: The author's name is spelled "Friedrich", without "s". I misspelled it for many years, for which I apologize.

The book shows inmates dressed up as Santa Claus (p. 25), enjoying Christmas parties (p. 29), with Christmas trees and complete decorations (p. 111), wearing funny hats at New Year's parties (p. 88), playing cards (p. 48), enjoying a haircut given by another Luxembourger and receiving proper dental care (p. 49), playing hopscotch and children's games (p. 57), getting married with full bridal gown, tuxedo, etc.; (p. 89), etc. etc. There is hardly a single photograph in which these people are not all smiling; see, in particular, p. 75), p. 107). Many of these Umsiedlungslager" locations were extremely beautiful (particularly, Leubus and Schloß Boberstein); the latter was used as a holiday resort by the Poles after the war.

g) Cover photo: healthy inmates in front of swimming pool with sprinkler system, high diving board, and wearing wrist watches, photographed at Ebensee, Mauthausen, on May 6, 1946. Pictures appears in BILLER AUS DEM KRICH, Editions St. Paul, Luxembourg [see (c) above) photograph 257, no page number; on the same page. Photograph 258 shows overweight inmates posing with "living skeletons" [same photograph as in (d), above]; photograph 260 shows overweight, healthy, happy, smiling inmates on locomotive [same photograph as in (c), above]; this same photograph was also published in the Luxembourger Wort, May 6, 1985, p. 18; republished in the Luxembourger Wort on 21 April 1990, page number unknown.

The caption to the photo of healthy inmates in front of a swimming pool in BILLER AUS DEM KRICH reads, in French and German: "The SS were the incarnation of human cruelty"[!]. The myth of German cruelty is a sort of mirage which prevents people from believing the evidence of their senses.

That the pool was inside the prisoner compound is proven by its immediate proximity to crude wooden barracks, also shown. A sprinkler system is shown squirting water in the background, i.e., there must have been flower beds or lawns.


i) COVER PAGE OF USSR-8, also known as 008-USSR, Soviet War Crimes Report; translation posted on this website.

j) COVER PAGE OF USSR-52, pp. 9-12, same as (a) above;

k) Discussion of ease with which photocopies can be faked. The document used for illustration purposes appears at the beginning of every IMT document volume to illustrate the IMT transcription procedure with abbreviations. Document A is the original, while Document B contains an inserted quote from Alice in Wonderland.

l) Document NO-4498-B, with typewritten signature by Rudolf Höß, certified authentic by Jan Sehn, Communist judge in Poland (discussed in NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG, last page of document reproduced on p. 414 of MADE IN RUSSIA, the book).

m) Appendix to document USSR-93, Soviet War Crimes report on plundering of art treasures in Poland, specifically libraries, contains statements of Yankiel Wiernick, who later resurfaced in Demjanjuk Trial. Alleged German law text could not be found in Reichsgazette. Typewritten "signature" by Frick. One line of this "official German document" is in English.

n) 212-PS, negative photostat of true copy with word "Abschrift" at top of page; introduced into evidence against Rosenberg, without signature, stamps, etc.

o) 1721-PS, introduced into evidence against the SA; page 1 signed by Jüttner, page 2 with forged signature; negative photocopy from the Hague, the National Archives possess a positive photocopy, the "original" is a "photocopy".

Discussion of quotation by William L. Shirer, quoting USSR-8; not shown; see my translation of USSR-8 on this website

References to 1721-PS: 137-141 IMT XXI, 195-198 IMT XXI 405 XXI , 148-150 XXII see Füß and Lücke 7 May 1946 before Nuremberg Commission (discussed in NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG)

Discussion of Nuremberg Commission transcript.

p) Fake document D-728 withdrawn by prosecution after objections by Göring; document is a copy on plain paper containing word "Gerichtlichkeiten", "an die Herren Kreisleiter" with typewritten "signature" by Sprenger (reproduced on page 267 of MADE IN RUSSIA, the book)

Reference to forged document, not shown, reproduced on pp. 407 of book MADE IN RUSSIA under heading: "This document is a forgery voluntarily withdrawn by the prosecution at Nuremberg; who forged it and why?" (Answer: Document 130-PS was forged by German church groups to discredit Alfred Rosenberg.)

q) USSR-470 document in Serbo-Croat, with typewritten signature in Serbo-Croat by Keitel, shown to Jodl. (Error in video: Keitel appeared first, before Jodl; thus statement "then Keitel came along and they didn't show it to him" is incorrect. The fact remains they didn't show it to Keitel, who was alleged to have signed it. "Translation into German" of same document.

r) Document NO-1210, confession by Rudolf Höß in which the English "translation" was written first, with extensive interpolations, two different first drafts of p. 4, two different first drafts of p. 5, (discussed in NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG under section on "Rudolf Höß").

s) Document USSR-196; "human soap recipe"; German document accompanied by Russian translation: was the "translation" written first? On impossibility of making soap this way, see essay by chemist Robert Frenz

t) Original retyped Soviet copy of USSR 197, "human soap maker confession" of Sigmund Mazur; document retyped to make the copy (Russian "original" reproduced on this website, as well as in the French brochure CARLOS PORTER REPOND A SES ACCUSATEURS available second hand; English translation reproduced on pp. 368-76 of MADE IN RUSSIA, the book.)

Mention of human soap exhibit itself, at the Peace Palace of the Hague, Exhibit USSR-393, never forensically tested, not shown in video.

u) Translation in pencil of "human soap recipe", USSR-196, word "human" inserted in translation; was "translation" written first?

v) Typewritten translation of "human soap recipe" USSR-196 mentioned by William L. Shirer, giving source as USSR 8, p. 196. This is a document which Shirer has never seen, because USSR-8 is only about 25 pages long.

"Recipe" is USSR-196. "Confession" is USSR-197.

National archives have negative photostat of USSR-197, the Peace Palace has a positive photostat of USSR-197 and the original of USSR-196.

w) USSR 264 and USSR 272, statements of John Henry Witton and William Anderson Neely respectively, human soap statements having nothing in common with statement of Sigmund Mazur, both of them were "told" [!] that the fat removed from bodies in Anatomical Institute was being made into soap.

Mention of documents USSR 471,471, 472, Affidavits 4 and 5 of Blaskowitz and Halder; not shown.

Discusion of statement of statement of John Henry Witton, USSR-264.

Mistake in video text, "pp 597-600" of IMT instead of "497-600").

x) Personal letter from William Anderson Neely, handwritten, dated 21 June 1984.

Newspaper article: "Holocaust Expert Rejects Charge that Nazis Made Soap from Jews" by Jehuda Bauer.

Mention of Human Hair Sock document USSR 511, not shown; reproduced on my website; not shown.

[newsreel film footage of Nuremberg Trial]

y) Page from directions of use of Zyklon, NI-9912.

z) Document NI-036, interrogation of Rudolf Höß, answer to question 25 (discussed in NOT GUILTY AT NUREMBERG, section on Rudolf Höß). (NO-036, originally indicated, is an error).

aa) 2992-PS, negative affidavit of Document, statement by Hermann Fried Gräbe, translated by Elizabeth Radzijewska, witnessed by Col. Homer B. Crawford, with negative photostat of "original German document". "GEHEIM!" is handwritten [!]. (For innocuous use of word "Sonderaktion" and "Sonderkommando", see IMT VI 14,18, German text)

bb) Page of testimony before Nuremberg Commission not possessed by National Archives, located at the Hague but not readily available.

Excerpt from The Tokyo Judgement, including the Dissentient Judgement of Justice Pal at International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo Trial), published by University of Amsterdam; apparently impossible to find in this edition or under this title. I have the entire Tokyo Trial transcript, (52,000 pages), including this judgement. Pal's judgement was published in book form India in the early 1950s with photographs. The Peace Palace of the Hague have a copy of it. The book appears to be impossible to find second hand. It would probably be available through international library loan.
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  Ernst Zundel Interviews Carlos Porter NEW
Carlos Porter Presents "Made in Russia -- the Holocaust" (Part 1 of 12) filmed 1989 NEW
Mirrored Here (probably more reliable)