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nizkoprophagists (a.k.a. Nizkor) refute Porter on Swindler's Mist

[Mist = manure in German]

[From the Nizkor ADL lie site]


Deceit & Misrepresentation
The Techniques of Holocaust Denial

Appendix 1
Carlos Porter & Schindler's List


[The Nizkor technique has always been to pick a small number of points, usually from the very beginning of an article because they are too lazy to read any further, create confusion without proving anything, then pontificate about revisionist "deceit and misrepresentation". In this case, the harm done is minimal because the original article by PORTER is reproduced on the same site, although in a different file.


The only important points made by Nizkor in their "refutation" involve a deliberate confusion between Degesch disinfestation chambers and homicidal gas chambers, followed by a reference to an "official German document" to which no reference is given by Nizkor. The document is a forgery which I have reproduced on this site.]

Only 4 points are dealt with by Nizkor, the first four.



[posted by Dan Gannon, but never posted on CODOH in English simply because the references are in French]

Dear Sirs,

It might be noted that the book SCHINDLER'S LIST (an admitted work of fiction) contains the following factual assertions which are UNTRUE:


CLAIM: Zyklon becomes instantly gaseous (page 432 of French J'AI LU paperback translation)

TRUTH: actual dosage: 16 gr/m2 over a 24 hour exposure to kill clothes moths according to Document NI-9912, Directions for Use of Zyklon. The area must be ventilated for 2 days.


CLAIM: Zyklon served no purpose other than mass murder. Zyklon and crematory ovens are proof of mass murder (pages 159, 417).

TRUTH: Zyklon was invented as a fumigant in 1922, and is marketed today under the trade name Cyanosil. Crematory oven technology dates back to the 1890s.


CLAIM: Crematory ovens burn corpses in a few minutes (page 484)

TRUTH: actual time: 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. using gas or electricity, 4-6 hrs. using coal. The ovens must be pre-heated, and then cooled. They do not smell or emit smoke.


CLAIM: Corpses can be burnt in pyres by dousing them with gasoline (page 343)

TRUTH: requirement: 200 litres of petrol or 100 kg dry wood per corpse; time: up to 24 hrs.


CLAIM: Human ashes are so light in weight that they float through the air, like pollution (page 343)

TRUTH: actual weight: 2-5 kg of bone fragments up to 2 inches in length, enough to fill a cigar box.


CLAIM: Kurt Gerstein is taken seriously (page 433).

TRUTH: Gerstein was tortured into signing Document PS 1553, typewritten in French, after which his body mysteriously disappeared. There are 6 different versions of the document, one of them a forgery. He claims that 700-900 people could be crushed into a chamber "25, 45 m3", survive almost 3 hrs, and be gassed with Diesel exhaust. Diesel exhaust contains almost no carbon monoxide at idle.


CLAIM: The "human hair booties for U-boat crews" (Document USSR-511) are taken seriously (page 327)

TRUTH: The document is a Soviet "photocopy" with a typewritten heading, typewritten signature, and 2 German stamps. No human hair socks have ever been found. Only Negro hair can be felted. The Germans invented nylon in 1938.


CLAIM: There was no way to combat typhus except by boiling clothing (page 260). Oskar Schindler was the only person to steam clothing, providing the only preventive measure against typhus (pages 456, 457)

TRUTH: see note on Zyklon.


The book also makes the following factual admissions, all TRUE:


TRUE: Most Holocaust "proofs" are of Polish or Soviet communist origin(pages 342, 417, 520)


TRUE: Many Jews are Marxists who forged thousands of German documents, fabricating German stamps by the hundreds (pages 182, 251, 285, 458, 459, 460, 474)


TRUE: Concentration camp inmates died of epidemic disease including scarlet fever, typhoid, dysentery, and typhus (pages 353, 421, 445, 449)


TRUE: Auschwitz was a swamp, full of mud, snow, and ice (pages 415, 416, 419, 421, 438) (forgetting to tell us that the funeral pyres were in holes in the ground, according to Document USSR-8, a Soviet "War Crimes Report" which is our principal source of information).


TRUE: All concentration camps were industrial installations with huge factories . (pages 327, 413, 421)
All camps contained hospitals. (page 439).


TRUE: There was a children's camp at Auschwitz. (page 520)

Inmate labour was required for industrial purposes.(which is the whole point of both the book and film).


Obviously, if only the "unfit" were gassed (which is not true; if so, why build hospitals?), there was no attempt to exterminate the Jewish people "as a whole".


[signed] Carlos W. Porter




Writer: Mike Stein [Continued]


[NOTE: The "refutation" starts here, but erroneously says "continued". There used to be a first half of the article which disappeared a year or two back for reasons best known to Nizkor.- C.P.]

Porter continues: " ... contains the following factual assertions which are UNTRUE: CLAIM: Zyklon becomes instantly gaseous [CLAIM: Zyklon becomes instantly gaseous p. 432 of French J'AI LU paperback translation- C.P.] [p. 432: "Zyklon B - ces petits cristaux d'acide qui se desintegrent au contact de l'air" [!]

NIZKOPROPHAGIC REFUTATION: This is the real text of the book: [Hoess] saw himself as a technician. As champion of Zyklon B, the hydrogen cyanide pellets which give off fumes when exposed to air

[COMMENT: which it does slowly unless heated, and continues to do so for at least two hours- C.P.]

, he had engaged in a long personal and scientific conflict with his rival, Kriminalkommissar Christian Wirth, who had jurisdiction over the Belzec camp and who was the head of the carbon monoxide school.

[COMMENT: For the world's foremost experts on poison gas warfare and poisons, with 4 years of practical experience in WWI, to have a "carbon monoxide school" is so stupid that it hardly merits discussion. Pure carbon monoxide is 1/70th as toxic on the Haber Scale of Toxicity as HCN. The Germans never used HCN during WWI, for a number of different reasons. No country has EVER used carbon monoxide in gas warfare. The Germans experimented with approximately160 compounds for use in gas warfare during WWI and used 65, including at least 2 lethal gases between 2 and 10 times deadlier than HCN, and at least one highly successful lethal gas of equal toxicity. The best gas for mass killing is probably phosgene, because it accumulates in the body, while HCN is rapidly excreted; a man who does not notice that he has been gassed with phosgene, which has a smell resembling hay or green apples, may die suddenly of heart failure up to 24 hours later.- C.P.]

There had been an awful day at Belzec. which the SS chemical officer Kurt Gerstein had witnessed [!], when Kommissar Wirth's method took three hours [!] to finish a party of Jewish males packed into the chambers. That Hoess had backed the more efficient technology [!] is partially attested to by the continuous growth of Auschwitz and the decline of Belzec. (22)  Note that the word "instantly" appears nowhere in Keneally's text.

[COMMENT: It is rather strongly implied, though, at least compared to 3 hours for Diesel exhaust, wouldn't you think? In fact, Zyklon continues to release at some quantity of vapour for at least two hours, in some respects not much of an improvement. The claim that Zyklon becomes instantaneously gaseous was routinely made until the revisionists pointed out that it is not true; please do not tell us that Keneally is a revisionist. Technically, however, it must be admitted that the nizkoprophagists (a.k.a. Nizkor) are correct on this point, i.e., that the word "instantaneous" does not appear in the text. It is implied. In this sense, Porter stands corrected.- C.P.]


TRUTH: actual dosage: 16 gr/m2 over a 24 hour exposure to kill clothes moths according to Document NI-9912, Directions for Use of Zyklon. The area must be ventilated for 2 days.


NIZKOPROPHAGIC REFUTATION: The whole truth: the speed with which the cyanide is released depends on the temperature

[COMMENT: of course, this is quite true- C.P.].

And if [!!!] there are blowers

[COMMENT: and heaters- C.P.] [!!!] to assist the ventilation, it is very quick, according to a surprising source:

[COMMENT: note that no source is given, and that the text is botched.- C.P.]

The standard Degesch delousing chambers

[COMMENT: which were disinfestation chambers, not homicidal gas chambers- C.P.]

all [!] had a safe and relatively quick means of producing and dispersing a lethal concentration of cyanide throughout each chamber; specially coated and insulated walls to maintain a minimum temperature and reduce cyanide penetration and loss; and circulation blowers and ductwork to thoroughly ventilate the chambers with fresh air in about one hour after a batch of victims

[COMMENT: the "victims" being fleas and lice- C.P.]

had been killed. The venting phase could just as easily last several hours depending upon the discretion of the operator. During all this time, the entire contents including corpses

[COMMENT: please don't tell me that Degesch is referring to the corpses of homicidal gassing victims here- C.P.]

would also have been heated, contrary to another Faurisson claim

[COMMENT: does Faurisson's name really appear in the text by Degesch?- C.P.]

, to temperatures at least ten degrees above the boiling point of cyanide. Cyanide boils at 78 degrees Fahrenheit.(22)

[COMMENT: Couldn't the Nizkophragists supply us with the full, unfalsified quotation from Degesch, properly referenced, with quotation marks and references starting and stopping in the proper places? Were the so-called homicidal gas chambers provided with this equipment, or were they not? It might be noted that the references are not actually appended to the article; the footnotes are simply numbers hanging in space- C.P.]

Porter: CLAIM: Zyklon served no purpose other than mass murder. Zyklon and crematory ovens are proof of mass murder (pages 159, 417).

[page 159: "Schindler avait vu dans le bulletin SS du budget et de la construction un appel aux offres pour la construction d'un crematoire dans un camp situe au sud-est de Lublin, Belzec."]
[p.417: "Ils avaient vu la fumee s'elever en permanence au-dessus des crematoires et des buchers en depits de rumeurs les Russes avaient decouvert dans le camps de Lublin cinq cents caissons de Zylon B et plusieurs fours crematoires contenant des ossements humains"]


NIZKOPROPHAGIC REFUTATION: In the text which most closely corresponds to this description, Keneally says: "Late the previous year, Schindler had seen in the SS Bulletin of Budget and Construction an invitiation for bids for the construction of some crematoria in a camp southeast of Lublin. Belzec." (24)
Looking further, we find: (25) "The Schindler women had not been precisely informed of the statistics of Birkenau or of the Auschwitz duchy in itself. They could see, though, beyond the birch trees at the western end of the enormous settlement, constant smoke [!] rising from the four crematoria[!] and the numerous pyres. They believed they were adrift now, and that the tide would take them down there. But not with all the capacity for making and believing rumors [!] that characterizes a life in prison would they have guessed [!!!] how many people could be gassed there on a day when the system worked well. The number was - according to Hoess - nine thousand [!!!]

[COMMENT: Source: Hoess's "autobiography", written in Communist Poland, in which the Polish appears to have been written first, and simply copied in Hoess's handwriting. Autobiography writing was a standard technique of Communist brain-washing.- C.P.]


The women were equally unaware that they had arrived in Auschwitz at a time when the progress of the war and certain secret negotiations between Himmler and the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte were imposing a new direction on it. The secret of the exermination centers had not been kept, for the Russians [!] had excavated the Lublin camp and found the furnaces [!] containing human bones [!] and more than five hundred drums of Zyklon B [!]. News of this was published throughout the world, and Himmler, who wanted to be treated seriously as obvious postwar successor to the Fuhrer, was willing to make promises to the Allies that the gassing of Jews would stop. He did not, however, issue an order on the matter until some time in October - the date is not certain

[COMMENT: of course not; nobody ever found the document- C.P.].

One copy [!] went to General Pohl in Oranienburg; the other, to Kaltenbrunner, chief of Reich Security. Both of them ignored the directive [!!!!!][that is if it ever existed- C.P.], and so did Adolf Eichman [!]. Jews from Plaszow, Theresienstadt, and Italy continued to be gassed [!] up to the middle of November. The last selection for the gas chambers is believed, however, [!] to have been made on October 30. (25)

Porter: TRUTH: Zyklon was invented as a fumigant in 1922, and is marketed today under the trade name Cyanosil. Crematory oven technology dates back to the 1890s. [For example, see 1911 Encylopaedia Britannica, "Cremation", and especially "Destructors". If crematory ovens -- or any form or coke, coal, or oil-fired furnace -- had to emit smoke, the Spanish-American War would have been fought with sailing vessels, because a column of black smoke would have alerted the enemy as to the location of our warships.]

NIZKOPROPHAGIC REFUTATION: The whole truth: While in the quote above

[COMMENT: lifted from the autobiography of Rudolf Hoess again; since the technology is over a century old, couldn't we do better?- C.P.]

, Auschwitz-Birkenau had a maximum killing capacity of 9,000 per day[!], an official document [!]

[COMMENT: Note that no source is given for this assertion. The document, a letter said to be dated June 28 1943, although 26 June would appear to be the correct date, is an obvious forgery reproduced on page 247 of TECHNIQUE AND OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS by Jean-Claude Pressac.

The letter, BW/30/42, is a "photocopy" of a "certified true copy" of a "copy" [Abschrift], with a typewritten heading, a typewritten signature by Jährling with the umlaut apparently missing, without any handwritten markings or stamps of any kind, and transmitted by the Committee of Anti-Fascist Resistants of the German Democratic Republic.
The German wording of the document is rather strange: instead of "corpses" it refers to "persons". Instead of "Im Auftrag", i.e., "On Behalf Of", or "In Vetretung", i.e., "In Representation Of", the form usually employed in German correspondence, it states "Für die Richtigkeit der Abschrift", i.e., "Certified True Copy". This is the form ordinarily used when a copy has been re-typed for use in court, i.e., there is no pretence that this is an original document. This is followed by the handwritten signature of a more or less unknown person, and should probably be accompanied by a stamp. There are no stamps anywhere on the document. Since the document is supposed to constitute proof of mass murder, it seems remarkable that the letter is not marked "Secret", i.e. "Geheim", "Geheime Kommandosache", Geheime Reichsache", etc. - C.P.]

, gives the maximum capacity of the crematoria as "only" 4,756 per 24-hour day

[CORRECTION: 4,756 "persons" per 24-hour day- C.P.].

But even if you pretend that the crematorium workers only worked a forty hour week, with paid vacation, that still comes out to just under 400,000 per year [!]. Yet the "official" death toll was only about 150,000 for the entire life of the camp. Something is very, very wrong here [!]. It is not crematory ovens that prove mass murder [!!!], but the fact that they built to such a capacity.[!!!].

[COMMENT: So where is the proof that they were so built to such a capacity, or that such a capacity was possible?- C.P.]

Nobody builds such overcapacity unless they expect to use it [!!!], or did use it [!!!]. The official records of deaths were false - because they did not take into account the people gassed immediately, without ever being tattooed and entered onto the books [!!!].

[COMMENT: What an extraordinary series of circular arguments that one is!- C.P.]

[COMMENT: So the question remains: how long does it take to cremate a corpse? Did the nizkoprophagists (a.k.a. Nizkor) ever think of asking a funeral director or consulting a forensic textbook?- C.P.]

[Continued] [sic]

[There appears to be no continuation to this article whatsoever; like the references themselves, the article ends simply hanging in space.


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[Back to the drawing board (or the manure pile) for the nizkoprophagists (a.k.a. Nizkor).]

On poison gas warfare, see:

- Julius Meyer, Der Gaskampf und die chemischen Kampstoffe, Leipzig, 1922 (discusses approximately 160 different WWI chemical warfare agents, their usage and effectiveness) (one page from this book is reproduced on this site);
- 1922 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Poison Gas Warfare (extremely detailed);
- 1938 Enciclopedia Italiana, Gas, asfissianti (rather astonishing in some ways; this classical prestige reference work, inspired by the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, is available in many large European reference libraries).



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