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Translation of document USSR-511, NUREMBERG TRIAL

By C. W. Porter

[USSR-511 is an almost illegible negative photostat of a "carbon copy" retyped by unknown persons, with a typewritten signature, typewritten heading, and two German stamps. The words "signed signature" appear WRITTEN OUT IN THE DOCUMENT ITSELF, not once, but TWICE. The word "illegible" also appears, WRITTEN OUT IN THE DOCUMENT ITSELF. This is very common with Soviet forgeries; see my article THE UNRELIABILITY OF DOCUMENTS IN JEAN-CLAUDE PRESSAC's TECHNIQUE AND OPERATION OF THE GAS CHAMBERS.

USSR-511 is listed in the IMT volumes as a "carbon copy". The document contains umlauts but no sharp S (i.e ß ), a standard letter in the German alphabet. It is dated 1942, i.e., the Germans had 3 more years in which to collect hair for sock-making, as well as to file all the other hundreds of documents mentioned herein, but NO other documents relating to this absurd topic -- and NO hair socks -- have ever been found. The legibility of the "original document" (the original "carbon copy") was so poor that the official IMT translation into English was based on the Russian, not the German, but with several crucial deletions. For example, gez. Unterschrift – "signed signature" – and unerleserlich – "illegible" – were left in German!

Several mistakes in the "original document" -- particularly, the misspelt name of SS Brigadeführer Glücks -- have been "corrected" in the typeset version in the IMT volumes.

See also MADE IN RUSSIA -- THE HOLOCAU$T, pp. 75 and 76.

[stamp in Gothic letters: SECRET!]


Oranienburg, 6 August 1942

SS Economic and Administrative Office
Office group D – Concentration camps
D II 283 Na/Uag. Tgb [journal number] 112 geh. [secret]
Copy no 13 Regarding: Utilization of cut hair

To: Concentration camp commandants Arb., Au., Bu., Da., Flo., Gro. Ros. Lu., Haut/Gu., Na., Nie., Neu. K. Rav., Sachs., Stutth., Mor., SS SL Hinzert.

The Chief of the Central Economic and Administrative Office of the SS, SS-Obergruppenführer Pohl, on the basis of a report, orders that [dass – no sharp S] all human hair cut in concentration camps is to be delivered for utilization. Human hair is to be processed into industrial felt [Note: only Negro hair can be felted] and spun into yarn. Hair-yarn booties [!] for submarine crews and hair-felt-socks for the Reichs railway workers will be manufactured of combed and cut women's hair.

It is therefore ordered that the [dass das ] hair cut off women inmates is to be stored after disinfestation. Hair cut off male inmates may only be utilized in lengths of at least 20 mm.

SS-Obergruppenführer Pohl therefore agrees that, by way of experiment at first, the hair of male inmates should only be cut when it reaches a length of at least 20 mm. To prevent facilitating escape as a result of allowing the hair to grow, the inmates should be marked in the following manner, where the commandants consider it necessary: that [dass] a strip should be cut through the hair by means of a narrow clipper.

Efforts are being made to carry out the processing of cut hair through the creation of a processing unit in one of the concentration camps. More detailed instructions as to the delivery of the delivery of collected hair will follow.

Reports on the amount of hair collected every month, male and female recorded separately, must be submitted on the 5th of each month beginning on 5 September 1942.

[Note: so where are these documents?
Where is the original of USSR-511?
Where are the socks?]

Signed: [there is no signature on the document]

[typewritten signature]

SS-Brigadeführer and Generalmajor of the Waffen SS

F.d.R. [for the correctness of the copy]

[illegible sentence missing in official English translation from Russian]

Distribution list:
Labour service

[stamp in Gothic letters]

For the correctness of the copy


SS-Untersturmbannführer Schue [?] [handwritten signature]

[Circular swastika stamp:]

Waffen SS
Commandant of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

[Note: Inmate hair was shaved to prevent typhus.]

What is astonishing about the Holocaust is not that it is false, but that it is ridiculous. There must be a Black Hole in the Universe filled with gas vans, pressure vans, portable ovens, portable bone grinders, spanking machines, human mattresses, human socks, boots, shoes, saddles, slippers, gloves, purses, wallets, books, canvases for painting dirty pictures, millions of documents and 40 or 50 thousand tons of crude ashes and bone fragments up to 2 inches long.

There is a constant assumption that Germany was an underdeveloped country like the Central African Republic, where nobody ever saw a mattress, a pair of socks, a bar of soap or a pair of underwear.

The Germans were extremely sophisticated chemists synthesizing millions of tons of oil, rubber, gasoline, edible fats and oils, and fibres every year. They invented Nylon with the Du Pont Company in 1938 and called it Perlon.

It appears almost superfluous to add that Negro hair can be felted but that other hair cannot be. (Source: 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Hair.)

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